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  1. Eledees!

    Im surprised they changed the name, sometimes i get the impression that companies forget that the internet exists. Most of the people who are interested in the game are used to and comfortable with the old name, why change it??
  2. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Wait what are you saying?? Sony' has plenty of internal (1st party) development studios, they make plenty of quality games too!!! yep i really hope this will make people rethink the BS reasons we received for a lack of a GC port Competition?? competition is overated when it comes to video games. I mean 3rd parties compain about having to compete with nintendos games then go and develop for a platform with a much higher saturation of titles competing for mindshare. So instead of "competeing" against just nintendo, they go and "compete" against all the other high profile 3rd parties and all the no name 3rd parties too. But going back to my point the only thing companies really compete against is a players own tastes. Does the game appeal to the gamer? yes then hell put the money down for the title. No and hell pass by it. Even if a competitor puts a out a similar title of a similar quality its still going to be which one appeals to his tastes more. While yes on the surface that does appear as if your in competition, your not really because even if he pass over your title for now if it appeals hell eventually come back and pick up your title. So in the end it comes down to the retail model being broken, a game has 2 weeks to sell, this is what gives the appearance of competition where there shouldnt be. I mean i know ive gone off completely but its all related. These are issues which will also have an impact on hardware sales. I think nintendo has addressed tried to address this with their suggestion of keeping games prices static for longer. While thats an undesirable situation for us as gamers its definately a start towards altering consumer trends
  3. Miyamoto spills some more beans....

    Agreed. I have to question the use of the word remake, as the process apparently outlined suggests that rerelease or updates (in the control sense) maybe more appropriate terms. The appeal of this idea though is pretty much the same as the VC, developers (in theory) should have already got the returns on their initial investments, so for a minimal investment (the cost of updating the controls, and republishing the game etc) developers can release budget titles which should have higher profit potential. While a sequel or original game is obviously more desirable for the gamer, this path is probably a ver desirable one for developers and publishers as an added source of funding for other titles/risk reduction. As poeple have already pointed out there are some great advantages to be being able to rerelease GC games in this way. But there are also some disadvantages especially where greedy publishers are concerned but i hope nintendo will keep that under control. Also can i ask what people mean when they talk about games competing with each other. It really doesnt make sense to me
  4. I personally think the analogy was a good one. I think it describes the consoles almost perfectly but doesnt quite work on other levels. But it makes a whole lot more sense than the steak analogy. Think about it like the this of all 3 the TV is the most flexible, most value for money, can be extended with add-ons like satelitte/cable, dvd player. This allows for a wide variety of "channels" that cater to niche and mass audiences. And it is the greatest value for money and the cheapest of the 3. And like i first said its flexible it you can still watch your big budget movies on your standard tv. Now we have our dvd, i dont think dvd best describes what he was going for here, its more like the enthusiasts setup. Created for for getting the best affordable experience out of DVDs. Still perfectly capable of doing what your standard tv setup can do, but its not really desired this was built for more than watching soaps and tv dramas, so you'd (developers) would use it more occasionally for your bigger budget straight to dvd films Then we have our 'home' cinema, equate it to the kind of thing you might see on cribs - this is how i interpret kojima as seeing PS3. The rear projector, the high end sound system, the big ass chairs. This is how kojima sees the PS3, while this setup is also more than capable enough to handle the kind of experiences you get on your normal tv setup, the perception of it(both consumer and i believe developer perception will not allow for small budget games on PS3 at least in the short term) means that this room is left for those special viewings, of the latest multi million blockbuster movies, nothing less is acceptable in such a setting. So while they are all capable of housing the same kinds of shows/films/experiences the perception of the 360/Ps3 restricts their flexiblity. While the power and price of Wii means a big budget graphical game titles would be like watching a big budget cinema release movie on a normal tv (i hope developers will see this and port their games to wii, as opposed to instantly sterotyping the userbase, its also appropriate as that is (practically) the graphical level nintendo promised us) I think people read too much into kojimas last comments. They are true, Wii could end up with a load of dud "gameshows" much like the PS2s large library, but that would be a good thing again much like the PS2. While his PS3 with Wii controls comment is understandable assuming he thinks the only way for games to eveolve is for them to become more like movies. But this train of thought is flawed if you consider the evolutionary path movies have taken over the years. If anyting its in games best interests to avoid the same hazards that have befallen the movie and music industries. Its in gaming best interests to evovle different types of games into different ways, not to just focus on making games more cinematic, hollywood is already demonstrating where that road leads, when it is the only and main focus. Personally i think due to its price and range of control options Wii is potentially the best platform for all genres to evolve on in unique ways. The problems facing 360/PS3 in terms of evolving gaming is the apparent costs and consumer perceptions (at least initially) make it hard for developers to stray too far from proven formulas, and that problem would still be present on a PSWii. I think sega are right though other 3rd parties are going to miss the boat, they still havent learned that nintendo are financially successful because they are first to the party - while sega usually arrived too early to the party. Sorry for the long post but i hope it makes sense
  5. One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Wii scans

