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  1. That arrived today :)


    Looks huge, will definitely need this new case...putting it together concerns me due to the "cooling paste"


    What model is ur case?


    It's like lego for grown ups ;) Though I must admit I paid so much for this beast that I paid an extra few bucks to have them piece it together for me :P was too scared..

  2. 71B%2BOBGBDmL._AA1500_.jpg


    Bought this now :p


    I may as well keep my old PC in backup since I'm replacing everything except HDD and graphics card lol


    Going to try and install in my current case first. If that works, I'll send it back


    Cooler Master or bust.

  3. Actually, I've been searching for something similar after posting.


    I'm considering to go to someone who offers help near my hometown.


    If you're at the stage where you are considering it, then don't waste another second and just do it. Like j7 says, your brain makes the decision for you... If it's telling you to consider it, then get it done. The opposite would be if you're telling yourself that you are going to be okay, there's no indication of that from what you've told us here.


    The sooner you get things happening, the sooner you can get on top of it.

  4. Iun, well done on being a decent human being :) 99% of people would have ignored it, you're the 1% and I think you did an incredible thing for getting involved!


    I'd guess you already know this.. but the reason why no one else got involved it because everyone thought you were just some fuckbag involved in an altercation with another couple of fuckbags. =/ No one knows you're a decent human being, everyone just assumes you're up to no good the minute they see you involved in an altercation. If the situation ever presents itself again, make sure you yell out exactly what it is you're doing... "THIS FUCKER IS PICKPOCKETING A LADIES HANDBAG"... Literally scream it out, you will be surprised at how many other decent human beings there are in the world waiting for an opportunity to do their bit.


    Massive cudos for doing you're bit dude, and don't feel bad about it at all. 99/100 people would have ignored the situation... Unfortunately real-life isn't the movies... one vs two is a bigger mismatch than it's made out to be =/

  5. I eat way too much fruit. Mostly because work provides it, so it's pretty much a free, but healthy way to snack.


    I can't eat apples, which is a shame, something a few years ago just really upset me and now apples make me sick. Bananas are fine, but I pretty much prefer them as sandwiches (anyone else used to eat banana sandwiches as a kid?), strawberries are very sweet so I only eat a few.


    Mostly I tend to stick to raspberries and pears. Pears are a messy fruit! I certainly wouldn't eat one of those walking about.


    I feel slightly weird talking about fruit on a forum, no idea why. /random

    I have a similar problem with pineapple. I loooooove pineapple, used to eat it all the time, and I love pineapple juice... But somewhere around the age of 19, any time I would eat it I'd be on the toilet within a few minutes. The worst was one time that I had a tropical fruit juice after tennis one day.. My arms started to go numb, and then my face... :S scary stuff, 15 minutes with my head in the toilet bowl shortly afterwards fixed the numbness...


    massive sadface.

  6. Argh... Played a warm up match yesterday, and got quite badly injured by the opposing team Captain. The guy is 6.5 and at least 18 stone, just ran straight into me. Smacked my head on the underside of is ribcage and the back of my skull hard on the AstroTurf, lower back hit pretty hard too.


    No need to play so aggressively, especially for a warm up match. But I got the impression before the match that the team were mostly total dicks.


    Anyway, my team lost 7-2, but as the other team were last year's top division champions and my team only met each other...yesterday, we did very well. We never stopped challenging for the ball, we never stopped going after the goals.

    I can't stand that, harry hardcores. I actually gave up sport for a long time because I was sick of being around those kind of people.. players and coaches who just don't seem to understand that at the end of the day it's just a game. I'm quite good at sports, but I just couldn't stand the scene.. no one seems to understand that you could want to be good, and play for the good teams, and not be a complete fucking twat at the same time =/


    Anyways, all the sport I play now is strictly with mates. Some of the teams I play in now are quite good, and I always like to be competitive. But you can try and win the game without being a dick. For example, if I know that I have accidentally fouled someone, I immediately stop, put my hand up and help them up, and ask them if they're okay. Any time I seem to get fouled, the opponent plays on as though he's done nothing wrong... even if he gets blown for the foul. I don't understand this mentality, (especially) not at this level anyway.


    Unfortunately I have a short fuse, and like to.. explain.. to people that there's no reason to be a tool :) So I lead this slightly hypocritical line where I encourage fair play, but get yellow carded almost once a game for my explanations ;) I don't think I've ever been carded for a bad tackle =/ haha...


    Luckily in my 5-a-side comps there's no carry over on cards, but in my 11-a-side team I have to really try to let things slide =/

  7. I watched Django unchained last night.


    I really enjoyed it. Christoph Waltz was once again amazing. It was pretty hilarious in parts too...


    Where Django is allowed to choose his own outfit for the valet character, seeing him on the horse for the first time was pretty funny.



    Schultz: Where's Ellis?

    Freeman: He's the one hightailin' it across that field right now.

    Schultz: Sure that's him?

    Django: Yeah.

    Schultz: Positive?

    Django: I dunno.

    Schultz: You don't know if you're positive?

    Django: I dunno what positive means.

    Schultz: It means you're sure.

    Django: Yes.

    Schultz: Yes what?

    Django: Yes I'm sure that's Ellis Brittle.




    The whole white bag on head, KKK mob ambushing Schultz and Django after the scene in spoiler 2.




    And Samuel L Jackson was brilliant in this film too. Crazy seeing the difference from Nick Fury to Stephen in this film.

    Saw this just the other night, loved it :) You summed up pretty much anything I had to say about it! I'd just like to add that once again, Leo smashed it.

  8. Feel mega-ill/shit at the moment. Went into work yesterday, against my better judgement and about 3 or 4 people who I closely work with are in a similar situation. Head feels like it has been smashed with a mallet, throat is sore and it hurts to raise my voice, my nose is blocked and my entire body feels tired/drained of energy.


    Hate feeling this way.

    In my professional opinion, it's probably not terminal.