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  1. Weight Loss and Fitness 2014

    What are your goals? What sort of stuff do you do in the gym when you're there?
  2. What Have You Bought?

    See what you mean with the ordering faff. Wouldn't be getting it for the price difference - guess it would be because: - HTC autofocus is super slow. The lens gets gunked up meaning you get cloudy photos - The OS is slow..I'm a massive fan of cyanogenmod and am too lazy to sort it out on the HTC - It'll look all new again Might see if I can sort the camera and OS out and get back to loving the phone like I did a few months back! As for me....
  3. Square Chainz

    @Gizmo: See what you mean about having a countdown. Would you want to see the board during this time to plan your next move? Glad I'm not the only one panic clicking. And hey you're 11th!! @Rummy: seems a few people were unclear on the powerups so we will take that on board for V2. As you've seen they're usable whenever they turn up, but you need to buy them from the shop if you want more than the 3 we give you! Would you make any changes to that? Perhaps earning them through in-game money as well as / instead of in-app-purchases? What did you guys think of the music? Last day to download the soundtrack if you're interested! http://www.squarechainz.com/freebies/
  4. Funny Stuff Thread

    Saw this for the first time in ages. Gets me every time: http://i.imgur.com/BVNKCui.gifv
  5. What Have You Bought?

    I'm so tempted to sell my HTC one m8 and get this! As for me:
  6. Square Chainz

    Nice score Rummy! And wow, great to see you still around on here Thanks for your feedback! Do I have your permission to use "surprisingly awesome mind fuck" at some point? You're right, powerups are definitely something we need to make clearer. I think most people skip the tutorial which doesn't actually mention them. Pen highlights, Snail slows down, Clock adds more time, Autopilot wins for you :P Are you one of the names there on the leaderboard? We're giving away a Square Chainz poster each week to the top player... I'd love to give one to a fellow N-Europer. Surely there's enough gaming ability in here to obliterate the others? :awesome:
  7. Football Season 2014/2015

    Completely agree. It's the manager's job to handle all aspects of a situation. Why begrudge Rogers for fielding 'weaker' players when it's done in the best interests of the club?
  8. Square Chainz

    Bob is a term used to recognise all that is Bob. Thankfully I remember both of you! How on earth has it been in here? Seems as lively as ever, although I don't feel that I can quite go to the Nintendo fanboy lengths as I used to (e.g. trying to convince everyone that more people should play Waverace Blue Storm, or that Mario Sunshine images were fake right up to release).
  9. Square Chainz

    Hey everyone, Firstly, I can't believe how many old faces are still around on here! Eevilmurray, Bob, Rezourceman, Nightwolf, Moogleviber, Retro / Fierce Link, Ashley and more...I'm pretty blown away. And yes I've been away, but with good reason. I've just released my own android game! Spent the last age working on it with 2 other friends, no prior game dev experience and even less of a clue how to get people to play it. I figure this has always been a great place to share stuff and so I'd love for any of you to play our game, Square Chainz. It's free on the play store here. The bulk of my effort went into composing the music & I'd really appreciate some feedback from you. If you happen to like it, you can get the soundtrack free this week here. Music aside, just seeing any of your names on the leaderboard would be pretty awesome. Cheers, Matt
  10. The Dark End of YouTube

    "I accidentally the ____" What does it all mean????? Help me to understand
  11. Funny Stuff Thread

    Ahhhh that cracked me up. Hello Arab freak!
  12. Been a while...

    J7! How could I forget? Genuinely thought your name was written in Hebrew. I've been such a lurker...a loyal lurker: Join Date: 02-11-2005 Total posts: 143 What have I done? Fulfilled my lifelong dream of working for an online dating website. It's great because I get to read conversations about people and their sex lives; everything from a first-date peck on the cheek to grapes in holes and s***ting on glass tables. Oh and I play Violin in a folk wedding band and now own a PS3. Is that safe to say around here?
  13. Been a while...

    Infiltrated the government, conquered middle earth, brought down a galactic empire, and raped the princess? More like phoned up the council, acquired an allotment, ate a milky way and told a princess diana joke. Took a few years but I'm pretty damn happy about it. How you been moogle?