    a Dragonball fighter was the other one i believe
  6. One Piece: Unlimited Adventure Wii scans

    Thats exactly what i was wondering/thinking
  7. Wii being Stockpiled for Early Global Launch??

    ....and there were no games
  8. Correct me if im wrong but i dont think nintendork meant that the fhc would be too inaccurate - even though that what you said - i think you meant it would be too sensitive, no??? I agree with Nintendorks overall sentiment, trying to prove that every genre works with a core controller / nunchuck setup. Is futile, unneccesary defeats the point of having the shell and the potential for customisable add-ons. Poeple really need to accept that the nunchuck setup isn't going to work for everything, or people may personally prefer a different input method. Nintendo knows this (hence the shell, the nunchuck the customisability) so why cant you see it??? Now a racing game should allow for multiple configurations, the core controller, nunchuck setup (i guess) shell setup and a steering wheel attachment setup. This is the best way to approach the situation, allow the consumer to decide their preference. The disadvantage is its more work in optomizing 4 different control schemes but if it means that you get more peopel buying the game as there is a setup that appeals more to their taste then its worth it. I just hope developers are thinking like this. Personally i dont want to play smash bros on anything but the shell and that is entirely my opinion Oh and i hope the racing game is donkey kong racing too. That looked like a great concept.
  9. IGN Editors Roundtable

    In 2 weeks to year people wont care. Seriously its a good name, if you knkow hoe to interpert it and you can grasp where they are coming from. But the best thing about the announcement....E3 is going to be all about the games
  10. So what does that mean for 360 and PS3 owners that lack HD ready Tv's??? He has a fair point admitedly but we have not yet reached the limits of 480p personally i would bet that 360 and PS3 are also incapable of reaching those limits. Again we have magical numbers with no referance point. I am not going to assume that his comments are representative of EA as a whole, but it seems like there are developers out there proagramming from within the escape pods. I guess that the natural conclusion to draw is that there were no rts games on any consoles this gen, due to the limitations of SD. And hold on is he trying to imply that the 360 controller is as capable as the revcon for use in RTS games??? does it have secret as yet unrevealed functionality?
  11. OOOOOld Nintendo 3D-system for nes!!!

    Isnt that for NES as opposed to SNES. The disc system for snes used CDs and that disk system appears to use floppy's
  12. OOOOOld Nintendo 3D-system for nes!!!

    Is it just me or do they look like playstation peripherals thats interesting to see though
  13. Who else doesn't want to see the shell?

    i agree i also get the feeling that with some games the novelty of gesture based gameplay will wear off and ill prefer a more traditional method of gameplay, in which case ill want the shell. I dont know u get the feeling that the people who reject the idea of the shell (or instantly dismiss ps3 or 360 games as not next gen) are kind of missing the point of the FHC and are blinded to its potential flaws
  14. After the first shots... How do you feel?

    Well said, its an obvious point that seems to be over looked by the fanboys who claim that rev is the only next gen console. But at the same time i think people also misinterpret nintendo intentions. Its not to do away with the current trends and genres, the FHC is there to facilitate the new and to also compliment and hopefully improve the current. For those genres/games where the FHC isnt the best option they included the ability to customize the FHC with the nunchaku being a basic example. While the less adventurous gamers and developers will still have the Shell, because the intention is for Rev to have appeal outside of the FHC as well. As for my thougths having seen red steel. It only served to create more questions more so as the quality of the scans available have ranged from poor to terrible. But more and more i get the feeling revolution is a console that needs to be "experienced" as some of the worries and concerns that have arisen from different people are very much understandable.
  15. IGN: Revolution Horsepower

    There are amny reasons why a PPU does and doesnt make sense, but to try and say it doesnt make sense because nintendo are not trying to compete with cutting edge technology is crazy. Is the freehand controller not cutting edge technology?? does it not take existing technology (gyration) and add yet another dimension??