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  1. i'll stop now :)


    Onto the topic of the whole porn thing... My personal opinion is that I can understand how it would make the chick feel, completely inadequate. Mostly because they just totally wouldn't understand that we aren't lusting after the chick in the porn, just using it to get off to =/ But once it's explained to them, if they were still hung up about it then it would be a little bit obsessive. I mean, it's such a common thing.


    As for what your girlfriends sisters husband did jav.. I don't think there's any doubt that that's more or less cheating. Once you're chatting with another person, and connecting like that.. it's a completely different ball game.

  2. can't believe how fucking shite webbers start was.. the time he lost because of that and getting stuck behind terribads could have seen him pressuring for a top 3, and at the very least getting up in vettels grill.

  3. Ted said she wasn't blonde after the failed wedding with stella, "no she's not the mother, else you kids would be blonde" blah blah :P get you shit together dude!


    and yeah, not sure how this locket thing is going to end. Maybe his plan is to just leave it on the gifts table and bail.. and then runs into the mother at the station right? *shrug*



  4. Probably won't get this if you're not Irish or never been but I had a good laugh anyway


    hahaha... been hanging out with a random assortment of irish travellers here for the last 12 months that i've met through work, some of these made me shit myself laughing :)

  5. Just to return balance to the universe; I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. She didn't see it coming and I was going to try to do 'The Talk' with her tomorrow, but we managed to bump into each other in town so it had to happen there and then.


    I feel like such a douchebag dickoff for doing it. But better to do it in teh first 3 months than let it roll on, eh?


    Unfortunately she's now blocked me and several of my innocent friends on facebook. Thrown a spanner in teh works when it comes to my social circle, and potentially fucked up a place for me to live for a while too.

    Did I miss something in the last few pages here? Why'd this happen?


    Anyways, might as well check in myself while I'm here. I've been seeing a 19yo on and off now for the last 7 months or so.. long story short she plans on spending a bit of time overseas this year, so we didn't want to get too attached etc.. and we kinda called it off at the start of the year. That didn't last too long though.. and we got back together for a month or so before she left to spend 2 months in asia.


    Basically we agreed that whatever happens while she's gone is fine, we'll see where we're at when she gets back. Turns out we both missed each other more than we thought and like each other a lot more than we admitted. So towards the end of her stay there we decided to stay exclusive and try LDR while she travels..


    Anyways, she's just got back from asia and we spent a seriously amazing day together today. Very awesome :) I really, really like this chick..


    Problems. She's off to Canada for 6 months at least on the 25th of May (and yes I've known about these plans for a long time). She's 9 years younger than me. Neither of us have done LDR before. I'm relatively sure that this can't have a happy ending, but I just can't help it =/ I'm crazy about her.. dammit!

  6. my thoughts exactly...


    I did a quad stack once though and felt absolutely horrible afterwards. Also, I'm not sure if KFC have these over there.. but from time to time they bring out "the double" here, which is basically two chicken breasts acting as the bread, with bacon and cheese inside. I can't resist getting one when they bring them out.


    here's a terrible photo of one


  7. In season 1 she was mentioned quite a bit by those in Westeros.


    King Robert and Ned Stark fell out over whether or not to kill her. She was mentioned a couple of times in season 2 I think it was just said that the kill attempt had failed, so they definitely know about her still :p

    the kill attempt was actually in the tv show, you might remember the man selling the wine..