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  1. Yay!! Free DS Decal! Better than the tips book I was expecting O_o
  2. Well then.. lets all hope Amazon is wrong... http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0009UBR3A/ref=pd_sim_vg_dp_3/026-9125821-8178044
  3. I wouldn't think they have played it. I mean, why them? Anyway, anyone could come up with ideas like that from watching the trailer
  4. Fight? Eh, good ole Ninty are still fightin, but they're making the fight bigger, more "people" to fight for. Which in the end is a good thing, is it not?
  5. lol, of course it is! ms means "Micro site"
  6. Never noticed this before, but I got an e-mail from NOE with a big revolution sayin 2006. And a link to this microsite Nintendo Revolution NOE Microsite Looks like a nice little site... nothing we didn't already know though
  7. Well, I don't do A level, but if its anything like GCSE Photography, its as boring as hell.
  8. I never really did like Cube.... but it just seemed as if they were putting they're act back together, like with their new look DVD. Shame all that efforts gone to waste.... And with NOM goin over to Future (NOOOO!!!), I think I'll just go for Edge now...
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