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  1. 3DS XL

    Do you mean this has been revised in the 3DS since the launch batch? Because the imprint the bottom leaves on the 3D screen is incredibly annoying and it'd be excellent to hear that Nintendo have realised that it's a fault in design.
  2. 3DS XL

    I've pre-ordered the red x black version since we're not getting a single colour one. I'm hoping the price ends up being closer to £150 than the £180 I've currently got it down at but I doubt it. Like I've mentioned before though, I really wanted to pick up a DSi XL and had been considering purchasing one. So this 3DS XL has arrived at a good time for me.
  3. 3DS XL

    If anything the 3DS XL is a sidewards-upgrade. Just like how the DSi XL wasn't a true upgrade to the DSi. So I wouldn't feel like the 3DS has been superseded.
  4. 3DS XL

    Hmm... It's disappeared off of Play.com now. I hope that's not because they underpriced it. £180 is the very maximum I'm willing to pay.
  5. 3DS XL

    Really if they didn't want to force the second circle pad on people they should have bundled a new version in with it. That way developers would be more likely to support it. As it is, there's not even a cpp available for the XL so there's less reason to support it. But then, they're not even including a charger so it would be far too much to ask! By the way: pre-orders are up.
  6. 3DS XL

    Hmm. I've just realised that Europe isn't getting any single colour models. That's disappointing.
  7. 3DS XL

    Really happy about this announcement. I'd been looking to pick up a DSi XL anyway. The extra battery life is a bonus too!
  8. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    My biggest problem with this game is still the limited inventory. Usually, being able to collect all the different items adds some longevity to the game for me. I guess, for the reviews, it doesn't help that a Diablo-clone has come out in the year of Diablo III. I'm enjoying it and I'm glad I bought it. Though the daily quests were a bit of a let down. I was expecting new quests like those you get in the game with a boss fight at the end of them or even just the 'collect the items' quests.
  9. 3DS games which weren't mentioned? Perhaps Animal Crossing? Wii games. Hopefully that means a release date for Kirby 20th Anniversary.
  10. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    Much like Hero-of-Time, I'm trying to go through the whole series. I own all of the main series in one form or another but I've only ever completed XIII, XIII-2 and now III. I enjoyed the game overall. All the mechanics felt right and while the story wasn't anything excellent, it did feel complete. The randomly changing difficulty which forces you to grind to gain levels was probably the only bad point. I do sort of wish it had a quest log. That way I could remember what I was trying to do the last time I played it but I understand that they were keeping true to the original game. I can't decide if I should move onto FF IV DS, play FF I Anniversary Edition on the PSP or go to FF VII on the PS1.
  11. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    I completed Final Fantasy III DS the other day. Gah was the final level hard! An extra save point in it would have been helpful. If people are buying Theatrhythm, GAME have it for £23 the same as Amazon. So we have a choice of retailer.
  12. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I believe I was wearing red but I'm only level 7 or 8. I know the XP is shared for quests but not so sure for individual kills. Would like to find out. The way I see it is that if I'm joining someone's game it's up to them to accept/complete quests. It's their game, I'm just a guest. You could just set the game to be Online - Friends Only though if you wanted to avoid randoms altogether. My FC: 0259 - 0274 - 7266
  13. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I think I joined a game with you earlier I was an Alchitect. I didn't want to take your kill so I tried to distract the boss rather than kill him. Do we know if XP from kills is shared? Limited inventory space is really really bugging me now.
  14. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I think the only indication of which filter you're using is that the button you use to select it changes colour ever so slightly.
  15. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I'm an Alchitect and I can only carry 31 items. It doesn't seem to be getting any bigger as I level either. There's also nowhere to store items. So you can only have those which fit in your inventory. Online options are anybody near the same quest, friends or anybody on any quest. The options seem to be working for me.
  16. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I thought that part was really impressive. I'm noticing some slow down in the final game very occasionally but it's understandable really with how much is going on sometimes. The biggest problem I have with the game at the moment is that the inventory is so limited. I'm a hoarder! Make sure your inventory isn't full when you try to complete a quest else there's a chance you could lose the item reward.
  17. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    Almost always I've had pre-orders with Super Saver Delivery be sent second class. You're probably looking at Monday unfortunately.
  18. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I'm sorry I moaned about you the other day, Play.com. My copy arrived today. They sent it by first class post. Have they changed the way they dispatch pre-orders? I didn't pay for the postage.
  19. Wii U available for pre-order

    and it's been cancelled. It was obviously far too cheap for a new console release. I'm still thinking £250-£300 is more likely.
  20. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    Yeah, that is a bit rubbish of Play. Surely if it's not out of the door yet they should give you the option of cancelling. It saves them the hassle of having to wait for it to be returned through the post. The Hut Group are terrible. They give you a cancel button but often will reject the cancellation. I should mention that while I generally dislike their service and customer support, I do still use them if they have a good deal. They've never offered me any credit for their crap though (though they once did offer a bribe for me to leave them positive feedback on their eBay outlet). I'm not sure what the daily stuff is. I think it's probably just challenges based on how the game is randomly generated. Probably wouldn't take much for them to do. Maybe they'll repeat the first few at the end like how Dead or Alive: Dimensions did. I'll throw my hat into the ready-for-coop ring too. I'm not much of an online gamer but I do enjoy playing co-op!
  21. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I've had bad prior experience with ShopTo so I'm never going with them again. I don't have many problems with Play.com but I have been hit with their "receiving stock within two weeks" meaning "never receiving stock", they're a lot like The Hut Group with that. I usually receive pre-orders on release or the day after with them though, which I think is fine for free delivery. Amazon used to be excellent but now only ever dispatch my pre-orders out on the day of release or the day before with second class postage. @Rummy Play.com do have a cancel button, don't they? Update: Mine is processing in warehouse too. Definitely looking like Monday-Tuesday next week. I hope we're not missing out on too much with the daily levels.
  22. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    Anybody who ordered from Play.com had theirs dispatched yet? I haven't so there's no way I'll get it by tomorrow. Means I'll miss out on the first few downloadable levels.
  23. ZombiU

    It's the IR camera which is missing from the Wii U GamePad. I'm guessing that it's one of the more expensive parts in the Wii Remote too which is why they've dropped it. There's a bit more info about it here. Really wish they'd kept it though.
  24. ZombiU

    It's an IR transmitter (remote control) and receiver (what we saw with the pedometer during the Wii Fit U trailer). The Wii Remote works completely different with the black strip above/below the TV emitting the infra-red and the Wii Remote calculating it's position based on the location of those using an IR camera.
  25. Wii U available for pre-order

    This will probably be cancelled. Even more so if one of the deal sites post it. Still, t'is worth a shot!