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  1. I've gotta say.. If I was waiting in a normal spot while my gf was using the change rooms.. and there was some weird freak dude waiting for his gf in a not normal spot where other women are getting changed.. I'd be like.. that dude is a weird freak.


    It's social norm for a chick to walk up to the stall where her bf is getting changed to offer advice etc... deal with it.

  2. It's one of those massive calls though.. if kimi pitted to fix his nose, he wouldn't have got a podium. Obviously Alonso's was substantially worse off in malaysia.. but you can see why they took the gamble.


    Poor webber... when is he going to get some luck -.- I was praying that that wheel would take Vettel out... But i must say Vettel's finish was very, very impressive.

  3. so no one that's read the books is commenting on what the fuck wierdo story plot is going on with theon? is there not going to be a reek? if they let that piece of shit off lightly in the show I will not be a happy man....

  4. Jimmy Eat World put out the first track from their new album, Damages out June 10th I believe, so been giving that a listen.



    Definitely feels like it's drawing on Chase The Light and Invented which isn't a bad thing as I did like both albums but neither have had the staying power or hit as hard as their earlier work. Still, I'll cautiously optimistic and keeping my fingers crossed that the new album will be decent.


    Listened to the new song a few times over the weekend, it's really quite good :) The versus do have a bit of Chase This Light feel to them, but only a little. What I love is that the chorus sounds really raw. If they can pull more of that off in the album, I'll be very happy. I really liked Invented.. and thought Chase This Light was their worst album by far...


    Unfortunately there's just never going to be another clarity :( JEW are one of my favourite bands by a long way, good to see another fan here ;)

  5. so bummed about webber, but I love the way he held himself in the interview afterwards. Guy can't take a trick at the moment. Good to see vettel fuck it, and put a nice flat spot on his mediums for tomorrow.

  6. I also read Iuns little tale completely differently in my drunken state last night. I'm like, wtf is he doing dragging birds around the place :S now after reading it again, I have no idea how I came up with that...


    @nightwolf how long have you had the pain there? if it's been around for a few days, get it looked at. it's a somewhat important joint ;)

  7. so it's obvioius that there is a 1-2 at Mercedes too? I see no harm whatsoever in letting Rosberg pass Hamilton to get the podium. He was quicker because Hamilton was in fuel save mode, but still they would end up with 3rd/4th anyways.


    love Rosberg's comment as he gets out of the car.


    One of the best uses of team radio in race, Kimi, Nico, Seb, Mark.... all fantastic!


    oh and the race wasnt bad either


    I'm not so sure that there's a 1-2 at Mercedes... I think it was more a case of protecting what they had. Hamilton could have gone a lot harder as well, he did have the faster car throughout the day.


    It's exactly what should have happened at the front. Webber clocked everything down, Sebastian didn't... Honestly it's the most dog act I've ever seen in motorsport, and I'm not just saying this because I'm a massive Webber fanboy.. Vettel would never have even got in a position to overtake had Webber not followed the game plan... I had little respect for Vettel in the first place, and now I have absolutely none. Fucking child.

  8. I don't know if this is really 'awesome', as it makes me a little sad, but we have no other place for it really.



    I originally came across it on facebook, so I'll just quote its desc here too while I'm at it.



    Moral is, don't be littercunts.

    I don't want to live on this planet any more... Another thing I should have added to the stuff the annoys you thread, people who litter... But that video got me thinking, I really need to make more effort to stop using plastic =/

  9. So apparently Van Persie has only scored once in his last 7 games. Some say he's having a dry spell and maybe there is too much pressure on him etc.


    I say it's because i made him my captain. It's a curse i tell you!


    I've left bale out of my team since early in the season for the same reason :P

  10. Good shit platty :) pretty much in the same boat myself.


    Let me share a story.. I hooked up with a chick on Friday night, I'd had a mild crush on her for a few weeks. All was well, drove her home the next day, got her number.. and just sent a super casual text to give her my number as well.


    3 days later I haven't heard a peep from her.. So I guess that means one night stand right? Kinda disappointing.. Quite cute and fun :(

  11. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I think Bale could be a different breed to the typical footballer... He obviously loves the club, I think he could be one of those rare ones that sticks it out. I love how he always says he's never going to let success get to him, and when he's asked about what his goals are it's always getting spurs back into the champions league.


    Who knows, but surely it isn't "every footballers dream" to join a big club and get paid out of the arse to fap around on the bench every 2nd game. Surely someone wants to try and beat those clubs instead...


    At the end of the day, it might not even be his choice. Levy is a bit like that, Bale could attract some whopping offers this off-season.. Levy might get one that he considers too good to say no to =\