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  1. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Cheap Harddrives: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Official-MS-20gb-Hard-Drive-UK-Powerseller_W0QQitemZ120134082713QQihZ002QQcategoryZ112846QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Halo 3 Beta Thread

    Exactley, Jesus, it's your fault if you bought crackdown JUST for the beta. ah, anyway, I'll go and play some more halo 3
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Halo 3 is pretty good
  4. Cheap RAM

    thanks guys!
  5. Cheap RAM

    Anyone know a place where I can buy cheap RAM? I'm looking for about 2 gigs, .. and I know with vista you can sue flash drives, but from what i've read up it's not really RAM, its more jsut for caching...
  6. Gears of war Thread

  7. Playstation Discussion Archive

    When playing GTA vice city stories on my PSP, it felt so slow, like really clunky and the framerate felt like 15 FPS....
  8. Gangs of South London

    I'm in the muslim boys
  9. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Got Guitar hero today, Ahh so goood! LOVE IT It's not exactlyey the same as the PS2 version, the guitar is MUCH better. There are 10 new tracks, online leaderboards, achievements and soon there'll be downloadable tracks ..
  10. Playstation Discussion Archive

    How old are you and whats your job, if I may ask?
  11. The 1up Show/1UpYours

    Haha, you know a Wii is just a souped up GC right? Mario Galaxy does look, but thats because of the all the effects to hide some of the raw stuff. How much better can the Wii graphics get? They're reaching the limit soon, ok, my bad about saying the graphics would be shit, thats an overstatement. They will look bad though compared to PS3 and 360. They can make the Wii graphics looks simple and smooth, but you don't get the massive amount of deatol you can get with the other consoles. The number of people on screen etc... The Wii will stop somewhere graphically, probaly in mid to end 2008, is where the graphics will be the pinnacle.. They will use DoF and bloom and such to hide the nasties..
  12. Playstation Discussion Archive

    UK is once again Sonyland, that kinda pisses me off... I don't have anything against Sony, but when I talk to normal/casual gamers in my school, they're all pro sony, and they don't give any other consoles a chance. One guy was like "oh, I'm gonna get a ps3 so I can play all my PS2 games on it!" And one guy was like "OMG, you can play online and download demos, this shows that PS3 is the best console evaR!"....
  13. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    You'll be doing your mom?
  14. The 1up Show/1UpYours

    He was totally hating on Microsoft this last episode anyway, he called them STUPID. But seriously, in a few years times, (2-3), the wii will look shit (in terms of graphics)...
  15. The 1up Show/1UpYours

    Is that so? He loves Halo, but thats it, did you not hear all his praise over LittleBigPlanet?