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  1. yes, because wii music is an uninspired, unoriginal, unwanted pile of garbage right?




    We get the idea, you dont like casual games. Move along now small fry. From the little you have seen of the game, and your complete lack of experience with the game it's absolutely frustrating to see people so close minded about it.


    Anyways, http://n-europe.com/news.php?nid=12166. I can't help but get a little excited about that :)

  2. A while ago they were talking about finding ways to use the gas produced by cows and sheep for energy...


    what a crazy world we live in... I cant see this actually happening, though its cool to think about it. Kangaroo tastes nothing like beef, its more of a novelty thing to eat kangaroo. Dogs love to chew on kangaroo tails, they can last a while :P

  3. i havn't yet dared to go to the loo to see if the tampon has been removed. It better be gone.


    same thing happened to me about 18 months ago, except the bitch left it on the ground wrapped in toilet paper. never been so disgusted ever before :( thank god shes moved out

  4. In what way?

    Perhaps i too am being superficial.. The way he does the sucking thing with his toungue, or the way he acts when explosions he is resposible for are going off around him for example. Now that i think about it a little more, these possibly arent things he directly got from nicholson but even still, I like the way which nicholson did them "first".


    I'm not saying that I'm right, or that my opinions or taste are a matter of fact, I simply don't think you can state "you cannot argue" due to a time gap. Sorry if "nonsense" sounded a bit harsh, but it sounded like you were simply saying that there is no room for discussion.


    I can see how u came to that conclusion from my poor choice of wording :)

  5. This is nonsense. The distance in time has no logical effect on whether or not you can argue who is better. I don't understand why people are so desperate to claim it is somehow 'impossible' to argue favourites just because one was ages ago. You argue taking into account the time that it took place. For example: I can say, despite the gap, that the Mega-Drive was much better than the Saturn, because it was cheaper, more successful and had some really killer games like Sonic 2, Streets of Rage and Shinobi. Or that Christopher Reeve played a better Superman than Dean Kane because he was more confident and bold as an actor.


    Before I start.. I dont like the word 'arguement', or you referring to my opinion as 'nonsense' :( What I said wasnt supposed to directly say that YOU cannot think this way, just simply a (poor) choice of words to express my opinion on the matter.


    You can say that the mega-drive was better than the saturn, but at the end of the day ur opinion is bias because u prefer the games on the mega-drive (not going to get into a debate about inflation affecting the prices etc!). I am sure there are people out there who actually prefer the Saturn due to it's games (crazy-taxi, ohhh man!), or technology. But I would tend to agree with the statement that one is not better than the other. Each have their pros and cons. Your tastes simply cannot be a matter of fact!


    It's that reasoning that makes me say that you can't argue that one joker was better than the other. Sure you can prefer one over the other, that is a matter of taste. I prefer Nicholson because hes the joker i grew up with and i love the presense he had in that movie, but that is simply a matter of opinion. Perhaps it also iritates me a little that Ledger was obviously influenced by nicholsons joker, and no credit is given to him. I fall short of saying that he was BETTER than ledger, because ledger's performance was simply brilliant.


    Both jokers played an imperitive roll in the movie they were in, and neither joker would fit in to the others' movie. Therefore i dont feel one did a better job than the other, they both performed their roles brilliantly. I think that is a fair enough statement. :) but again, at the end of the day it is simply a statement of my opinion, which you may use as a point for further discussion in the thread. Im not going to argue that my opinion is more right than someone else's in this kind of subject matter!


    As for time not making a difference at all :) Are u quite sure your opinion of nicholson's joker wouldnt change at all if his story wasnt enhanced by the special effects that are available today for ledger's joker? This is what i meant by decades apart in time (its quite literally near 20 years). I think that played at least some small part in each jokers' character. At least, that is simply my opinion ;)


    In short, arguing on the internet is pointless. Instead what makes forums interesting is discussion of opinions.

  6. Would just like to say that there are many people who didnt pick up on the fact that the joker lied about rachel's position.


    About Katie Holmes not doing the sequel, not sure if u guys have been living under a rock or not. But the film was shot the best part of 12 months ago, Mrs Cruise has a new-born to look after :) (lets not get onto a "shes whipped by tom" arguement, any good mother wouldnt have done the sequel at that time).


    Jack Nicholson is irked with The Dark Knight.


