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  1. Recommend me some 5.1 speakers

    Hi guys, I want some nice 5.1 surround speakers for my living room, I want to plug in my TV, 360 and PS3 all at the same time. Wireless speaker thingys would be a bonus for minimal amount of wires everywhere. Secondly, as my Xbox is plugged in via VGA, would I just plug the sound cable into the speaker system and get 5.1 or would I need a different cable?
  2. Immortality is a Possibilty!

    Those of you not past your mid twenties will eventually, out of the blue, have a sudden realization of your own mortality and it will scare the living poop out of you! It happened to me when watching a bad movie of all things. After that I'm sure you'd take immortality over the alternatives. Anyway, those of you who believe in an afterlife are technically immortal anyway, just not in your current body.
  3. Recommend me some 5.1 speakers

    Sounds good, how do you power everything, does each speaker need it's own plug? Edit: Just done a quick google search, looks like they're discontinued! Second Edit: (Just in case people want to know) If you've got a VGA cable input for your Xbox 360 and want 5.1 sound also, you'll need to buy an optical cable. Look at the VGA cable where it inserts into the 360 and you'll see where you insert it.
  4. Time to bring out my trusty number ladder!
  5. Inspired by me eating a new flavour of ice cream yesterday, what have been your frozen dessert related stories and likes/dislikes? As I mentioned yesterday I picked up a new (I think) flavour of Ben & Jerry's Icecream called "Bohemian Raspberry" which I wasn't sure I would like but I bought it anyway. Fortunately it was really really nice! It's pretty much raspberry ripple ice cream with fudge bit scatterred in it, yummy!
  6. Point & Click Games ***With Human Avatar***?

    The 7th Guest I think, or maybe the sequel The 11th Hour
  7. HD DVD Question

    HD DVDs aren't region locked
  8. Point & Click Games ***With Human Avatar***?

    Probably because of Boobies... it's always because of boobies!
  9. Point & Click Games ***With Human Avatar***?

    How about "The Dig"?
  10. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    The vast majority of what happened in Prime 2 isn't relevant to Prime 3 anyway, only the last boss and ending bit really. As long as you get what phazon does and how the main baddie in 3 came to be, you'll be fine.
  11. Cruis'n Exclusive! (Best graphics on Wii!!) :p

    It's not even as though underneith the piss poor graphics lies a classic game, the actual gameplay looks shocking too. I'm sure most of us would put up with bad graphics if the game was amazing.
  12. Fireworks

    Yeah, I don't like celibrating Capital Punishment and Torture either
  13. Cruis'n Exclusive! (Best graphics on Wii!!) :p

    It's really strange though, there must be at least 100 people involved with the creation of this game, from developers to marketing and yet not one of them sat down and realized how appaling this game is early on?
  14. Spaced Being Remade For US TV

    While they're at it, they should do a US remake of Father Ted... move from Craggy Island to Hawaii, make everyone beautiful, and instead of jokes they should just say a half hour sermon about how Christianity is the one true religion.
  15. Videogame logic

    An evil warlord has plans to take over the world from his remote base, instead of the UN sending a coalition of thousands of soldiers from all over the world to this location and obliterate the place, they instead decide to send one guy with a pistol.
  16. Playstation Discussion Archive

    I'm hoping the PS3 dry spell is over for the time being. Even though I'll be buying all my non exclusives on the 360, I'm hoping for some good experiences on the PS3. Home and Little Big Planet should be fun at the very least.
  17. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Is there an official PSN ID list anywhere of you guys? I want to add some of you (as no one has added me yet! ) but not sure of the IDs
  18. Name That Game

    Reminded me of "Chase HQ"
  19. Name That Game

    is 2 "beneath as steel sky"?
  20. User Image Gallery

    I'm amazed a squirrel can get so fat, i mean, it's not as though some of them have jobs that involve them sitting on their arses all day like us lot. they're out running and climbing trees most of the day. But i suppose they do hibernate for winter... maybe this is just a pic of that squirrel carrying his "holiday weight" just after his re awakening.
  21. Assassin's Creed

    I suppose the equivalent modern day game would involve an assassin driving round the middle east in a fiat punto trying to shoot Osama Bin Laden.
  22. MP3 Player Guide

    My ipod touch arrived yesterday... I really like it and will probably pick up a second gen iphone when they come around and have a resonable price on them.
  23. Wii Worldwide Sales Revealed

    Hmmm, bit weird that they group up the two Pokemon and Brain training games, seems like a little spin there. Otherwise, well done Nintendo I guess, I hope their success leads to more great games for me to play.
  24. PS3 Price Cut... and Wii still sells more

    My Mum, Brother and Cousin both own a Wii. I play a few games with them whenever I see them. Neither have ever owned a console or requested to play games with me on any other platform, PC included. For me, the fact that the Wii has opened up the market, making it inclusive rather than exclusive justifies it's success. Because of the Wii, I can now enjoy my favourite past time with my favourite people.
  25. Buy the 360 HD Drive + Get 5 FREE HD DVDS!

    Transformers on HD DVD looks ace, I was lucky that it came out in Canada the day I was coming back from there so I picked it up in the airport. 7 hours later and I was at home watching it!