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  1. Sexy and unsexy names

    Interesting thread For some reason, alot of my past girlfriends or people ive been attracted to name's have started with K or C. Its actually quite bizzare! Honestly... let me see, starting from about the time i was 17. Caitlin, Katey, Kisane, Kristen(ex-gf), Kimberly.. the the chain kind of breaks a bit... but my gf of 7 months is Courtney. It's something I'd always found a little ammusing. Names i find hot, hmmm... Emiley (Emily is fine too) Steph Skye Nikki Not hot.. Enid Patricia Jenny Edit: After reading some more replies id like to add that I agree with Laura being a hot name
  2. Beautiful things

    In fear of sounding a little mooshy... but anyways waking up next to the woman you love's naked body, and watching her wake up with gleams of sunlight piercing through the curtains... thats beautiful to me
  3. The Hypnotoad commands..........

    Old news really, good to see a trailer though This was reported on futurama fansites a long while ago. Can't wait, looooove futurama
  4. The Best Stand Up!

    my favourite would be carl barron, not sure if any non-australians would have heard of him though..
  5. lol, /applaud to all. My fave has got to be tank wars so far
  6. Songs you find depressing?

    Motion City Soundtrack - Hold Me Down Platty is onto a good thing with Feeder, fantastic band. Alot of the stuff they've done after their original drummer died could be called depressing - although I'd rather call it fantastic :p Jimmy Eat World have quite a few good songs which could also be called depressing, check them out. They are actually 2 of my favourite bands (ugh, i dont listen to them because they are depressing btw! I listen to Feeder and Jimmy Eat World because they write fantastic music with good lyrics.)
  7. Havent had a smoke for close to 2 years now, used to smoke at parties and stuff when i'd had a few to drink.. No idea why i stopped doing that, glad i did though :P
  8. Gamecube a Letdown?

    SSB: Melee and Super Monkey Ball are titles I will never stop loving
  9. Does anyone here play WoW?

    level 60 undead priest on Stormreaver, US Servers. I spend far too much time playing WoW