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  1. Starting to put together my long list of 3DS/DSi games now.  This is mostly taken from recommendations around the internet, I'll later go through and narrow down based on games I'd actually like. Doesn't include any games that I already have, so it might not be a great list for anybody else to use!

    Here are some (non-exhaustive) retail games that are cheaper digitally than on CEX:

    It seems all the EA DSiWare has been delisted within the last 12 months or so.  Need for Speed Nitro-X, Bejeweled Twist, MySims Camera are no longer available.  Other games that have disappeared: Mr Driller Drill Till You Drop

    Games with Ports.  Mentioning these seperately because sometimes that second screen does make a difference.

    I'm gonna struggle with looking into the Wii U side of things.  My Wii U is currently packed away (along with everything else) while I'm renovating my house.

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  2. On 22/07/2022 at 11:02 PM, darksnowman said:

    The virtual console is always alluring. Might be worth factoring in that at least if you get them on 3DS it's different to just having access to them via the NSO sub and its whims.

    I'm still keeping an eye on the sale section. Full game-wise, I'm considering Luigi's Mansion 2 as by the time I was getting around to wanting it, I only ever saw the player's choice box. :woops:

    Yeah I don't think I'm going to strike any VC off the list, even if it's on the NSO, but it will fall further down the list.  Behind 3DS games and DLC.

    On 22/07/2022 at 11:02 PM, darksnowman said:

    Previously, you shared a link to a list of games with DLC. Do you know if there's there an easy way to review what the DLC is? I've checked a few by inserting carts and going to DLC via the in-game menus but something more straightforward would be handy. Like, I'm wondering if I should nab the Fantasy Life DLC just in case I ever fancy going back to it, and I'd like to know if there's anything similar to that for my other games. I'm not wanting to buy potion packs if you catch my drift.

    Unfortunately there is no central place for this.  I did exactly what you did and went through every game, I guess I should have thought about this and took notes for people as I did so.  That's a missed opportunity.

    Here are some scattered websites that do have some info though:













    https://www.serebii.net/dungeoninfinity/dlc.shtml (Thanks @Serebii!)

    Project X Zone 2 DLC is delisted, don't waste your time looking for it.







    Steel Diver has the single player campaign



    On 23/07/2022 at 12:53 AM, Jonnas said:

    Right now I still need to purchase the remaining Fates games/DLC, a handful of SMT games, and a handful of others (like what seems to be the best version of Shovel Knight). Also occasionally debating myself on whether I should buy the Spirit of Justice DLC (the one with Larry Butz).

    I'm really just biding my time around potential sales, because I still think they'll happen. By the time the last week arrives, I'll purchase what remains of my wishlist.

    I can't find anything about the Ace Attorney DLC, was it instead like the Professor Layton 'DLC'?  Where it's not part of the eShop?

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  3. It's worth remembering that if you link Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo Account, you should still be able to add funds until 27th March.  This is the only way you've been able to use a credit card for a while in the UK/EU but it should work for gift cards too.

    Still think it's crazy they're just happy to shut the store, I'd rather it lived in the zombie state of not being able to add funds directly like it will be after August.

    What are people's final buy lists looking like now?  I was hoping we'd have GB/GBA announced for Switch Online by now so I could strike some of those VC games off my list.

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  4. On 13/07/2022 at 8:16 PM, Cube said:

    EA are also doing something similar. They're removing the BioWare points at system, which was required to buy the DLC in the PC versions of Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.


    Because the system is shutting down, it will no longer be possible to buy the DLC, so now the DLC for those games...is completely free. 

    Ten years ago, I don't think anybody would have ever thought EA would be making the better choices.

  5. 18 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    I see there's something similar going on with Sony and Studio Canal. Apparently movies by them are being delisted and if you bought them on PS platforms then you will lose them. The whole thing is messed up.

    Yeah in Germany and Austria (so far), Studio Canal are pulling movies and shows completely from the Sony video store.  It's a massive precedent so I do hope the EU pick up on this.  The legalities are grey at best, but I still refuse to buy digital movies where I can't strip the DRM out and store elsewhere.  Hell, I'm currently going through my PS3 and Vita catalogue dumping all the digital and physical games I have.

