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  1. New Software!

    Looking good so far.
  2. Switch Accessories

    This upcoming dock from Nyko might be useful: Arstechnica article.
  3. Arms

    It seems, like other people here, the Testpunch gave me a false sense of ability. Went in on level 3 and got trashed. Was anybody else expecting Biff to be voiced?
  4. General Switch Discussion

    I'd assumed this but only today I've seen it: preowned games can not be used to claim MyNintendo coins. Which must mean each cartridge has a unique identifier. I wonder if they'll do more with that in the future.
  5. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    I think Ubisoft, UPlay and Club Ubisoft are all the same account.
  6. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    You don't have to buy amiibos and as far as collectible figurines go they're well priced and nicely detailed. They're better than those Pop figures that are everywhere these days.
  7. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    Nintendo should have put all these reveals in the Direct. I understand the focus is the Switch now but still, it would have been nice to see all these games.
  8. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    Wow the pop-in is really bad on Fire Emblem Warriors. Actually seems more distracting that Hyrule Warriors. Is that just because it's been a while since I played it now though?
  9. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Watching a little of this on the Treehouse stream now and Mario still doesn't sound right to me.
  10. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    Oh no I missed both of those by not watching the stream!
  11. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    Is there a schedule for the Treehouse stream? They show way too much of the games for me to be able to watch it without feeling like it's ruining the actual game for me.
  12. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    The Treehouse stream is showing too much for me now.
  13. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    It's being made by MercuryStream who did Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
  14. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    Eurogamer are reporting that it's a remake of Metroid II. (I missed the start of the stream).
  15. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee it's this September!!
  16. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    So happy about side scrolling Metroid being announced. I've completely 180'd from my previous opinion of Nintendo's E3 2017. Yes it's not sprite based, but that was never ever going to happen, and to moan about it would be just poking at something for the sake of it.
  17. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    Argh on one hand I want to continue watching the Treehouse stream but on the other I don't want to see too much of the game!
  18. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    What???? I walked away from the computer as soon as the Direct ended.
  19. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    If we exclude the Metroid and Pokemon announcements, because they're probably years away, we didn't get much out of that for 2017. We had a few of the precious minutes advertising DLC for Zelda. Which, unfortunately, didn't look that great anyway.
  20. Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017

    Did that end abruptly for everyone?
  21. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    The game is looking loads better than expected. Why are they making figurines for the game which aren't amiibos?? Mario's voice sounds off to me. Is it just the feed or is it not Martinet?
  22. FIFA 18

    I don't like football so I don't play FIFA... but do the players always have those dead looking eyes in the bit at the start where they shake each others hands?
  23. E3 2017

    PC Gaming Show is really cringe worthy. It also feels like a massive advertisement for Intel.
  24. The Last Night

    Here's an article from Polygon about it.