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  1. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Been looking forward to finishing work so I could play this and just as I'm on the way home I get an email saying that Amazon have had a problem with the delivery so it's going to be delayed by up to three days.
  2. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    Finally finished it! It’s taken me just under 12 hours. Really enjoyed the game. I really like the link shown after the credits too.
  3. Virtual Reality

    Frustrating that the new one includes a breakout box which can pass HDR through. Having to switch the cable over everytime I want to play the PSVR is really annoying at the minute.
  4. FIFA 18

    Considering what you guys have been saying about the lack of friend play online, this is not going to end well.
  5. Wii General Discussion

    While we’re listing games on there I think it’s worth mentioning that the Wii VC is the only place you can get the original Castlevania Rondo of Blood. It’s 900 points.
  6. Retro Chat Weekly: Super Metroid

    Super Metroid is my favourite game of all time and it was the first Metroid game that I played. I first got my hands on it on my now brother-in-law's SNES in the 90s. I played it many times over back then and now play it once a year or so via the Virtual Console. I remember the first time I played it I felt a genuine rush during the intro when trying to escape the space station. When I finally got to the planet and kept finding new places to explore as I progressed I honestly thought that games would never get bigger than it. The music is cracking. I still find myself whistling the tunes. And some people have made very good covers of them. The sprite work is excellent and it still looks really good to this day. The story and atmosphere are amazing. Yes there's not much in the way of story segments after you get past the intro, but that's all you need to know. If you try to put too much in you end up with Metroid Other M. It's very much an example of less is more. There are a couple of gameplay functions that have aged a little. For example, the later games have had the ability to hold onto ledges and don't get me started on space jump timing. Both of which annoy me when I go back to Super Metroid now. This is going to sound a little like heresy but if MercurySteam were to remake it in Samus Returns vision, I think I'd be okay with it. I firmly believe that without this game we wouldn't have the awesome Batman Arkham series.
  7. SNES Classic Mini

    Just got mine delivered from Argos. Gotta admit, I didn’t think it’d turn up after how the site was behaving when I ordered.
  8. Wii General Discussion

    There’s now an official date where it will be too late.
  9. Pokken Tournament (Wii U Spring 2016)

    Is anybody playing DX? My copy arrived yesterday and it's great to have a version of this which is portable. Seems to be a few new features which keep it interesting. There are daily challenges and there's a challenge wall for when you're fighting in a league.
  10. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    I went back and re-enabled Super Stable 3D and set the slider to half way, it still kept snapping out of focus. So I still think the tracking camera is either failing or struggling to work when playing the game. Thankfully using 3D on full but without Super Stable 3D works fine, I just have to get in the sweet spot like the original 3DS.
  11. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    I don’t know if it’s my New 3DS XL, my expectations or the game but I’ve had to turn off super stable 3D. It just kept losing track of my head and going out of focus, it was starting to make me feel really ill.
  12. Suggestions

    You guys should try signing up for this: https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/223517768-Humble-Partner-Program-Beta-FAQ I'm sure a lot of us here buy the Humble Bundles anyway. Adding an extra slider which allows you guys to get a portion would be fine by me. Though it might take a while before you get a payout as $250 is the minimum.
  13. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    Finally got around to playing this today. I've just used the second elevator and now have a flashing red light on my 3DS. I'm really enjoying the game. It's fairly linear so far but Metroid II was fairly linear to begin with. The detail in everything is amazing. Plus all the musical cues are spot on! The most annoying thing has been that the R button doesn't point your gun downwards. That's purely an issue because of how much I've played Super Metroid. I'm also not a fan of how the ice beam doesn't destroy a basic enemy on a second hit. I really like the melee counter ability, it makes Samus seem even more badass. Not so keen on Aeion abilities, the scan pulse feels a bit out of place at the minute. Maybe they'll grow on me. The enemies are nice 3D versions of the ones seen in Metroid II & Fusion. The stereoscopic 3D is really well used in this game. Gives a good depth to the areas and makes the shattering ice have more effect. I've experienced no noticeable frame dips so far, which is very impressive with how much detail there seems to be. Saying all that... I wouldn't have complained had this been 1080p on my TV without 3D either...
  14. Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS (2D Metroid game)

    Received my Legacy Edition from the Nintendo Store today. Unfortunately I haven't had chance to play it but I have spun the audio CD. I love the music of Metroid so much. I'm not usually one for liking covers of video game music but I highly rate this: Metroid Metal.
  15. amiibo (NFC)

    I've also pre-ordered the Odyssey amiibos
  16. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Also available on Spotify: Edit: Wow I like how that autoembedded!
  17. General Switch Discussion

    Sometimes I find doing a full reboot of the Switch fixes any issues I'm having with the wifi on it.
  18. New Software!

    I'm liking the new thanks button. Also I don't seem to have that weird can't click in the new post area bug anymore. Fingers crossed that's gone completely.
  19. Resident Evil Revelations 1+2 Coming To Switch

    Is it actual pointer controls? I think the only other game to make use of this at the minute is World of Goo. Remember we have no sensor bar any more so it makes centering difficult.
  20. Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package (PS4)

    The game isn't terrible but it is different to the prior games. I enjoyed playing it over the last Christmas holiday. What I did hate was the DLC which takes place after the game. I'm still yet to finish it because it has a timer which I've found makes it almost impossible to complete. On that note, if anybody does have any tips on how I can complete that, please let me know! The DLC is pretty important to the story.
  21. Virtual Reality

    I bought Farpoint yesterday and it's actually better than I expected it to be. I mean, the environments are a bit sparse and some of the animations are just naff, but it's not a terrible game by a long stretch. Did it get patched up a lot after release? More interestingly it comes with a very nice PS Camera visualisation when you first boot it up. If you've been following my rambling in this thread you'll probably have seen me moaning about how my PSVR drifts really bad. Well this visualisation has helped me diagnose why. It seems to be tracking only the bottom half of my head when I stand up and only the top half when I sit down. I think I need to have the camera much higher up with a bigger angle down, rather than directly above the TV facing forward. I did the best I could with the space I have at the minute and it seemed to help, over the weekend I'm going to look about moving in about 50cm higher. The visualisation should be included on PSVR setup, rather than the optical camera based setup that we get.
  22. Virtual Reality

    In America it's not getting an actual price drop, is it? It's just going to be coming with the camera and two move controllers. Arguably what it should have been sold as in the first place.
  23. Virtual Reality

    Thought I'd quote Jimbob's post in here. I've already got RIGS, but the more people who get to play it the better! Just be careful as playing it for too long made me really really nauseous.
  24. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Just completed World 1. This game is excellent. If you have a Switch, and don't hate turn bas d games, this is the game to get. The attention to detail throughout is top notch. And all the little animations are well thought through. Well done Ubisoft.