    9 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    I mean, really old games losing online features like online multiplayer is understandable, but not being able to reinstall DLC that people paid for just isn't right.

    I hope this isn't another "Horse Armour" situation where the community just lets it happen. But with how old a lot of these games are, I'm concerned it will happen.

    That said, I'm not surprised that Ubisoft is making another attempt to push how far they can screw customers over. Par for the course with them.

    Losing online multiplayer is understandable because that requires a connection to their servers.  Though even that I wish they'd still do dedicated servers like they used to in the past, so that the community could still play without the matchmaking servers being online.

    It's also frustrating that this is becoming an issue purely because they used their UPlay DRM instead of the Steam DRM.  Yes Steam DRM has it's own problems, but at least that's at a shop level and not a publisher level.

    I guess really I shouldn't be surprised at their behaviour, they've been gunning for that spot which EA held onto for so long for a while.

    3 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    The sooner that Ubisoft gets bought out by someone else? The better.

    Hopefully Nintendo find a way to poach Ubisoft Milan as well.

    Only problem with this way of thinking is if there's big monolithic publishers, they have even less reason to ever do anything in our favour.  It's a shame really because there's definitely something broken in the executive level at Ubisoft these days.  From their cookie-cutter games to their business decisions, it's all bad.

    3 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    The whole company is a mess right now. 

    I replayed Child of Light last week for the first time since 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it again. It's nuts that Ubisoft were once happy to put out games like that, Valiant Hearts and Rayman Legends but have now become a shadow of their former selves, constantly chasing trends and making their open world games bloated and unsatisfying. I'd go as far to say that they are equal to or slightly worse than EA at this point.

    Even Starlink, which I know didn't review that well, had something their other open-world games don't have.  I think that game just came five years too late.


    I just hope people don't let them just get away with this.  So many people just saying "well the game is a decade old", and?  I paid for Command & Conquer almost 30 years ago and I can still play that, even if it requires a few work arounds.  The DLC for these Ubisoft games is just completely gone to the best of my knowledge.  I don't pirate games, so perhaps there is something in that sphere that will help me keep the DLC I've paid for.  But I don't know where to begin looking.

    Another thing I'm seeing is discussion about it on any official channel being locked down.

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  6. Usually the delisting of a product is frustrating but you can at least continue to play it if you purchased it.  Thankfully, Ubisoft have found a way to make it worse!  Below is a list of games that will lose features on 1st September 2022.  Additionally, they were selling these on sale during the latest Steam sale so people (including me in one case!) will have bought these very recently.  Ubisoft's response for Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 is to buy the remastered version, which I think is a very weak response.  I don't believe you can even buy Far Cry 3 Remastered by itself and to use the term 'remastered' is pushing the boundaries of what the word means.  Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered is more of an actual remaster and it includes all the DLC and Assassin's Creed Liberation.  But still, simply saying buy the newer one should not be the answer to a game I already own becoming unplayable due to DRM (and not any sort of hardware changes).

    Red titles become completely unplayable, amber titles lose access to all purchased DLC, green titles require a work around to play single player and all titles lose multiplayer.

    Game name Platform Changes to functionality
    Anno 2070
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Assassin's Creed II
    PlayStation 3
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Assassin's Creed 3 PC
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Additionally, the installation and access to downloadable content (DLC) will be unavailable.
    PlayStation 3
    Wii U
    Xbox 360
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PC
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable.
    PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Assassin's Creed Liberation HD PC
    You will be unable to link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable.
    Assassin's Creed Revelations
    PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360
    You will be unable to play multiplayer or use online features.
    Driver San Francisco PC
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable.
    PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Far Cry 3 PC
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable.
    PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Ghost Recon Future Soldier
    PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360
    The multiplayer for the game will be unavailable. 
    To play the solo campaign, you will have to set your console into offline mode.
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PC
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable.
    Rayman Legends
    PlayStation 3
    Wii U
    Xbox 360
    You will be unable to link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Silent Hunter 5 PC
    You will be unable to link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    Additionally, the installation and access to DLC will be unavailable.
    Space Junkies PC (HTC VIVE, Oculus)
    As a multiplayer only title, you will be unable to play the game going forward.
    Splinter Cell: Blacklist PC
    You will be unable to play multiplayer, link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
    PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360
    You will be unable to link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.


