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  1. Easily my most played game for the last year or so. Been playing since beta, F2P but I have purchased the 2 expansions on release =/ Finish ranked seasons rank 5 or below, just don't have the time to be able to make a tilt at legendary :(


    Enjoying the new tavern brawl, but I wish there was some kind of reason to play it more than one win for the card pack :(


    Girlfriend has started playing a few months back, she likes it :)

  2. My cat, Tuesday :)


    When he was very little :) This must be... some 7 years ago or so, maybe more.



    And from fairly recently.



    I moved out of my place about a year or so after getting him, and he's lived at my parents place ever since because I haven't been allowed pets everywhere else I've lived. Plus, a move at this age would be very hard for him I would imagine. I miss the little bugger like crazy, and to be honest he's about the only reason I ever go back and visit my parents. It's funny how he always knows when I am back, and always remembers who I am. He's very much my parent's cat now, which is sad but funny to think how much of a huge part of their lives he is now. They've never been cat people, but now I don't know what they would do without him :)


    Whenever I am there though he loves playing with me. He makes it so hard to leave! Damn pets.... :)

  3. As you wish:


    So I message this girl from Hong Kong on tinder with my classic opening line:

    "Would you rather: A - go for a meal with me; B - go for a drink with me; or C - skip the date and head straight back to yours?"


    She responded with, "If you had asked me the other day it would have been C, but as it is B sounds nice." I ask he why and she said, "Just following some friendly advice. I like sex and I'm not weird about it, but the game must be played."


    So at this point I already know I'm onto a winner.


    While arranging to go for a drink she said, "I'm pretty broke, so you might be required to come straight to mine".


    In the end I arrange to go for a drink at a local cafe bar near her place. But on the way there she messages me and tells me to go to her place instead. So I nip into Sainsbury's for a bottle of wine and head there. When I arrive she gets a spliff and leads me to her room. She said, "Sorry about the mess, I've been meaning to clean up." Which is normally girls-speak for, "I spent 4 hours cleaning but still feel the need to say this."


    That wasn't the case. Her room was a real mess. She didn't have a bed, just a mattress on the floor. It was like a crack den (I imagine). We sat on her bed, talking and listening to music. She has a kitten, which kept biting her and her technique to stop this was to loudly miaow at the kitten. I'm sure that's a bona fide technique but it's still strange to be chatting to somebody who's loudly miaowing every sentence.


    I open the wine. She said she doesn't have any wine glasses. I said I'm not fussy and a mug or something would do. So she gets a dirty mug off her desk and says, "It's got some coffee dried in the bottom but it should be OK." At this point I'm thinking I've made a huge mistake.


    However after drinking some wine we start kissing. After about a minute she undoes my jeans and starts blowing me. Honest to god this blowjob was sensational; porn star good. At one point she deep throated it all the way.


    After a while we switch roles, and she's loving it. Then the sex was fantastic, she was such a nympho. Doing it for ages in every position. At one point she grabbed my hand and got me to choke her (I've never understood choking).


    After about an hour I'm getting pretty knackered (I struggle to finish when wearing a johnny), so I pull out, keep her going with my fingers while I get myself to the point of no return. Then put it back in her to finish off. Not the best of endings but still an incredible night.


    Then we cuddled naked for a while before going to get a KFC.




    Don't say I didn't warn you.


    I'm not sure I've read a story of this calibre on these forums since before the Xsorbit days. Thank you :) Seems there is no awkwardness that a 2 piece feed won't fix...

  4. I have been finding it a little hard to get into this year. The drama between Rosberg and Hamilton is all that is keeping it interesting.. A bit like how the drama between Webber and Vettel kept things interesting a few years back.


    The noise is definitely missing.. I really miss the high pitched 'pinging' noise of engines being pushed to their breaking points.




  5. That was beyond delicious :) A spoilt little brat getting his just rewards, I could watch that all day.


    Not a Vettel fan, but man I was laughing hard with his little stunt in the post race interviews :)

  6. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/formula1/30896269


    I honestly don't see how this helps in any way shape or form. I don't remember visibility being mentioned once concerning the accident. I don't believe a tractor should be on the wrong side of the tire walls at any point unless the track is under a full course yellow. I like the recommendations of enforcing speed limits under a double yellow too, but still, no fucking tractors.

  7. Been playing a lot of Catan lately on playcatan.com. I'm a big fan of the game, the more I play the more I realise that it's hard to recover from poor starting locations :( even having one of your starting roads blocked is a massive pain in the arse :(

  8. A bit reckless from Kimi to try that at such speed. You can see him accelerating on the run off track, he needs a good slapping for that, but I guess a 45g crash is punishment enough...


    Oh Hamilton, such a humble victor... I honestly don't know how anyone can tolerate this guy.

  9. I'd recommend that you both give Catan a go. There's plenty of places you can try it out online too :) It's a great game in that it's simple enough to pick up and play, but just complex enough to have you regretting everything you did, and you'll definitely fix it next time... :P Games only take an hour or less once everyone knows how to play, which is always good.


    Spent a bit of time over the weekend playing Tzolk'in - http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/126163/tzolk-mayan-calendar


    Pretty interesting, lots of different strategies and just enough possibility of screwing your friends over to make it enjoyable. Games take a while though =/


    Other favourites of mine are Munchkin, Agricola, Ticket to ride, Carcassonne, Smallworld, Risk, ehh.. I'll try anything :P

  10. Did you hear that Perez has been blamed for the incident and has been hit with a grid penalty? When I was watching it, including the replays, I was like omg Massa what have you done? :s


    Great race though :)

  11. Absolutely can't stand Hamilton :( Such a spoilt brat. Hate the way he talks, dresses, carries on.. Everything about him just irks me! Flat brim caps... Fuck. Off.


    Hoping Rosberg can take it to him, as it looks like he's the only one who will get close this year. Great start to the season from Riccardo :)

  12. Saw this a couple nights ago.


    Really liked it, except the SLJ parts... soooo cringeworthy.. Especially right at the end. What the actual fuck. Couldn't help but think he was just doing another bet365 ad every time he came on"


  13. Allow me to extend some advice to my fellow N-Europer's here.


    From time to time, you may find that your partner and yourself may have a disagreement, and may end up shouting at each other, part and parcel of life.


    Here's some advice to you all. Under no circumstances should you call your partner the 4 letter C Word that sounds like punt.


    There's many reasons why and here are just a few...


    A) Your friends and her/his friends will certainly think a lot less of you

    B) It can actually cause offense to the person

    C) If you're parents are away that weekend, and you don't have a key for their house you are screwed especially if...

    D) Your partner has stormed home and locked you out of the house by leaving their key in the lock.


    I had a great Saturday night as you may be able to tell.


    However balance is restored as we are now back to normal. Just a case of too much alcohol, and a small disagreement that went way out of hand.


    I sincerely hope no one needed that advice.