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  1. You're right though Retro, pubes are always curly, but some people believe crusts will make them even curlier, probably because the myth of curly hair in general.

    You could have just said hair from the start, but no, you went straight for the pubes talk. This is why we worry about you jav

  2. If im using it to put someone down i usually go with dickless wonder, or clueless, cocksucking faggot, or the classy fucking dickhead. Hell I use just about every expletive under the sun, unless the mrs is around... :)


    if its swearing from shock etc then its usually shits sake, or fucks sake.

  3. I did diet and lost quite some weight (at least it seemed like a lot to me), but I never noticed any difference in the size of my hips... They were the last place where the fat would burn off. =(


    I should do some exercises, but to be honest I usually don't make the time for them, plus it hurts to do them on my floor... I guess I'll be having these big hips forever and everrrr.


    Its just mother nature preparing you for child birth :( As was said its hard to target that area, good diet and walking are your best bet. If you can manage to fit in excercises, then squats and steps are simple and easy.

  4. Loving this series so far :D Blows season 7 out of the water, which it really needed to do. Its like the old scrubs again, hilariously funny, with touchy feely moments. woo! Reckon JD and Elliot will be together at the end of the season? I never wanted that ending, but it does seem kind of inevitable...

  5. Our local hero hewitt crashed out first round :( Its sad to see really. He obviously hasnt got what it takes to keep up with the new boys on the block anymore, but he still puts in 100% every game. Almost made the upset today, but alas, it wasnt to be :( I suspect he'll announce retirement soonish...

  6. I heard the news that ramos had been sacked while i was at cricket today, i ripped my shirt off and did a lap around the pavilion. Best news I'd heard all day, especially considering we'd been bowled out for 87 :(


    Good riddance, cant wait for an english speaking manager imo.

  7. I so shouldn't post after celebrating our 4-0 win over Qatar... Sorry for my drunken drizzle, i tend to get a bit argey bargey too :)


    All I would like to say on this matter is that if you are capable of thinking negatively, then there is no reason why you can't also think positively. Life is a gift, not a burden. Make the most of it. Deattach yourself from things that make you feel down, and surround yourself with things you enjoy and people you enjoy spending time with. =/

  8. Indeed, people should stop jumping the gun! (even though i was guilty of it just a few days ago ;) )


    These should be made relatively difficult... with some sort of clue as to how many words follow...


    "Why you always gotta be killing someone, why dont you try ______ ________?"

  9. "Welcome to shawshank." I believe that is the end to that quote Zell.


    Cheaters, no one got mine right yet :( Jimbob kinda got it i guess, but he quoted from the wrong movie :P Mine is from 'Almost Heroes' starring Chris Farley and Matt Perry (1998).


    The convoy(? i guess you could call it) comes accross a massive rapid system and waterfalls...

    Old man says, "You know what the say, white water in the morning!"

    Matt Perry asks, ".. and??"

    Old man states, "Thats it..."


    classic :)

  10. Well, after being totally dissapointed by Warhammer im keening up to try WotLK. I used to be totally into this game, was leader of one of the top 5 guilds on our server. Quit playing at the start of this year, but ever since I've been looking for other games to fill in my spare time...


    I quit originally because it was taking up far too much of my time :P I just want to play now to fill in time, nothing too serious :)