    Wii U
    You will be unable to link Ubisoft accounts in-game or use online features.
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  7. 14 hours ago, Jonnas said:

    Apropos, it's been a month since the announcement. Has this affected anybody's purchase plans, or otherwise raised your urgency in building your backlogs?

    I'm not scrambling to buy games but I am building up a list of games to buy in the last week of it being up.  Hopefully there'll be a few closing down sales, but I doubt there'll be many beyond what we usually see.

    I do worry we'll have a sitaution like with the PSP/PS3 stores where games start to disappear well before the closing date.  Games that didn't return when it was announced they weren't closing.

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  8. Shin'en are doing a closing down sale


    Nano Assault EX (3DS) $9.99 $1.99
    Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! (3DS) $2.99 $1.99
    Jett Rocket 2: The Wrath of Taikai (3DS) $8.99 $1.99
    Art of Balance TOUCH! (3DS) $6.99 $1.99
    Fast Racing Neo (Wii U) €14.99 €2.99
    Art of Balance (Wii U) €8.99 €1.79
    Nano Assault Neo (Wii U) €9.99 €1.99


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  9. 51 minutes ago, Dcubed said:

    In terms of pure DLC? Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations can only be bought via DLC unless you own the single rarest and most expensive 3DS game cartridge in existence.

    The NSMB 2 DLC is also the best part of the whole game.  Theatrhythm Curtain Call also has a buttload of DLC with perhaps the best songs available.

    There's loads more, but those should be your priority I reckon.

    As for digital only games? Absolutely tons.  Basically every Atlus game on 3DS was digital only here in Europe; while basically every single Nintendo published eShop game is well worth owning (but ESPECIALLY Pocket Card Jockey!).  Then you have Ace Attorney Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice (digital only outside of Japan); NES Remix 1 & 2, the list goes on and on!

    Wow I actually have that Fire Emblem Fates Limited Edition, didn't even realise.  I have the New Super Mario Bros. 2: Gold Edition, which I think has the DLC.

    Theatrhythm DLC is definitely one for me to look into.

    I think I have most of the Atlus games and Nintendo eShop only games.  I have some of the Ace Attorneys so I'll double check on that.

    On the VC Front

    Going to hide this in spoilers as the info comes from data mining.



    1. NES
    2. SNES
    3. N64
    4. ??
    5. Mega Drive

    I know this doesn't mean much but it does mean we're likely to get another platform.  Problem is that both the GB/GBC and Master System would fit into that slot nicely, so it doesn't really help.

    N64 Game List


    What I think is missing from that list:

