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  1. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    My ZombiU code worked today. So you might want to try yours again!
  2. ZombiU

    ZombiU is shredding my nerves. Got me jumping at every noise I hear in the game. The game does have a few imperfections though. Attacking zombies on stairs leads to some weird animations for example.
  3. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U

    Multiplayer with one player on the gamepad and one on the screen really is amazing. Rather surprisingly, out of the four games I've currently got (NSMB U, Sonic Racing, ZombiU and Nintendo Land) it's the one I've played the most.
  4. Free game if you have a 3DS XL

    I wonder why they're making us wait until January. I just thought they wouldn't start sending the codes out until then.
  5. Wii U AC Adapter/Gamepad AC Adapter

    The Wii U Gamepad AC adapter says 230V-50Hz on the bottom. Update: The Wii U AC adapter says the same.
  6. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    My ZombiU code also said it was expired.
  7. I almost messed up big time yesterday. After getting home from the gig suitably drunk I decided it best to update my Wii U. It was taking ages, as expected, so I decided to leave it running over night. I then forgot that the Wii U was plugged into an extension which was plugged into a timer plug which kills all the power at night. Thankfully all was okay but it was a bit of a panic this morning when it dawned on me what I'd done! I'm really happy with the Wii U at the moment. I've not noticed any of the long load times that people were moaning about and that was my biggest worry about the OS.
  8. Wii U Price Check

    Like @Serebii said, the tracking codes from ShopTo don't work. I can confirm this because mine still isn't working and the delivery has arrived.
  9. I've just been informed that my Wii U has arrived. Woop! Will only have ten minutes to see it today though between leaving work and going to Fozzy + SOiL gig
  10. Wii U Price Check

    I've had terrible trouble with them in the past and I really didn't want to pre-order the Wii U with them (but did because the deal was so good ). I was hoping they'd changed over the past two years since I last used them. It doesn't sound like they have though. Be careful if you cancel your pre-paid order because the small print says they'll only refund you in credit or charge you a fee to get the money back.
  11. Wii U Price Check

    For anybody waiting on Tesco Direct. They've just dispatched my Sonic Racing. Looks like I won't be playing it over the weekend! At least they've actually dispatched it. I'm still waiting for Zavvi to dispatch Tekken U.
  12. Wii U Price Check

    Don't get me excited like that! May have had a little run around the tiny office I'm in over it.
  13. Wii U Price Check

    My tracking number still isn't active so it's looking like Friday for me.
  14. Wii U Price Check

    Anybody had games dispatched from Tesco Direct? I'm still waiting on them sending Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.
  15. Wii U Price Check

    Zavvi are still yet to post my order of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 U. I've used them in the past and they were pretty good. I don't think you'd receive it by Friday now though. I'm out until early hours of Friday so I'd need to arrange for someone to be in tomorrow. So I could have done with knowing today. Still says 'Not Found'
  16. Wii U Price Check

    My TNT tracking number still hasn't activated.
  17. Free game if you have a 3DS XL

    Oh wow. This is awesome. I think I'll go for Layton. I did consider Freakyforms Deluxe but I was actually planning on getting Layton after Christmas.
  18. Wii U Price Check

    I've had my dispatch email too. Also, on the subject of pre-paying, it does clearly say that it doesn't give you preference.
  19. I doubt it. These consoles were probably all boxed up weeks ago.
  20. Wii General Discussion

    Bah, I'd have bought one of these if it still played Gamecube games.
  21. If my youngest nephew is around we'll probably play on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed before going onto New Super Mario Bros. U. After he's gone home in the afternoon, I'll probably have a look at the eShop before trying Nintendo Land and playing a few games of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Then as the evening progresses it's time to try out ZombieU.
  22. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    I did notice the multiplayer comments but the only time I'd touch that side of the game would be trying to get into a few games with the people here. I'm still slightly interested in the game because of the way it allows local multiplayer to take place on the Gamepad and TV screen plus the ability to use the Wii Remote for aiming. I just don't think I can justify a £40 spend on it when I'm already getting five games at launch.
  23. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Ouch. Thank you for posting that, it's made up my mind about not pre-ordering the game.
  24. I believe Pikmin and The Wonderful 101 are early next year while Lego City Undercover is 'Christmas'.
  25. Ever since the Wii U and games were up for pre-order I've had ZombiU, NSMB, Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3 and Lego City pre-ordered. Obviously, two of those aren't launch games but I still felt I was set with the other three. Then I got caught up in launch hype. Now I'm considering getting CoD Black Ops 2 because it still has Wii Remote aiming in, and I'm not even a fan of Call of Duty. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is looking like a good fighter and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is looking like a game that could fill the Mario Kart gap for a while. Hopefully I'll see sense and just wait for these three to drop in price. Hopefully.