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  1. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    Compare games to past generations yes, comparing scores - what's the point? Prime now would not score 9.8 now will it? Different factors come into play. Also, don't get so bogged down with a couple of decimal points. What they have to say is far more important and informative. I just saw the gametrailers review and it is awesome.
  2. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I don't see whats wrong with 9.5. That's a great score. I think ratings are per platform, judged on the basis of the system's strengths and weaknesses, therefore everyone comparing scores for Metroid Prime and Echoes with Corruption has got it all wrong. Just because Prime scored 9.8 some years ago does not necessary mean that it is a better game than Corruption with 9.5. The scores are not supposed to be compared, they are from different generation systems.
  3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I haven't read all the old posts here, but here's a link to another great review of Corruption. http://shacknews.com/featuredarticle.x?id=530 I will definitely get this on launch and will dust of Prime and Echoes before then. I never completed either but rate them both as my fave GC games.
  4. Final Fantasy Official Thread

    I got this game yesterday and been putting in the hours but there are some big gripes I have with it so far. Not reading the manual, i did not know i could only save on the map. i ended going into an area where i could not win with my current status and indeed i got killed without a save. lost 1hr 30 mins of game. It should have promted to save after fisrt getting on to the map. 2nd major gripe, is it's possible to get to a part of the game and not being able to progress because something you did not do. The part where you have to shrink, you need one of your characters to be a white mage and must have MP points otherwise past the dragon you can't progress, and you can't go back. Luckily I had a save point before that so could go back, but this is seriously pissing me off that it could even happen. I wonder if i might get stuck again. Also, why can't you reset the game without switching it off?
  5. Nintendo buys Monolith Soft

    i loved baten kaitos. hope they can bring that to wii and ds. never played xenosaga, though heard of it many times. good buy
  6. So what do you all think of the God Father?

    its a fun game that will last you a while. worth getting as long as you're not too fussed about graphics.
  7. Which Game?!

    the godfather
  8. So what do you all think of the God Father?

    Motion controls are good, but some of the punching can be hit or miss. The shooting is very good. Maybe the biggest problem I'm having with the game now is the dodgey camera. You can put the camera behind the character but it doesn't always work. There is also no first person view. This game is fun though.
  9. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    no way will it be released in the summer. the game sounds great to me. been longing for a light gun type of game for ages and the fact that it's Resi, even better. I believe in Capcom to get this right
  10. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

    I think this looks good. I like the fact that they are re-using the old characters and environments. The mansion is still me favourite location for Resi. Chris, Rebecca, and Jill are all my fave characters. Nice to see it going back to zombies and Umbrella too. I completed both Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero on the Cube. Still yet to complete Resident Evil 4 and finding it hard to get back to it.
  11. So what do you all think of the God Father?

    Finally arrived through the post today, and I have managed to put in a couple of hours. Initial impressions are positive: Pros: - Story - Voice Acting - Options - Controls (take a bit of learning, but are intuitive) - Music - Film Clips - Character building and customisation Cons: - Graphics (PS2 like in most except some effects and characters maybe) - Map (not one button access, and not paticularly clear. Cannot zoom in much) - Messages (objectives etc) pop up quite a lot
  12. Developers Catch-up!!

    Better late than never. The Wii is still showing amazing sales. I'm liking EA at the moment. I don't usually buy EA games, on the Cube I only got one Fifa title and SSX Tricky. I have now ordered The Godfather on the Wii because of the very good reports. Forget waiting for GTA if ever it makes it to Wii, The Godfather does just as good. Plan to pick up an iteration of Tiger Woods in the future, and Medal of Honour Vanguard too. Had to buy online at Play.com though as I'm not happy with £40.
  13. So what do you all think of the God Father?

    Sounds very intersting and fun. Can't help but feel this game is getting slightly overlooked. I think EA is doing a very good job on the Wii. They were a bit late to the scene but have recently made up for it especially with this game. Hope it sells well enough to warrant a sequel on the Wii.
  14. So what do you all think of the God Father?

    I have just ordered this game on Play.com. Hopefully it will be with me for the weekend. I am suprised with the relative lack of support for this game especially from the high street retailers. I have found it difficult to come by in GAME and Gamestation, although I did eventually see it in Gamestation. I would not have thought about getting this game normally but all the positive reviews, and especially the one on wii.tv convinved me to get it. So what do people think of the game?
  15. Developers Catch-up!!

    if it really is that much cheaper to make Wii games than PS3 and Xbox 360, then why the hell are the games so expensive. £40 is too expensive for most games. should be RRP £30.
  16. Super Paper Mario

    Yeah there were some mistakes in that release list as some games are already out. I won't hold my breath though for this arriving before September, maybe even October.
  17. Wii Stock - Help Please

    use this website http://www.wii-consoles.co.uk
  18. Medal of Honor: Vanguard

    is this game worth buying?
  19. Your Next Wii Purchase

    definitely super paper mario when it's out, but thinking about one of The Godfather, Medal of Honour Vanguard, Soinc, and Excite Truck. Can't make up my mind what to get. Will be picking up Hotel Dusk on DS in 2 weeks
  20. SSX Blur

    People who hate this game just suck at the controls, people who suck at these controls probably just suck. I don't have this game, but I would not give up so easily if I had bought it.
  21. Super Paper Mario

    with all the recent positive previews this has just shot to the top of my most wanted list especially with one of my fave developers at the help Intelligent Systems. I loved Advance Wars DS, Fire Emblem GC, Metroid Fusion GBA, and Mario Kart DS.
  22. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    i love the whole concept. this game has the potential to be huge. it should be fun with so many events to choose from and there should be lots of variety. I'm sure Sega and Nintendo will nail this like they did with F-Zero. esp with Miyamoto overseeing things. This will sell by the bucket load and will bode well for developing the relationship between Nintendo and Sega further.
  23. Wii points on Stars catalogue

    well done Nintendo
  24. Help - My SD Card is stuck

    My SD card is stuck. anyone else had this problem? how the hell am i supposed to get it back out. i'm suprised it doesn't ping back out when you push in on it. and for some reason the sd card goes all the way in leaving nothing to pull it back out again. any ideas?
  25. Help - My SD Card is stuck

    yeah i know i was being a cheapscape. i got the 1gb micro sd so it works on my phone. it came with SD adaptor and usb adaptor so i can easily transfer files between my phone, laptop and use it on my Wii too. it was only a tenner including postage from ebay.