    1. 1080 Snowboarding (Available on Wii U)
    2. Banjo Kazooie (Already added)
    3. Banjo Tooie (Due to Banjo inclusion)
    4. Bomberman 64 (Available on Wii U) OR Blast Corps (Due to Banjo inclusion)
    5. Diddy Kong Racing (Due to Banjo inclusion) OR Custom Robo
    6. Donkey Kong 64 (Available on Wii U)
    7. Dr Mario 64 (Already added)
    8. Excitebike 64 (Available on Wii U)
    9. F-Zero X (Available on Wii U)
    10. Harvest Moon 64 (Available on Wii U) OR GoldenEye (Rumoured)
    11. Kirby 64 (Available on Wii U)
    12. Mario Golf (Available on Wii U)
    13. Mario Kart 64 (Already added)
    14. Mario Party (No other mario games would fit)
    15. Mario Party 2 (Available on Wii U)
    16. Mario Party 3 (No other mario games would fit)
    17. Mario Tennis (Already added)
    18. Ogre Battle 64 (Available on Wii U)
    19. Paper Mario (Available on Wii U)
    20. Perfect Dark (Due to Banjo)
    21. Pilotwings 64
    22. Pokemon Snap (Available on Wii U)
    23. Pokemon Puzzle League (Available on Wii U)
    24. ???
    25. ???
    26. ???
    27. ???
    28. ???
    29. Sin & Punishment (Already added)
    30. Star Fox 64 (Already added)
    31. Super Mario 64 (Already added)
    32. Super Smash Bros (Available on Wii U)
    33. Wave Race (Available on Wii U)
    34. Win Back (Already added)
    35. There are ten N64 games that could fit in this gap based on their English spelling (when these are actually ordered by their Japanese spelling) and out of those ten, four are wrestling games (no chance), five are EA/Midway/SE (no chance), which leaves just Worms Armageddon but that franchise hasn't been on any of the other Switch Online consoles.
    36. Yoshi's Story (Available on Wii U)
    37. The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (Already added)
    38. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Already added)

    There's a big ol' gap between Mario Tennis and Sin & Punishment.  Maybe Pokemon Staidum games but there's not a huge point with no connectivity.  There's not even many publishers who have supported NSO who released games that could fit.  Maybe Resident Evil 2, but that's really doubtful when Capcom didn't even bring Final Fight to the NSO.  Again this could be massively flawed if the Japanese spelling of games fit better.

    Mega Drive Game List




  10. 2 hours ago, Dcubed said:

    Given that NOA just said that they're probably not coming any time soon? Get them NOW while you can!  Don't assume anything with Nintendo when it comes to classic re-releases.

    I had totally missed this, so thanks.  VC games will have to be added to my list.

    3 hours ago, darksnowman said:

    For anyone like @V. Amoleo and @Julius who is planning to scoop up some eShop games in the next year, don't overlook Nintendo Pocket Football Club and Pocket Card Jockey

    I was just thinking last night that I should stump up for some VC games on 3DS to save me from the whims of my NSO sub so the timing is eerie. Fingers crossed for a massive closing down sale!

    Is it compatible with Yellow and Crystal? I probs won't ever want to transfer anything out of those games... but... you just never know. 

    Thanks for those two recommendations, already have those.  They're great.

    Yes Pokemon Bank is compatible with the VC releases of Yellow and Crystal.


    Is there any standout DLC that's about to lost to the mists of time?

  11. Chooo choooo!

    I think we'll see more of Advance Wars and the Kirby game as they're the next in line.

    I think we might get a Kirby Game & Watch with it being his anniversary.

    Maybe some Pokemon Legends Arceus DLC?

    Something Metroid related after how well Dread did?  Or perhaps they'll do a surprise announce of another sequel for a franchise which has been away a while?  Or is that too close to Advance Wars coming out.

  12. So I had typed up a massive post about the games I've tried on Quest 2 and what games I'm after next.  Then one of my cats decided I didn't need this page open anymore so closed it.  I'm not typing it out again today! :D

    To summarise:  Really enjoying the Quest 2 in portable mode.  The games I have that are cross buy don't offer enough differences for me to want to play them using Rift Link rather than portable.  Quest 2 in Rift Link mode looks as good, if not better, than my original VIve but a little bit more closed in than the Index. I bought Lone Echo for PCVR, because it was a Rift exclusive that I've wanted for a while, but it crashes randomly every few miniutes for me.  Resident Evil 2 Remake VR mod makes the poop shoot out, very recommended!

  13. On 05/01/2022 at 2:34 PM, Goafer said:

    In all honesty, I've lost all interest in console or PC based VR now that I've got the Quest. A standalone, wireless unit is just so convenient and it works as well as I'd want one to.

    This is why I was expecting the PSVR2 to be an extension of their now-unused portable gaming line.  Could have even had it like the Quest where you could connect it up to a PS5 if you wanted to.

