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Found 1 result

  1. So I was watching some Youtube videos and found an interesting video on Deltarune, in particular covering and it got me thinking about the relation between player and character. We don't really give it much thought when playing games other than being told "you control this character, go out and do stuff." That's OK for games which don't have much of a plot but then you throw RPGs into the mix and instead of controlling a blank slate you might actually be controlling a character with their own personality and quirks that might not match up with yours. In that situation the higher level of immersion required in these games has a simple solution, just put yourself in the game and make your own avatar. But not every game lets you do that, JRPGs almost require you to control a character that isn't your own. They have their own motivations and their own personalities and your connection just ends up being someone who controls that character. So clearly each game has a different intention. But, you're going to like some games more than others so naturally, whether the developer intended it or not you're going to be invested in the game. If you're invested in the game then perhaps you see yourself as more than just someone controlling the character, you ARE the character. That leads into interesting conundrum, maybe the character is a different gender to you as a human being? Well... Metroid is a series that is most well known for having a female protagonist as well as having a strong sense of immersion but I think the main character being in a suit of armour makes it easier to seperate that from you so I don't think that's too much of a problem. But if you want to invest yourself in the character you're playing as... would you want to embody a character who for all intents and purposes is almost the complete opposite of you? Would the most masculine of gamers want to play as the most feminine of characters? I know, given the choice, I tend to pick male characters within a certain spectrum. As a major example I never play as Princess Peach in Mario Kart or Smash Bros (unless I'm trying to clear Classic Mode). I feel like in a multiplayer game you want a character that can represent yourself as well as having gameplay attributes that you like. I realise I might have covered about half the talking points for this thread in this OP but I thought I'd open the topic up. What is the relation between you and the characters you are playing as? Are they just vessels for you to control as a seperate individual from them or are they someone that, while you are playing the game, you actually want to be?