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  1. Some of us watch more than two TV shows? :p


    Anyway, they've been writing the season up to this point as if it were the last, but now they're going to have to go with plan B and drag things out for another year. And they would have had 12-ish episodes to wrap things up. If this had been a cable show, that would have been an entire season!


    Mmm, I somehow think they've been planning a 9th season all along ;)


    I'm one of those tragics who just never wants TV shows to end. I get so attached to the characters... Friends, Scrubs.. Heroes! Was over the moon to hear there was going to be a 9th season of HIMYM :)

  2. Really enjoyed all of Brandon Sandersons books, so bought this:




    Hoping it to be similar, or at least as good.


    i've heard only good things about this.. but after I finished off A Song of Ice and Fire.. I've decided to tackle the Wheel of Time series. I think I'm biting off more than I can chew there...

  3. At what point does it become okay to give a partner the key to your place then?


    Honestly it's just a convenience thing, you don't have to jizz around waiting for them to finish whatever they are doing so you can go home with them and enter the house at the same time. Buuuut, I think anything less than around a year is far too early to be giving someone a key to your place :P

  4. As if anyone would actually be upset about there being a season 9? Wrapping up meeting the mother in the remaining episodes of s8 would have been shite. This is the only show besides game of thrones that I actually watch.. How could anyone want it to end? :(


    also, i cried like a girl in the last episode =/

  5. work work.. but yeah pretty much on the net the whole time there, using it to do work though unfortunately :(


    Seriously though.. a lot of my spare time is taken up by playing sport, I have indoor soccer two nights a week, outdoor soccer during the winter season on saturdays, and cricket once a fortnight on sundays year round.


    Besides that, hanging out with mates. I just love sitting down and talking shit with friends. Either at the pub, or having people around to play some cards or board games, mainly Settlers of Catan.

  6. I'll be paying some family frieds in Brisbane a visit at some point as they've invited us to visit them. Yeah it's spiders that gets the rep -- mostly because they are the ones that pop up inner-home...

    We'll have to meet up and sink a few


    Soz for the casual racism haha!! As was explained, there's no malice in it what so ever :)

  7. Australia has a reputation for spiders? I didn't even know that. I thought it would be our snakes that foreigners would be freaked out about o_O Maybe the southern states have more spiders or something, haha. I'd never heard about spiders being a thing here, I have severe arachnophobia!


    P.S. Sydney and Melbourne are full of lebs and wogs ;) If you want a real taste of Australia, come up to Brisbane :D

  8. I luuurrrrve cricket :) Prefer watchings test match's, then ODI's, and I'll watch t20's if theres nothing else on but the slogfest doesnt interest me that much.


    I play in a team that my mates made, we play summer and winter seasons year round. Can't get enough of it, love it :)

  9. Oh, and dont speak too fast! Speak with your natural accent, but try to slow the pace. They will have too much trouble understanding otherwise.

    This is clearly directed at me :( Did you understand a thing us crazy aussies were jibbering when you came here Jav?


    Any got this started yet? post ur videos here :o I'll do one later if i get bored enough :p

  10. - The real Jim

    - Aussie, 25.

    - been here since n64-europe was still around.

    - with help from my trusty sidekick sven, used to keep this place in-line!

    - Hopeless wow addict.

    - Works in retail, needs a new job before he goes on a killing rampage

    - been in a relationship for 3.5 years, still going well.

    - likes Coheed and Cambria, Jimmy Eat World, Millencolin, Motion City Soundtrack and others.

    - plays cricket and soccer.

  11. I approve of this change.


    As a part-time poster it was very hard to get involved in those big threads. As someone else put it, it was quite intimidating. New threads = fresher discussion and easier for people to get involved.


    2 thumbs up :)

  12. No one's mentioned New Found Glory's covers yet? They've released two full albums of them, called "From the Screen to Your Stereo" and "From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II" Good covers =) If you are into that punkpop sound.


    Of course I'll also mention Millencolin's cover of "Every Breath You Take" =D

  13. Watched it today with my gf, in 3D. I'm not usually a big fan of 3D, but it was the session that was on when we got their, so we went with it. I was impressed with how clear the 3D was this time, it was quite seemless. I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D and it was quite nauseating for me, but today I genuinely caught myself forgetting i even had the stupid glasses on.


    As for the movie, it was fantastic. Plently of laughs, and references to the first 2. The end was so sad! My GF was balling her eyes out, and I was definately choked up!


    Great movie :)

  14. Can't say I've played 'Country before, don't kill me, but it looked quite nice for a 2.5D platformer. Nothing that excited me for that game though, I guess I'd have to be a fan.


    After seeing how Nintendo improved Mario Bros 2d gaming with smbwii, im shitting bricks in anticipation for DKC on the wii :) Wish they gave some info on co-op though :s