  14. On 30/12/2021 at 12:59 PM, ArtMediocre said:

    Congrats on the new facebook device, @V. Amoleo (Can't get myself to call them Meta yet) :D 

    I think I keep trying to kid myself by not calling it Facebook :D  I do only have a Facebook to use this device though so what information they want to hoover up from me should be failry minimal.

    On 30/12/2021 at 12:59 PM, ArtMediocre said:

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it. As a user of the HP Reverb G2, I can tell you that inside-out tracking is by far superior to PSVR, and really impressive without needing to install external sensors. Are you going to play it mainly as a standalone device, or with a link cable or with air link?

    So the original plan was to just use it as a standalone device and use the Valve Index on the PC.  I have tried it with a Rift Link and AirLink.  Rift Link worked with the USB-C 2.0 cable that came with the device though it was very short, but it ONLY worked in the single USB-C 3.1 port on my PC.  It doesn't make a huge amount of sense when it's a USB 2.0 cable but I couldn't get USB-C to USB-A converters to work in any of the other ports.  Which is a shame because that's on the back of the machine and the included cable is only about a metre.  AirLink was more trouble, even sitting right next to the WiFi access point with the PC wired into it.  It just wasn't good enough at the moment but it's definitely getting there.

    My experience with Rift Link now has me thinking that I might use the Quest 2 for sitting experience PC VR games.  Plug a single cable in and away I go.  This might change when I have the spare room setup for the Index, but for now the only real difference I could feel was a slightly more goggle-like view.  No worse than my HTC Vive was though.  Also means I can play Rift exclusives now without ReVive.

    On 30/12/2021 at 12:59 PM, ArtMediocre said:

    I'm considering getting one myself one day, if there's nothing new and exciting coming in the next year or so, just to be able to play VR without cables. It should improve the experience and immersion by quite a lot, and the screens should be pretty good. I really want to wait until we get the micro LED display headsets with air link though, as I wouldn't be relying on Facebook, and they would (hopefully) improve both tracking and fullbody tracking in future headsets. But we'll see.

    With VR being new there's always something exciting on the horizon but, like I mentioned in my original post, the wireless nature of the Quest 2 (combined with the good performance, nice controllers and acceptable visuals) felt as "Wow" as the first time I put on the HTC Vive headset back in 2016.  If your worry about Facebook is the privacy aspect you can always create a new account so that it's only used on the Quest... but they still have your location data, cameras and microphones so that's never fully mitigatable.  But enough that I feel more comfortable about having it in my home.  If your worry is how long they support it for, that's anybody's guess.  The Quest (2019), the Rift (2016), Rift S (2019) and Go (2018) have all been dropped in favour of the Quest 2.  From a business point of view it makes sense because the Quest 2 is basically the combination of all those products but from a consumer point of view not so much.

    On 30/12/2021 at 12:59 PM, ArtMediocre said:

    Enjoy your Quest 2, and if you haven't gotten it yet, I can't recommend Blade And Sorcery (for Steam, B&S: Nomad for quest standalone) enough :D Great with mods!

    Thanks for the recommendation!  Turns out I don't already have this on Steam, so will have to give a think about which platform I'd want to play it on.

  15. I bought myself a Meta Quest 2 for Christmas.  I tell you I am blown away almost as much as the first time I tried VR.  The lack of a tether while still having fairly nice looking games is great.

    For a bit of perspective here are the VR headsets that I own:  HTC Vive, PSVR (Ver 1 & 2, Camera Ver 1 & 2, PS4 & PS4 Pro & PS5), Valve Index and now the Meta Quest 2.

    When I first got the Vive it was mind blowing but the screen door effect became more and more noticable over time.  The PSVR has never impressed me, I can never get the tracking to work properly, I've tried pretty much every combination of PSVR devices and it's been in two houses now.  I still can not get the tracking to be as spot on as I feel it needs to be.  Visuals are nice but, again I have a Vive so my PC could push better visuals.  I then bought the Index as my new pro VR headset and it is beautiful.  The controllers are awesome too.  But I'm still yet to install the lighthouses in my spare room so it's a faff to use.  Initially I was reluctant to buy a Quest 2 because I expected the tracking to be off like the PSVR and the visuals to be more Google Cardboard than anything else.  But I saw some reviews of Resident Evil 4 VR and I couldn't say brush it off anymore.  Published by Oculus so it's an exclusive, made by some of the guys behind Metroid Prime.  The ease of use is great, headset on and away I go playing.  The tracking is impecable.  Not quite lighthouse tracking but close enough that I really don't care.  I'm still yet to play RE4VR but everything else I've tried is great.

