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  1. 3DS eShop Thread

    Cheers Londragon. Might give a few of them a whirl since they are on sale.
  2. 3DS eShop Thread

    Has anyone played any of those Circle Entertainment games? Are any of them actually decent?
  3. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (16th Jan)

    It's interesting, what started out as a cross-over seems to have transformed into its own unique IP which utilises characters and themes from both Fire Emblem and SMT. I'd really love to know what the original pitch for this game was. Nonetheless I am looking forward to this. Feedback from Japan has seemed very good. No doubt it will sell poorly, but I get the feeling that it will go down as a Wii U classic. Discounting the eShop/virtual console, I never thought a console would manage to have less RPGs than the Gamecube...
  4. Wii U General Discussion

    Apparently the bit about building 'the Career and Championship Modes UI' has been deleted. So I guess the options are F-Zero, Excite and Waverace if we are talking games that could have 'career and championship' modes. Unless it's a new IP.
  5. Hopefully Sega Europe picks up the slack. (They did publish Project Mirai DX afterall). Otherwise we are in a lot of trouble.
  6. Project Treasure

    I enjoyed it a lot whilst playing it with 3 friends whilst we had a Discord voice chat up. It is 'so bad that it's good'. There's something strangely compelling about Lost Reavers that wants me to continue playing, despite the monotonous combat and poorly designed levels, not to mention pretty terrible controls. I finally hit level 15 tonight, so I will be trying out the boss fight with a few mates. We'll see how it goes. I think it's quite telling that we came to the consensus that Devil's Third is a better game. (I personally have a soft spot for Devil's Third, that game is B-tier goodness, whereas Lost Reavers is probably bordering C-Tier mediocrity).
  7. Project Treasure

    That's my main concern: Will enough people actually play this online? Devil's Third online was strangely a blast, I even convinced four other people to purchase it just to play online with them. A colleague on the site I write for lives in Japan and has played the beta. He says that he has had a lot of fun with it, though it looks like a Xbox 360 game.
  8. Depends on what exclusive online multiplayer titles the NX has. If it has more games like Splatoon then I probably would shell out for an online subscription to be able to play games like those online. If it's just primarily multiplatform games that are utilising online/worth playing online multiplayer with I'll just stick to PC for those.
  9. Star Fox Zero

    'Great' probably is a little too optimistic on my part. It was a stronger Christmas worldwide than 2014 though. Japan was extremely strong, the drop off is natural, since Nintendo consoles always sell the strongest at Christmas.
  10. Star Fox Zero

    Star Fox being pushed back to NX wouldn't make sense at all. If it's ready by its revised release date it makes perfect business sense to publish it then on the Wii U. The Wii U is on life support, it is not completely dead yet. The great Christmas it just had worldwide thanks to Splatoon and Mario Maker is a testament to that. Zelda probably makes sense as a dual release depending on what the NX actually is. It would be a waste of resources for Nintendo to retool Star Fox Zero for a NX release, especially since it does heavily utilise the gamepad (which no doubt will be dropped for NX).
  11. Your 2016 Gaming Diary

    My gaming time in 2016 so far has been utterly consumed with Crusader Kings 2. It's quite scary how quickly the day disappears whilst playing it. I really need to disavow myself from open ended games like Crusader Kings, as I inevitably become hooked and pour numerous hours in with not much to show for my efforts. I guess that's an interesting aspect in regards to linear vs non-linear game experiences in terms of games without a perceived end goal.
  12. Been listening to the Quarter to Three games podcast with Tom Chick lately. He does some great interviews and discussions of recent games. One of his recent ones was discussing Xenoblade Chronicles X with a games writer from TIME magazine. Was great to listen to, Chick provides interesting insights to most games he discusses. I've seen the light on RFN again. You probably can go back in this thread and read my criticism, which with hindsight was harsh. I've been enjoying it a lot since James took over as host, he's a much better host than he was a participant in my opinion.
  13. FAST:Racing Neo

    My observation on the 27k figure would be that I only noticed the various statistic bars (that show my ranking regarding time completing each cup) only after I played a few online matches. I may be wrong with my assumption, but perhaps the game only connects to the internet to gather your time data after you play the online mode.
  14. FAST:Racing Neo

