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  1. Stick with Xenoblade!! It is my favourite game of ALL time. Well Up there with Ocarina of Time. It does have quite a lot to take in at the beginning, sure, but you will soon get used to the battle and it will be fun. I loved the game, spent over 130 hours on it, and the end battles are amazing.


    Now I've started the Last Story and have yet to really love it yet

  2. All them secret items from Mavda become available to buy on game+

    It is worth playing through again. Just done the 1st tower again in 15 mins. It is a bit of a shame the locked areas well not made more of. They should have put some better items and harder enemies in those areas.

  3. Awesome! I will play through it again, as it should be much quicker to dispatch of the enemies. Also, never picked up the fourth weapon. I must have missed something. There is a treasure chest in the first tower that I was not able to get.

  4. I have finally completed the game! It has been a very enjoyable game and I am very pleasantly pleased. It may not have the biggest budget and production values but it is one of my favourite games on the Wii. And there is replay value to see the best ending, I got a rather sad ending. And that is despite sending over 30 hours on the game.


    If you have not yet played this game, I highly recommend it.

  5. Yeah, I go back through towers quite a bit. I have actually spent 30 hours on this game already, just completed 10 towers. 10th tower boss fustrated me abit and I literally ran out of time and it was buzzing me. Worth seeing the state Elena was in though ;0)

  6. I must revisit all the towers now to get these items. Not got any of them. Just been doing what was necessary for each tower and even then in short stints so never enough time to get enough beast flesh. Seems that the value of best flesh decreases over time now so I'm wondering whether it is even possible to get that much value worth of flesh anymore.

  7. Really? I've not really got stuff like that from Mavda. Must bring back more beast flesh by going to towers at night then.

    This game has some hidden secrets. Also how did you get the butterfly pendent. Its not even for sale for me. I am at the tower 10 boss. Not beat tower 6 boss yet.


    Still really enjoying this game.

  8. This game is well worth getting. I'm still loving it.


    Just beat the 7th tower boss, and one of the best yet although all the bosses have been very good so far. Was not able to beat the 6th tower boss yet but the great thing is, once you beat the first 5 towers, the next 5 become available and you can play them in any order.


    I think I got to get stronger before going back to boss 6.


    Love this game.

  9. Very well written feedback Dcubed.


    I for one am really enjoying the game. Just beat 5th tower boss and cannot wait to start tower 6. One of the reasons why I am taking longer getting through the game is because I am not able to spend long hours at a time with it because of other commitments. This means that I make a few visits to each tower but I don;t mind it as I pick up more items.


    My main gripe about the game is the fixed camera angles which can sometimes impede you in battle. It's fine for the most part though.


    I do wonder about the comments about repetitiveness. You get that with most games including Zelda games, RPGs, and shooters. You could say the battles in RPGs are repetitive or the running around.

  10. Nowhere near the size of Xenoblade, but a good game all the same.


    I am currently in the 5th tower and have spent over 10 hours. So I am not yet half way through.


    I suspect it will take me around 25-30 hours to complete. I take my time ;0)

  11. Whatever you do, stick with Xenoblade until the very end. It is worth is! The Final is Amazing! Don't want to over hype it, but the Finale is the best I've experienced in any game I think.


    I loved the game. Spent over 160 hours on it and wanted to do more and level up more, but I passed the point of no return sooner than I should have. Finished on Level 82/83.


    Great, great game, if it feels too long, skip side quests but finish the game.

  12. Just finished the 3rd tower. Another great boss battle. So far, they have all been very good. Also upgraded my sword to 4.

    I'm loving this game now and the controls just keeps getting better when you get used to it. The combination of using chain and sword is awesome.

  13. You've got further than me already ;0). Guess I like taking my time. I revisited the 1st dungeon for more practice and picking up leots.


    I am really liking the game. Enjoying the RPG elements of upgrading weapons, creating stuff etc. Have increased the size of my bag from 30 to 50 items.


    The dungeons seem well designed and I am loving the chain too. Nothing wrong with the graphics in my book.


    I find I need to get my fix of this game everyday even if I don't have time I need to squeeze in 20 mins ;0)