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  1. Sure, i'll go out for a drink with you. Sure, i'll go out for a drink with you. Sure, i'll go out for a drink with you. Sure, i'll go out for a drink with you. Sure, i'll go out for a drink with you. Sure, i'll go out for a drink with you.


    tldr. im fucking horrible with money :(

  2. "Man up!/Be a man about it!"


    Translation: I am not smart or emotionally mature enough to accept that males have complex emotions, therefore I am forcing a stereotype on you in order to deal with something I don't understand. No, I don't mean grab a spear and go hunting; no, I don't mean have forced painful sex with females who get nothing from the experience; no, I don't mean go chop down a tree, just... Just... Just do what I expect you to do!


    Conclusion: Would you say it to a woman? Shut up then.

    Fair go mate.. man up a bit ey?

  3. adding on to what I said before.. legs and arse > bewbs :) I'm a sucker for pale skinny legs ><


    besides looks, the most attractive thing about a girl is that they take some pride in their appearance. I actually can't stand girls who are like, "I don't care." This goes a bit hand and hand with that.. but a girl who likes doing active things is great, any kind of sport is a huge plus.

  4. Our work actually hired people to come in and give us quick shoulder massages over the Xmas period... Which was mega-awesome. When they came to me, that spent more time on my head :S The chick was massaging my temples, it hurt like hell but it felt so much better afterwards.. Hard to explain :S

  5. A friend that my housemate and I invite around all the time has replaced a word in the popular phrase FML... He's replaced the last word with 'arse'.. He says it out loud all of the time, whenever something bad happens to him in any game we play etc. etc. The worst part is that it caught on amongst our mates, so now everyone is saying it.. Goodness knows what the others who live in our apartment block think of it all =/



    "Am I the only one that thinks [iNSERT MAJORITY VIEW]"


    Drives me absolutely fucking nuts.



  6. All I can say is that if it wasn't for being able to download movies/TV/music illegally... I wouldn't have ~$2000 worth of CD's sitting on my shelf, nor ~$3000+ worth of DVDs, nor would I have ever heard of scrubs, walking dead, heroes, HIMYM, GoT, Firefly etc. +whatever other TV show I've bought the DVDs for but never actually found out about through TV itself.


    In answer to the actual question... If I am particularly taken by the band/TV show/Movie.. I WILL purchase the hardcopy of it from a retail store (of which I will try and source from an independent store first). One thing I can promise though, is I will never. ever. ever. fucking. ever. buy it from Itunes.

  7. It depends, if it started to affect my health - 100%.


    If it was putting on a little weight on my tummy - no!


    I personally don't feel any pressure to lose any weight and be a size 8, I'm 5ft10/11 and not built to be that small, so no, no, no, no.



    And that is a perfectly adequate response :)


    So.. What if suddenly you started not fitting into all the clothes you own? :P

  8. Haha.. pretty much this ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHtRnOXXZ0w


    But in all seriousness.. most of what really fucking gets to me happens at work. So... Mondayitis and Hump day (or anything to do with wednesday being the middle of the week) get an INSTANT exasperated sigh from me, be they colleague or customer.. I simply dont give a shit. If you have the spare seconds in your life to bring that shit with me, then you have the spare seconds beforehand to come up with something wittier or fucking worthwhile to talk about. (as you can see this actually really pisses me off).


    Leaving work alone though... one of the ones that really makes me shudder inside is "the Lord works in mysterious ways".. especially when the person that says it is CLEARLY not in any way shape or form religious.

  9. I would just like to say that there's been far too much posting of male models in your shirts, and not enough posting of yourselves in said shirts...


    Adding to the discussion, clearly I was joking when I said too far to you Franklin (N-europe shirt might be a stretch...!)... When I see someone wearing a 'geeky' shirt I only ever think that it's a good thing. At worst it means they have a reasonable sense of humour, willing to have a laugh at their own expense, or they might be somewhat interesting... What someone wears does actually say a great deal about them :P A lot of people here claim that they don't care what people think of them for wearing geeky shirts, but that's exactly one of the vibes that you're giving off.


    A chick I was seeing for a bit recently owned a shirt that said "You can't take the sky from me"... many goods :)

  10. Ahh you can't live your life worrying about other people. I'm sure if they are as awesome as you believe they are, they will get something! Be pleased for yourself missy!!

    It's entirely possible to be empathetic and happy for yourself at the same time :P


    Also, grats Eenuh. Hope it turns out not to be too busy. I work in a call centre environment too, averaging over 70 calls a day at the moment, pretty much 0 time between calls. Very uncool!