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  1. Mass Effect (2)

    One thing's for sure, there isn't any Wham! Pet Shop Boys or Eurasure on the soundtrack, the dirty homophobes!
  2. NE podcast/radioshow?

    NE Community CastMash! Everyone send in a 5 minute mini podcast, then the best ones get mashed together by someone into one big podcast, with maybe a overall presenter introducing the various bits. Patent Pending, Patent Pending, Patent Pending!
  3. Playstation Discussion Archive

    I feel ill
  4. VB6 help

    It's possibly a null reference error, try checking that s and s.Surname (in that order) are not equal to Nothing before you attempt the trim.
  5. xbox 360 NAT problems

    Log in to the admin area, select "System" on the left, then select "Restart" (NOT "Reset"). Then click the yes button and wait about 5 minutes for everything to be reset.
  6. Yep we are, won't be spending any time there though.
  7. Bioshock

    I don't get it.
  8. Zombie Massacre (Crazy Zombie Taxi)

    Wii graphics are ace!
  9. Nice, cheers for that. That'll probably save me 100 quid or something!
  10. Off to Canada next month, what's the downside of getting an ipod touch from over there, apart from maybe the warranty issue. Will it work fine over here and will I be able to charge it ok?
  11. xbox 360 NAT problems

    I've got a bt homehub router, here's what you need to do: enter bthomehub in your web browser go to admin, enter your username and password, usually admin, admin go to devices and select "edit" on the xbox device in the list in the applications drop down list at the very bottom, select Xbox Live, then add it to the applications list. Click Apply Make sure you xbox isn't on Select the restart option to soft reset your router (not the reset factory settings one!) Your xbox should now be NAT Open!
  12. Super Paper Mario

    Completed the first level, things to look out for: 1. Weird testicle enemies 2. I AM ERROR
  13. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    H-O-T will have them all by tea time
  14. Super Paper Mario

    My copy arrived today, the earliest a game has ever been for me! Only had about 15 minutes to play it this morning before work, barely enough time to get to the end of the initial cutscenes! Looks classic though and can't wait to get home tonight and play!
  15. Super Paper Mario

    My shopto.net order has been posted and should be here tomorrow!
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Give it an hour
  17. Super Paper Mario

    I think its 75.234%/24.766% because of the Wii Remote... or something. My order at shopto.net is now processing! There's a possibility i could have this by wednesday!
  18. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

  19. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    It's just maintenance, nothing new. They'll no doubt be replacing some hardware in preparation for Halo 3 and stuff like that. If anything new was added, it will be disabled until the fall update, similar to what they did last time with the video marketplace. Actually, the fact that this downtime went reasonably smoothly makes me think that either there aren't many large scale changes in the upcoming firmware (i.e. not too many database changes) or that microsoft have finally got their act together regarding these scheduled downtimes.
  20. Link's Crossbow Training

    The one big annoyance for me would be having multiple copies if you wanted more than one zapper.
  21. Super Paper Mario

    They've ditched the turn based combat, it's now more traditional mario head stomping stuff but there's still power ups, xp and all that jazz.
  22. Link's Crossbow Training

    Seems a little odd that you buy something to make your remote look like a gun and they give you a crossbow game to use it with...
  23. Factor 5 on the Wii?

    As long as they don't produce a game as bad a lair appears to be, the more the merrier!
  24. Bioshock

    I know this is no help at all, but this is why I prefer console gaming to PC gaming these days... I just want to play the game, not mess around with settings and drivers and all that malarkey!