    My only negative about the Quest 2 is that it all seems a bit RyanAir.  The better headstrap is another £50.  Another two hours play time is £50.  Rechargable AA batteries for the controllers is another £10 say.  The official Link Cable to use the Quest 2 on PC is £90 and requires a USB-C port.  I don't have any of these (except the AA batteries) and I don't feel like I need them but it's worth mentioning the extras.

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  16. On 23/11/2021 at 6:11 AM, Glen-i said:

    Sword/Shield did. It was just a lot more elegant.

    Whenever that game used a full width text box (like in battles), it uses a different one then the traditional white rectangle.

    That makes a lot of sense.  I mean it's not a massive issue or anything but it does feel like a lack of polish.  Like you said though, there was very tough time lines on a dev studio who's never lead on a project before.


    18 hours ago, Julius said:

    @V. Amoleo mentioned Cycling Road being a place where following Pokémon can play up. Well here's what happens when you exit the cave underneath:


    I hadn't spotted that one!  Another partner Pokemon issue, that I found really amusing, involves the beach.  Just before you get there you can talk to a man who says something about leaving footprints in the sand and how Pokemon love to do it too.  Except when you actually arrive, your Pokemon just floats above the sand leaving no footprints.  It felt like a big "d'oh!" moment.  They should have at least cut that line.


    I've had that weird no interaction bug again a few times.  I thought it was something to do with the day/night time turning over but yesterday it happened well before then.

  17. 3 hours ago, Glen-i said:

    That's been a thing ever since Bank, mainline Pokémon games just don't allow transfer at launch.

    My guess is they don't want people bringing over their Level 100 teams and steamrolling the game.

    It will come in time.

    This hadn’t even occurred to me. Good call!

    More things I’ve noticed. They’re not terrible or anything but it seems to show a lack of polish:

    The message boxes seem to change between filling the entire width of the screen to only being in the centre of the screen. It’s been done on purpose but I’m not sure why. Maybe Sword & Shield did it too but I’ve only noticed it here.

    It’d probably have been a better idea for partner Pokémon to return to the Pokeball when on the marsh land or on those bike only paths. As it is they seem to float on the top which is weird.

  18. Played up to the third gym so far.  I'm enjoying playing it so I'm glad I picked it up.

    What I'm not enjoying is how it's a tilebased map but the analogue stick allows for analogue movement so it feels really awkward to line up.  Thankfully the DPad allows for the 'correct' movement for the map.

    Also don't like that at points performance takes a massive hit for seemingly no reason.  I've had points where I just can't click on anything because the game is busy doing something else.  It's very bizzare.  I can still run around but I can't click anything.

    Oh and what is with that really strange depth of field effect?  Where the top third and bottom third of the screen become overly blurry.  It's not a nice effect at all and it's applied at random.  It's so annoying I'm thinking of dumping the game and switching over to an emulator to disable it.

    I commend them on allowing the touchscreen for the Poketch!  I just wish they'd carried it over for all the UI, but that's an annoyance with Sword & Shield too.

    My final thought, this is probably on me though, no Pokemon on the overworld is something I'm missing a lot more than I thought I would.

    I believe these games have been built from the ground up in Unity so it's a bit of a surprise that so much Sword & Shield-ness is in them.  The battles, the Pokemon/Box UI, the partner Pokemon, etc all act like how they did in Sword & Shield as far as I can tell.  I wonder why ILCA had to start from scratch.

    What's with the lack of support for Pokemon Home too?  It wouldn't be too bad if it was free but Home is a paid service.