    Oscar winner Jack Nicholson, who played the Joker in Tim Burton's 1989 blockbuster Batman, expressed his disappointment about the film to MTV.com. "They never asked me about a sequel with the Joker. I know how to do that! Nobody ever asked me," Nicholson said. "It's like, in any area, you can't believe the reasons things do or don't happen. Not asking me how to do the sequel is that kind of thing. Maybe it's not a mistake. Maybe it was the right thing, but to be candid, I'm furious."


    The superstar added, "I'm not inclined to watch (The Dark Knight) because of what I said. But if it's a good movie, I'll catch up with it somewhere."

    Thirdly, anyone who takes nicholson's comments seriously here is clearly missing who jack nicholos really is :) "I know how to do that!", classic nicholson hahaha. Saying he isnt inclined to watch it is in a way (if you understand nicholsons warped self) taken out of context. You simply cannot argue who was a better joker, since both roles were DECADES apart (in both years, and depiction)


    Fourthly (:P) there were some parents in the cinema i watched the movie with children under 5 years old, that is seriously fucked up =/

  7. I hate bugs of all kinds, if i see them i kill them. Moissies, flys, spiders, wasps, bees, moths. The can of mortein is going to fuck them up :)


    I think it all stems from wasps attacks i seemed prone to when i was young. Perhaps the worst was a day (I was about 8) where my dad told me to retreive a ball from under our caravan (which hadnt been used for a while). I did so, because dads know best right? Wrong, turns out there was a nest of wasps underneath. I got 5 bites on the face, and two on my right arm. I cant remember crying harder than I did that day (And i had to get 26 stiches in my mouth when i was 5 due to a moterbike/barbwire accident).


    I hate any kind of bug, they must all die. End of story.

  8. Well sure he has most of his face covered, but he certainly didn't react in any suprised/shocked/shit WFT! kinda way. Everything just seemed to play out.

    I realise upon seeing Dent he just got on with getting him out, but still!!

    exactly, a simple "what?!" or something similiar to show he was shocked to see Dent there would have been enough to clue me up to what had happened.

  9. oh god this thread made me lol so hard! I am so guilty of so many things already mentioned. I sub-consiously play with just about anything thats nearby, I'm terrible! I'll make a list...


    - Clicky pens, or pens that make a click sound when u take the lid on and off.

    - Cricket balls, I'll just be reading stuff online constantly chucking a cricket ball up and down

    - Rubber bands

    - Playing cards, shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle

    - blu tac

    - scissors (!)

    - staplers, i must have wasted thousands upon thousands of staples at work, lol.

    - keys with a circular key ring, i'll just twirl it around.

    - things with removable battery covers.

    - my phone (its a pop-top one, what a mistake that was)

    - the scroll wheel on my mouse, i removed its function so i can play with it haha.

    - String cords on my shorts.

    - Stanley knives, flicking the blade up and down makes the most awesome noise.


    Im honestly terrible with this kind of thing, I dont even realise im doing it :S


    Also add stubble scratching, and playing with poker chips. I keep some on my desk just to stuff around with. Grrr, this thread is giving away my weaknesses! :P

  10. I also felt [as others in here have said] that they didn't make the Rachel/Dent choice clear enough.

    I heard Batman say he was going after Rachel, or at least I thought I had, but when he turned up at Dents I just persumed I'd miss heard or something.

    And consequently it actually partly ruined the remainer of the film for me because I just couldn't understand why he'd chosen Dent.

    If I'd been sure of what had happened whilst watching the film it probably would have upped everything for me instead of leaving me with a feeling of 'WTF did you just do Bruce, she was the love of your life and you just let her die as if she was of no great importance!'


    Good post, exactly how i felt about that part of the movie. It should have been made a little clearer. I saw it with two other people and neither of us could explain it. When i got home I asked my housemate (who is the biggest batman nerd, he'd already seen it 3 times at the movies and a few times on a downloaded cam version) and he said it was because batman chose gotham city over rachel...


    I said bs, he wouldn't change his mind half way there, he told gordon he was going to get rachel. My housemate didnt believe that he said this, so we played that part of the movie and he freaked out saying I'd ruined the movie forever for him, hahaha. When we found out the real answer, we were definately very satisfied :)


    As for the whole robin debate... I'm not sure. I think younger people want a robin so they have something more relateable too, where as the more matured of us (I like matured a whole lot better than older :() are quite happy for him to remain solo. I dont like the idea of there being a young sidekick, this batman version seems focused on bruce wayne and his story (his business, love life, ethics, and batman). There is no need for another character to be added.