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Found 1 result

  1. The skies were bright with colour from the disgusting acts happening within the clouds. Darkrai hovered above the happenings watching evil in progress. The previous few months had proven fruitful and Mr Mime was now in her posession, phase 2 of their plan could commence. Darkrai twitched....a low humming noise was echoing through her mind...a purple aura appeared around her, she turned around but was stunned, as a whisp of purple light shot towards her, and passed her, whisping with it a trail of black smoke. Darkrai was knocked out and the prisoners agile body capably leaped down from the fear inducingly high tower, and the Pokemon shot towards a populated area across the sea. A large sea lay between the celebrations of the previous town and the City of Mugalatu, the home of Pokemon Farming Association, of which Mr Mime had connections in the city. The city centre was bustling with visitors. On the outskirts of Mugalatu city a small community was enjoying its communal dinner, when an out of breath member of the community staggered in, wheezing, coughing and out of breath. It collapsed at the edge of the lake and tried to scream for help, but it just spluttered up blood and couldn't hold onto life a second longer. It had been painfully and seeringly attacked. ReZourceman is dead. He was Glameow, the snooping cheif investigator of the farming crimes department. Evil was truly starting to consume the continent and things would never be the same again. The town didn't find out about his death until the following morning. DAY ONE Players - 20 - Paj Meen Ah, Chairdriver, Mr-Paul, Raining again, Ganepark32, Jonnas, Dannyboy-the-Dane, Zell, Eddage, Coolness Bears, Cube, Diageo, Ellmesiter, Jayseven, Gaggle64, SPAMBOT4000, Dyson, Tellyn, Mundi. Majority is 11.