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  1. Tennis 2013

    Watched the entire Robson game at the pub after work. Developed a bit of a crush >.>
  2. What Have You Bought?

    So. Much. Want.
  3. Need help with Hall and Oates

    Before reading any replied, I wanted to say Zoolander so badly.. whyyyy? =/
  4. god amongst men Oh Franklin... too far... again hahaha Some great shirts in here, some that I wish I owned. But I still rate the one Jav showed off the other day in the purchases thread as #1
  5. Blockbusters goes into administration

    Do you guys have other video rental stores that are still operating over there? There's still a few blockbuster stores here, but so many have closed over recent times. There's still a couple other chains that seem to be doing okay still though.
  6. Smartphones - which one to buy?

    I'd like to put in my 2 cents, and vote for anything by HTC. I'm not big on the specs of phones, I basically want my phone to be able to text, call, and occasionally check facebook/email. But I also want the damned thing to be durable, not shatter into a million pieces if I look at it funny. Just about everyone I know has an iPhone, and of those people I'd say that 80% of them have a completely smashed up screen/back or both. The ratio is a little better on people with Samsungs.. but not much... Sooooo let me tell you a story about my HTC, keeping in mind it had no protective case... It got absolutely shit faced drunk one night, and decided to go joy-riding on top of my car. He hung on for a good 5 minutes or so, until I braked and turned into a corner doing about 40km/h. He fell on the inside side of my car, landed on the road and promptly through himself under my back tyre. At the time I thought I'd run over a maccas cup or something, and thought nothing of it. A further 5 minutes down the road, it kind of dawned on me what had happened, so I asked my mate to call my phone and sure enough it was going straight through to the answering machine without ringing. Fuck. Anyways, we returned to the scene of the crime.. Bit by bit I found my HTC... First the battery. Which was a little banged up, but looked okay. I held some hope. Then I found the back case (battery cover part). It was absolutely destroyed. Here's a photo of it. As the minutes passed by, hope for finding the actual phone part was fading fast. I was about to accept the fact that it had probably been smashed into several hundred pieces from the force of it being run over and pushed out of the backing case.. until my mate started laughing hysterically and calling me over. He'd found it about 30 metres from the crash site, huddled in the gutter on the far side of the road completely in tact. Not even a scratch on the screen. I was impressed, but i was resigned to the fact that the phone was most definitely broken. It was a fool's hope, but I popped the battery in the back, and held down the power button.. hoping for but definitely not expecting a miracle. My heart jumped a little as I felt the little power on vibration.. but that was nothing compared to the shock I got when the screen came on, as if nothing had happened. The touch screen worked perfectly, and like I said not even a scratch on the screen. I couldn't believe it, my mate and I sat there laughing and celebrating like idiots for about 5 minutes :P With my phone, the backing case actually doubles as the antenna.. So I did have to fork out some cash to get a new one of those. But I was still amazed at the beating it took, and how it came out the other side fine. 3 months later and it's still operating as though nothing happened. And that my friends, is a true story. which took far too long to type out for the 3 people that will read it here
  7. N-E Awards 2012 - The Results

    I think you'll find when you say or do something stupid for the 4000th time in a fortnight, the Moon starts aligning with Jupiter and Saturn a little more regularly. Anyways, 10/10 throw the toys out of the pram moment.. would read again Grats on the awards guys! :P also, I vote for a 'Best toys out of the pram moment' to be awarded for 2013!
  8. Can you stop making threads regardless? :P This is probably the nerdiest shirt that I actually wear out and about, but I am pretty much always wearing a band t-shirt instead *shrug* I have heaps of random Nintendo ones that I'll usually only wear around the house, or for chilling in when going to a mates place or something.
  9. good stuff thread.

    Sounds like it's going well But the crazy will come out eventually mate, be ready for it
  10. Tennis 2013

    Sigh Stosur
  11. How I Met Your Mother

    Yeah I can see the last episode ever being the proposal, would make a lot of sense.
  12. Funny Stuff Thread

    hahaha, laughed for a good minute, dammit...
  13. General Movie Thread

    Tonight I watched Moonrise Kingdom... Very interesting movie. *insert 'still a better love story than twilight quip' here*
  14. All these people lamenting the death of a brand that all but killed independent music stores... you make me sick =/
  15. What Have You Bought?

    Haha, so much hate for the zelda shirt! Harsh.. I have one, which is black with a silver triforce logo type thing (the part that's yellow on that shirt)... I even wear it to casual dress day at work sometimes :P
  16. What Have You Bought?

    Omg... I love it! Great shirt Wellll I bought this on the weekend.. Definitely losing a man-card for this purchase, but there's something about her voice >.>
  17. bad stuff thread.

    If they cant put you into a different project, will there be a redundancy package offered then?
  18. How was 2012 for you?

    A year of ups and downs really, probably more downs but hey.. you get that. - The big negative was losing the girl I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. 5 and a half years down the drain, and it was definitely not a mutual decision, messy... But that's a story for another day I guess. - About 2 weeks after that I also lost my job. They did a real number on me. At the start of the year they had promised me full-time in a few weeks, which dragged on to months, and more months (i was doing full time hours, and more.. without the benefits).. and then I was eventually let go due to downsizing. Not full-time = no redundancy. I was at a serious low point there. To make matters worse I had just moved out of my parents place (again) so I could live closer to work, so on top of everything that was going on I also had some pretty severe financial stress. That all went down in July.. since then things have picked up, but it would have been quite hard for them to get worse I suppose! + Scored a new job after only 3 weeks of unemployment. + Met some amazing people at that job, a few of whom I consider to be good friends now. + Got a full-time position as a follow on through that job, which was a much-needed ego-boost.. Obviously I did something right! + Really loving where I moved out to. So close to the city, and friends.. and my housemate (a long-term mate who owns this apartment) is great to live with. + Have become really good mates with a guy who lives nearby, who I was only sort of friends with before I moved here. + Completed my 2012 new years resolution of getting fit! Playing heaps of sport again.. which has always been my number 1 hobby, that I kind of lost sight of for a few years. So yeah, ups and downs like I said. It's hard to remember it for anything else than that one particular big negative though. It's definitely been the most 'busiest' year of my 28 year life so far. I've learnt so much about myself, and plenty else... I still don't understand girls though Yep, I know that feel... Never felt so unexcited about a Christmas ever I don't think. Xmas was a huge thing for my ex's family. It was always an over the top day, which I loved. Really, really missed that this year =/ (well, last year.. you know what i mean :P)
  19. Lateral Thinking

    If the alien doesn't know what a spoon is, would it know any of the other words I use to describe what it's used for? =/ haha.. I would go ahead and assume this is coming off the back of explaining what a knife and fork was, so i'd say 'basically used when what you're eating can't be picked up by a fork' *shrug*
  20. good stuff thread.

    How long have you know this knew girl for Jav? (this feels like the wrong thread tbh!)
  21. General Book Thread

    I'm about 1/3rd through the first book, I'm really enjoying it but I am an incredibly slow reader due to the fact that I fall asleep after reading about 5 pages of anything =/ A song of ice and fire took me the best part of 14 months to work through :S
  22. good stuff thread.

    My housemate has taken 3 days off work to smash through it, and he's gone to the beach for that period of time. *shrug*
  23. I've won about one game ever Jav, everyone seems to do their very best to fuck me over I always seem to be that one guy that the others can't let win. Cluedo.. holy shit I need to play this again
  24. 181cm, and ~75kg, thought tbh i havent seen a set of scales for a while buuuut i've been the same weight for about 3 years and I dont feel any different :P