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  1. The problem Nintendo right now is that they just gone on the world stage and said "You know all that stuff you do for free on the Wii? Well in the future you MIGHT have to pay for parts of it on some games." and then pissed off leaving everyone bemused and annoyed. They'll soon realize that this announcement was received badly and be forced to clarify the details so we know exactly what we'll have to pay for.

  2. Can't do the end of the first boss level wen you kep falling, no idea what to do and the star doesn't turn red anywhere and i've tried shaking the Wii-mote about.


    If I get stuck this early on, i'm looking forward to the rest.


    Make sure you pick up the umbrella before you ring the bell on the chest


  3. Just popped home to play it at lunch and I love it! Not got to any of the interesting puzzles yet as I only had half an hour but I love the presentation and the gameplay so far. It feels a little like a rare game from the N64 era, and that's a good thing for me.

  4. It's supposed to be a very good adventure/puzzle game, simialr to point a click adventures of old. The main complaint has been the difficulty of some of the puzzles, but I think as this game has been out for a while now, if you get stuck and can't be bothered to work it out then there should be plenty of walkthroughs available.

  5. Peggle is fantastic on the ipod, works perfectly. Also, at work it looks weird if you bring a DS or something in, but an ipod is ok as it just for listening to music supposedly so it's a good way to have a sneeky game of something. Can't wait until games are available on the touch (without wi fi access)

  6. I got Assassins Creed TWICE for Christmas, so I was going to take one back to Game where it was bought to get it changed for something else but they've but Assassins Creed on sale for 30 quid so they'll only give me 30 quid towards something else which is a bit shit. Anyone have any ideas what I can do to get full price? It's a gift so I have no receipt.

  7. So I got Uncharted, just got up to the bit that's in the demo before I had to drop everything and leave my PS3 for a week for christmas. Bloody good though, watching the cut scenes back one after the other is as good at watching scenes from any tv show or movie, and there's not many other games I can say that about. I just hope the whole game carries on in this way.