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  1. New Super Mario Bros 2

    Nintendo have announced that The Game Group have an exclusive pre-order bonus on this. Now I need to convince myself that I don't need it.
  2. You can do a system transfer to another 3DS but other than that you can't backup/transfer the games/money on there.
  3. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

    Please tell me I'm not going crazy. It's gone again this morning! I'm guessing it won't matter to most of us here though because we've probably all already pre-ordered it.
  4. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

    This seems to have disappeared from Amazon today.
  5. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    It's very short and there's an annoyingly small inventory but other than that I've found it to be a fun little game.
  6. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

    It's out on 20th July
  7. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

    I guess I'm going in blind too. I own all of the Kingdom Hearts games except the GBA one but I don't think I've ever completed the first level on any of them. Not because they're boring but because my PS2 keeps going into a black screen when it's loading from which it never recovers and I've just not got around to playing the PSP one (next on my list after I've completed The 3rd Birthday!) or the two on the DS (which are also in the backlog ).
  8. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    Thanks, @Rummy. I suspect it being Friday night had a factor in me forgetting that I'd actually already seen that trailer It's looking really interesting and no worse for not having a traditional battle/xp system.
  9. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    Thanks @Jamba. Those pictures look amazing. I really hope this gets a European release.
  10. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    Yeah, sorry, I've only just read back through the thread. I should have done that first. It was just a bit of a surprise when I read it.
  11. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    The August Official Nintendo Magazine has a 2 page preview of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Weirdly it says "This is how you'll earn items and experience to level up, by scouring the environment and solving people's problems rather than scrapping".
  12. Monster Hunter 4!!!!

    The August Official Nintendo Magazine (pg. 14) says we should be getting lots of videos and images of Monster Hunter 4 from the Capcom Summer Jam event on 1st July. I'm guessing that's the same event that @Hero\-of\-Time has posted the timetable for.
  13. Pokemon Black & White 2

    Very much so. It was more that I was expecting it in August without any real reasoning behind it and I'm looking for an excuse to buy Pokemon Conquest
  14. Pokemon Black & White 2

    Bit later than I expected. Might have to pick up Pokemon Conquest in the meantime. Even so, happy it's finally got a release date! I can't wait until it turns up.
  15. 1st 3DS FPS?

    I don't think the n-space developed FPS were too bad either. Nothing spectacular but seemed to do the best they could with the hardware.
  16. 3DS XL

    A note about GameStop: They take the money as soon as you make the order.
  17. 3DS Console Discussion

    Even so, that's still suspending it in memory while the 3DS 'exit or continue' menu appears. If you start the DS games in original resolution mode you can see that the 'exit or continue' menu renders at the 3DS resolution and not the DS. That to me suggests that it is the 3DS software controlling the exiting and not a modification to the DS software. This is different to how the Wii handles Gamecube software.. @Burny is right about Nintendo though. Even if it were possible, I can't see them bothering. I hadn't even considered that the GBA games were simply running in the GBA compatibility mode of the DS. I wonder if the lack of a real software emulator will hold back the GBA VC for some time.
  18. 3DS Console Discussion

    When you press home while in a DS game currently it does suspend the game. It's currently the same situation with the GBA VC games, though I'm hoping that will be changed when/if they're officially released.
  19. 3DS Console Discussion

    That was my original thinking on the matter but the home button still works when playing DS games. It just brings up the close software menu instead of the actual home menu. So there has to be some 3DS functionality going on.
  20. 3DS XL

    In Japan it's LL. Like with the DSi XL. Also, to the people moaning about the lack of second slide pad. If they'd have done that, it would have made the original 3DS obsolete. I honestly think that's a worse situation.
  21. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    My thoughts mirror what @\-Dem0\- has said. If it's one thing that Namco can do, it's fighting games. They're also one of the companies which actually listen to the fans (they've spoken out against on disc DLC and brought games to the PC). I'm hoping that Nintendo will stop it from turning into a Nintendo x Namco game and keeping it generally in line with the previous games in the series. Also, having a different developer working on it will keep the series fresh hopefully.
  22. 3DS Console Discussion

    Does anybody think we'll ever get the ability to use the Home menu with DS games? It would be quite handy to have the ability to use the notes app with them.
  23. 3DS XL

    I doubt they're going to go back on it when it's out next month. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason they're not including one is because they wanted to push it out the door and having to wait for the different plugs we use would have taken more time. I'm also annoyed at having to find a new case for the 3DS XL. I'm using the one which looks like Mario's clothes. It was made for the DSi/Lite but it fits the 3DS really well and I like it! The Vita doesn't use an SD card and that was the problem. If they'd have used a standard memory card format you'd have heard no complaints at all about the storage.
  24. Kirby 20th Anniversary Disc

    I'm surprised we didn't get an EU release date for this today.
  25. 3DS XL

    Thank you for the information. I have to keep a cloth between the two screens with my launch Cosmos Black 3DS and it doesn't stop it completely. Hopefully the minor revision you've informed me about carries through to the 3DS XL.