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Found 5 results

  1. ANNOUNCEMENT - Juda Beans

    Juda Beans players please bare with us. Juda Beans is evolving, going through some changes and most importantly getting bigger. Please be patient whilst we reinvent the game that has taken your life by storm.
  2. For round 1 I only want 10 players, then after round 1 depending on if the people enjoyed it and if more people want to play then I will accept more players. The aim of the game is to collect beans. The first person to reach 10 points will be the winner of round 1. A collection of beans will win 5 points. Certain beans will hold bonus points. How can beans be collected? For completing specific tasks. Tasks that you will not know until you complete them. The game will span the forum, not just this thread, but most beans can only be obtained via this thread. As an example only one beans obtain objective might be. But obviously they aren't as ridiculous or specific. Or most aren't.... When you complete an objective you will be sent a PM with your bean and what you did to obtain the bean. Finding out the objective of this bean MIGHT give you clues to obtain another bean. And so on and so forth. When a bean is obtained by someone the bean (but not objective) will be posted in a Bean checklist, like below. List of players - Round 1 Coolness Bears SPAMBOT4000 Gizmo Marcamillian Nintendohnut MoogleViper MadDog Are you ready to collect the Juda Beans?
  3. MUSIC WARZ 2 THE RETURN MUSIC WARZ recently finished, and now another one is starting! For those who didn’t take part last time, people choose a few songs, which go into an overall pool, and are “pitted against each other” 1 on 1 for your votes. Songs progress through various rounds until an eventual winner is crowned. The aim is not to say what song is “best”, as many tastes vary, and perhaps the main point is to expose us all to lots of new music people may not have heard of. This goes doubly this time round, as no artists that were entered in the last Music Warz may be selected this time around!
  4. The skies were bright with colour from the disgusting acts happening within the clouds. Darkrai hovered above the happenings watching evil in progress. The previous few months had proven fruitful and Mr Mime was now in her posession, phase 2 of their plan could commence. Darkrai twitched....a low humming noise was echoing through her mind...a purple aura appeared around her, she turned around but was stunned, as a whisp of purple light shot towards her, and passed her, whisping with it a trail of black smoke. Darkrai was knocked out and the prisoners agile body capably leaped down from the fear inducingly high tower, and the Pokemon shot towards a populated area across the sea. A large sea lay between the celebrations of the previous town and the City of Mugalatu, the home of Pokemon Farming Association, of which Mr Mime had connections in the city. The city centre was bustling with visitors. On the outskirts of Mugalatu city a small community was enjoying its communal dinner, when an out of breath member of the community staggered in, wheezing, coughing and out of breath. It collapsed at the edge of the lake and tried to scream for help, but it just spluttered up blood and couldn't hold onto life a second longer. It had been painfully and seeringly attacked. ReZourceman is dead. He was Glameow, the snooping cheif investigator of the farming crimes department. Evil was truly starting to consume the continent and things would never be the same again. The town didn't find out about his death until the following morning. DAY ONE Players - 20 - Paj Meen Ah, Chairdriver, Mr-Paul, Raining again, Ganepark32, Jonnas, Dannyboy-the-Dane, Zell, Eddage, Coolness Bears, Cube, Diageo, Ellmesiter, Jayseven, Gaggle64, SPAMBOT4000, Dyson, Tellyn, Mundi. Majority is 11.
  5. Welcome one and all to the tenth season of the legendary forum game Xpert Eleven. Those of you that have played before need no introduction to the sexiness of the game and I look forward to thrashing you all individually as your new league admin. For those of you uninitiated in the ways of Xpert, it's quite simply a football management game with a focus on coaching. Yes, I did read that from the title bar of the xperteleven.com website, but there we go. We're looking for new players, and you have until the end of this week to sign up for the season! If you're interested, register here: http://xperteleven.com/. Once registered, our league ID number is 120161. Join up and I'll approve your team. If you need help with the game and have no idea what to do feel free to ask in this thread. We may be a bunch of hardened veterans in here but that don't mean we ain't friendly. And for the record books, here's our season winners.. Season 1 Winner: Happenstance Season 2 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 3 Winner: Charlie Season 4 Wanger: Haden Season 5 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 6 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 7 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 8 Winner: Mr_Odwin Season 9 Winner: Mr_Odwin (Started a new team at the end of the season) As you can see Mr_Odwin has been somewhat dominating over the past 5 seasons. Luckily, this is about to change as the guy has decided that he is done destroying us each season and has started with a brand new team in the lower league - so now is the best time to sign up and potentially beat the man, the legend, the Odders. Good luck everyone. And for the record, my predictions for this season: Aficionados: Sixty Forthers Regulars: Happenstance FC New Members: Mcoys Sons