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  1. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    So I got Uncharted, just got up to the bit that's in the demo before I had to drop everything and leave my PS3 for a week for christmas. Bloody good though, watching the cut scenes back one after the other is as good at watching scenes from any tv show or movie, and there's not many other games I can say that about. I just hope the whole game carries on in this way.
  2. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I'm afraid I'm going to push you for an answer I enjoyed both of the demos, thought there was maybe too much shooting going on in Uncharted and maybe Ratchet would be the same thing over and over. Maybe i'll just get the cheapest when i go to the shop.
  3. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Uncharted or Ratchet and Clank? I'm buying one today.
  4. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I reckon all the 360 breaking might be because people are sticking the central heating on full which causes them to overheat.
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I'm semi addicted to COD4 multiplayer and I usually don't get on with FPSes online cos I suck so much at them.
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I've just finished watching Zodiac downloaded from the marketplace, my thoughts: If you watching the video while downloading it at the same time, the video skips for a fraction of a second every so often as it writes to the disk HD quality is nowhere near that of a HD DVD, seemed to be somewhere between DVD and HD to me No 5.1 audio, all the sound came through the front speakers No subtitles Download speed was ok, but no where near streaming level so requires some forethought into when you'll want to watch the movie, so hardly an "on demand" service All in all I'm a little disappointed. I doubt I'll download any other movies from the service unless there's a very good reason. Would defo prefer TV shows on there.
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    My drive makes a racket at times too, I'm hoping that a future dashboard update will allow games to be played using the HD DVD drive so I don't have to use the in built one at all.
  8. Name That Game

    The first one is a Doom port onto the speccy!
  9. Guitar Hero 3

    What's the difficulty like compared to GH2?
  10. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    There's a free downloadable Loco Roco "interactive screensaver" on the PSN that should keep you happy until they get round to giving us a full game.
  11. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Sounds like you're better off waiting until Home kicks in and all these trophies and unlockable room bits and bobs are available to achieve in all games.
  12. Rumor Control - IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat

    Whaaaaa? Am I being dumb again?
  13. Nintendo's Strategies for the Wii for 2008 and Beyond...

    I don't think a hard drive is needed as such, though one would be most welcome (I imagine it being a replacement for the angled stand you get with your Wii, except this one contains a couple of gigs of storage and a few usb ports). All that is really needed is the ability to load Channels and Games from the SD cards directly, then we have unlimited storage and cheaply too.
  14. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Will be interesting if/when the BBC comes on board what pricing they will use, given that we pay the licence fee so it should be free. With ITV and others I'd much prefer a nominal charge (just paying for the bandwidth) with none skippable adverts at the usual points in the programme rather than a larger amount for the programme without adverts. This will never happen though.
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    WTF! I just logged into Xbox.Com to check on the status of the N Europe friends list, tried to send out a message to someone and got the following message: "You must be an Xbox Live Gold member to send messages" has this always been like this? It this just on the website or can you not send messages on a silver account on your xbox too?
  16. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I've added everyone listed on the gamertag thread to the "N Europe" gamertag clan, it's up to those people to accept the invitation. If i've missed anyone, they can add the N Europe user themselves or let me know.
  17. Christmas teaser

    What same 7 letter word will fill in the blanks to make the sentence below make sense? THE ....... SURGEON WAS ....... TO PERFORM THE OPERATION BECAUSE THERE WAS .......
  18. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Hey Fellas, there seems to be a trend happening on the gaming websites to use the Friends of Friends functionality as a kind of clan list. So, I've created a new gamertag called "N Europe" that you should all add as a friend, then you'll be able to see all the members of the N Europe forum and their gamertags in one place and in your dashboard. I think Penny Arcade invented this idea so if you think it's stupid, please don't give me grief!
  19. Christmas teaser

    Correct! No smugness here though.
  20. Christmas teaser

    Blals, it's eraly no Mondya, gvie em a braek! nope!
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    My idea for Elder Scrolls V is to make it the RPG equivalent of Test Drive Unlimited. The usual single player storyline but when out in the towns and overworld you can see some other players going about their own version of the single player quests, where you can chat, swap items etc. There are also some NPCs that dish out Multiplayer quests where you can join up with friends or randoms within a dungeon of some sort. There could even be a separate multiplayer storyline.
  22. Whats This?

    getting old fast? /just joking
  23. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Is it PSP compatible too? *crosses fingers*
  24. Homeplug

    Yes you could, the switch is just an ethernet hub essentially.
  25. 48 Games To Get Excited About In 08

    If I could only have a few next year, I'd have: Wii Fit Left 4 Dead Alan Wake Little Big Planet Too Human (if it turns out to be good) Most of the rest are sequels or shooters... not that I'm not looking forward to some of them too mind, but it's best to look forward to the newer experiences I think.