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  1. missed some absolute sitter goals today... and got hacked down horribly from behind in the box and landed badly on my back which is now fucking killing me. (legs got completely taken out from under me)... no penalty. Good.


    Thanks christ we still managed a win, first of the season..

  2. loved it, immense drive from webber.. showed some real class today. He's had an unlucky season so far it must be said. Wtf at the tyres though, gonna be interesting to see what comes out of all that today. I think hamilton would have had it won if not for that crazy shit. As much as I think he's turd, he had a great drive to get back to where he did too.

  3. Was really hoping hewitt got through this round, the draw had really opened up for him. I hated him when he was younger, such a spoilt turd.. But he's such a gentlemen nowadays and I really would have loved to see him do well :(

  4. Its been a pretty awful day for work. So I'm pretty sad about that.


    Otherwise, to top it off, I get home and my home insurance is due, so thats a nice 110 quid out of my back pocket.


    Lordy, someone get me a cup of tea stat.


    wow, this is basically my day today :o except replace insurance with power bill, 170 kangaroo koins :( oh, and replace tea with cider.. ^_^

  5. I guess they steer clear from cliffhanger season enders because they'd be spoilt so easily, but still.. i just found it to be a pretty dull episode =/


    and am i the only one who thinks they are overdoing the whole dany thing? In the books she's still a pretty indecisive girl, leans heavily on those around her for support but puts on a brave face because she has to. I hate hows she's portrayed as this fearless, super confident goddess in the show.. they don't touch on her insecurities at all. She's one of my favourites in the book, but I feel so different about her in the show.


    The fucking fuck at the end of ep 10 basically, and the music? jesus christ i was cringing the whole time


  6. Just finished reading The Night Circus. Very well written, and a very fun read. Very easy to read too, helped by the double line spacing and massive font :P It's a very short book really, to call it 500 pages is a serious stretch. It'd be closer to 200 pages of a normal book. Still very hard to put down, I knocked it over in just over a week. I wouldn't call it the greatest book I've ever read, not by a long shot.. but it is very captivating and definitely worth the read. Cheers for the recommendation :)

  7. She's at Riverrun. We don't know if she's preggers or not at the moment.


    I was also under the impression from the book that she was off in hiding somewhere, likely pregnant.. and was pretty chuffed when the show confirmed that.


    But now... what the absolute fuck. She's dead. Surely she's not going to survive losing that much blood. At any rate, the baby sure as fuck is =/ what the FUCK is going on :(