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  1. Like others have already said.. I don't exactly feel guilty because there is really not a great deal I can do to change the way the world works. I do feel very grateful for what I do have though.


    There are a lot of things that piss me off enormously though, and I think people who do these things should feel incredibly guilty. Things like wasting food, obesity (when it's due to nothing else but over-indulging on food), media hype, advertising/consumerism gone too far. (hey, we all like nice things and like to reward our hard work with shinies.. but there's a line..)


    I dunno, I have days where I just seriously hate how things are.. =\ It's actually the #1 reason I don't want to have kids.. but that's not exactly something I would say to someone.

  2. wall of text

    Interesting read, but i'm not sure how much of it i really agree with. Most of the dreams I remember are ones where I'm continuously getting woken up dreaming that there is someone in my room.. When I have that dream I will usually have it every 5 minutes again for 30 mins or so. Good times.


    Besides from those, I basically never remember my dreams. Or I'll remember them for a few seconds after I wake up, and then absolutely nothing. It hurts trying to actually remember them past that point, like I'm trying to remember something that is just completely impossible! It's been this way for like.. 15 years at least.


    When my relationship ended last June, I started remember dreams again.. but only ones with her in it. For whatever reason, I have dreams with her in it all the freaking time. Thanks brain :) I still get them now, and I honestly very, very rarely think about anything to do with her now :S

  3. This is awkward... A lot of my 'best friends' I would never have met if it wasn't for online gaming. We met through lanning at counter-strike competitions, which would obviously never have existed if it wasnt for the success of C-S online.. that's going back 10 years now, none of us game seriously anymore but yeah, some of my best friends I have now were met through that scene.


    I also have a very good mate that we met through WoW. He lives in another state, and regularly comes to visit us.. also comes to our annual 'boys trip' :P Quite a cool story actually.

  4. Okay, so today I was walking past the Maccas in the food court at the building where my work is. This dude was handed a burger on it's own, he asks "does it have pickles on it?" to which the staff says "oops, sorry I didn't know you didn't want pickles".. she apologises, tells the flippers to make one without pickles and throws the burger in the bin without so much as even checking it.


    This really irked me, and I started wondering how much food is actually wasted at Maccas all over the place. Couldn't the biggest food chain in the world take some initiative and set up some sort of program so perfectly good food isn't going to waste? At the very worst if they fuck up the order, can't they just give you the extra burger instead of throwing it in the bin?


    Got me thinking of this little Masterchef Australia video they ran here to discourage wasting food -


    This probably seems like to much to have thought about just as I was walking past a Maccas in the food court.. but I dunno, I got off on tangents sometimes :P It kind of killed my mood for the rest of the afternoon. Blurgh.


    I just can't stand people wasting food. The worst is when I tell every restaurant I go to, "do not put salad on my plate it won't get eaten" and they still do every single time. Grrrr!

  5. In November I met this cool girl, started seeing her. Was pretty serious.

    In December I met a cooler girl, started seeing her (after ending things with the first girl). It's pretty serious.

    In January (Saturday just there) I met an even cooler girl. She happens to be great friends with my flatmate (that's how I met her). I want her.


    Obstacles include I'm currently seeing someone, she lives frickin' miles away and she's friends with my flatmate so if it goes tits up things could get awkward. I'm going to do the mature thing and not seduce her.

    good luck keeping her out of your mind ;)

  6. Was great being on the right end of a late goal for once >.>


    Totally agree with the whole Adebayor being on contract thing. I never rated him at all last before we had him on loan last season, when I think he played better than he ever has. So far this year he's just shown the same old laziness and wastefulness that made me hate him in the first place. If we have no other choice in the position, then just play Dempsey there for christ's sake. At least he's going to try.