    Shin'en games are always generally discounted in eShop sales. I know quite a few people who are either waiting till after Christmas or for the first sale to grab it. I've had a dabble with Hero Mode. I don't think I'll ever be able to conquer this mode. On each course, you have to finish first (It's in hypersonic speed) whilst your boost metre also doubles as a shield. If you crash out/empty the metre you automatically lose the race. I really haven't played a game this challenging for quite a while. It is refreshing.
  15. FAST:Racing Neo

    Hyper sonic is crazy. I'm definitely struggling trying to get through it. Had a couple of attempts trying to get through the first cup and I'm having trouble finishing any higher than 5th place. I'm almost afraid to know what 'Hero Mode' fully entails. I'm sure I'll find out eventually though.
  16. FAST:Racing Neo

    I'm actually a fan of the AI, in that what can happen to you can happen to them. Just played through one of the cups of hard difficulty and managed to win the cup whilst coming a combination of second and third on each course due to the AI players not always consistently finishing in the same positions on each track. Something you see in many other racers, where certain characters in a given playthrough will always perform well and others will always be at the back of the pack.
  17. Pokken Tournament (Wii U Spring 2016)

    A direct copy of the already ugly controller used for the arcade version of Pokken Tournament. Perhaps it's really ergonomic and works a treat in the game, but perhaps I'm just dreaming.
  18. FAST:Racing Neo

    I'm enjoying it a lot. Online net code is appears very smooth and solid thankfully. Though I have yet to encounter a full game online. It definitely does require inch perfect precision to win many of the cups/time trails. One mistake and is generally impossible for you to place in the top three. Whilst there is rubber banding to a degree that your boost metre fills up quicker the further you're behind it's hardly enough to make that much of a difference. I don't mind that aspect though, it provides a great challenge and really does reward perfection. It feels like a real achievement finishing a course without crashing out or getting hit by a boulder/obstacle and subsequently beating the AI. As Killthenet mentioned, there definitely is a flaw in the placing detection. I've finished a race right behind the person in first place and for some reason the game awarded me as finishing first. Despite a few glitches like that (there was one online game I was playing with a friend where after the race the game froze for both of us and we had to hardreset our Wii Us) I believe that this game is excellent. Visually it is simply astounding. The water effects and smoke effects on the fire course never cease to amaze me in terms of the detail captured. FAST Racing: Neo is a game that should be played by all fans of futuristic racers, be it F-Zero or WipeOut.
  19. Devils Third

    Here's an edited version of the Japanese trailer, deleting the Itagaki talking sections and showing just gameplay.
  20. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Wii U)

    The first kickstarter I've ever backed. Can't wait to grab a physical Wii U copy.
  21. 8-4 Play is a fantastic podcast. Gives you an in-depth look into the Japanese gaming market. Regarding RFN and NWR in general, I was an avid follow for many years. But over the past 12 months I've stopped following them and listening to their podcasts. I just felt that after Greg left, the podcast slowly started losing cohesion and the crew didn't gel as well, becoming a group of highly opinionated people who rarely shift their positions. Having experience in creating video game podcasts, coordinating discussion and personalities is a very difficult thing to do. The main thing that will get me to avidly listen to a podcast is a crew who operate well together and play off one another. I feel that RFN lost that fundamental aspect. I still occasionally listen to an episode here and there, but I'm not a weekly regular listener as I once was.
  22. Devils Third

    It won't sell well, I think that's a foregone conclusion. As noted Bayonetta 2 received tepid sales even though it was critically acclaimed. I will probably be picking it up though. I like the look of the multiplayer which should be a blast if a small active community develops.
  23. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    The Special addition that is being sold by the Nintendo store is already sold out in Australia, as it was only being sold by our equivalent of GAME which sold out of pre orders without seriously advertising it. Shame that the Nintendo store doesn't ship here. I guess I'll have to miss out on this one.
  24. Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers

    Shameless plug, but here's a review of Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers (Japanese release): http://another-castle.com/forums/forum/castle-content-aa/reviews-aa/15463-captain-toad-treasure-tracker-review Can't wait till January.
  25. Bayonetta 2

    Well my First Print Edition arrived yesterday. Did an unboxing for those interested. Time to actually play these two games now. Which knowing me won't be for a while. I still haven't played my copy of Wonderful 101.