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  1. BISH³ - Sign ups.

    I have decided i am down for this, i'll pm you in a few days j7.
  2. Carol Vorderman quits Countdown

    more pics of this milf imo!
  3. Best Pokémon?

    does that help?
  4. Best Pokémon?

    mudkip mudkip and mudkip /thread
  5. N-E Picture Caption Game

    wow, wasn't easy to find a picture.. this is the best i could come up with, sorry! do ur worst
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    must go and see batman before i accidently stumble over spoilers. ><
  7. So I was 7th? Not that it mattered.. I couldn't post anything for like 12 months cos the shithead admins screwed my permissions > :(
  8. Post Your Purchases

    All's well. =) Are disney movies like Robin Hood, Lion King, and Aladdin classed as musicals? (are we getting off topic here? )
  9. Post Your Purchases

    we've got a biter! relax chief Did i say anything like what you mentioned? Just a joke at ur expense, if thats ur cup of tea then good for you.
  10. Post Your Purchases

    but then again ur last.fm is full of kelly clarkson. how can we take anything you say seriously? If sweeney todd is classified as a musical, then I have definately enjoyed a musical :P I thought it was more horror/gore tbh, i was hiding on my girlfriends shoulder for most of the movie. I dont think ive cringed so much in 2 hours in my life, too much necks and blood, oh god ><! I could never sit through a proper horror movie... im terrible
  11. Haha, if you're interested in the story behind it all pm me about it some time It was all out war But we eventually made nice hehe. I can't believe they have the same forums still, thats amazing.
  12. Post Your Purchases

    Not sure you'll like the mystery dungeon games jav, i havent tried one yet myself, but they seem a little more childish. Let me know! I played the pants off Pearl though, it's fantastic. I'm still playing it and I've had it for a year now. If you want to play a good pokemon game then wait for Platinum (the 3rd of the generation IV games) Anyways.......... $4.00au Got the Donkey Kong one, couldn't go past it
  13. N-E Picture Caption Game

    the queue for the mensroom is serious business in Iraq
  14. haha, true, felt they were missing out then =) edit. wow ive posted like 6 times today *lurks back into the shadows*
  15. I think we're all guilty of that Can u believe i traded away Super Monkey Ball? Picked it up again off ebay a few months back, that game is so classy
  16. Die Hard

    I remember Tim getting some exclusive screens and info on this game long before it came out. Haha, think we broke a few visitor records (which wouldn't have been very high back then!) for Cube-Europe when we posted that news article. Hahaha, good times :P
  17. The End of GameCube?

    My gamecube still gets more use than the Wii =/ Mainly cos the gamecube is in my room and my housemates hog the loungeroom TV watching fantastic television like Lost, Prison Break, and House. *rollseyes* Im always picking up cheap 2nd hand games from game stores and ebay. You can still score some good bargains But some games u just cant get cheaply, namely Mario Tennis and Pikmin 2
  18. I noticed When the place got bigger, people got a bit jealous about not being let in I guess. Back in the day it gave the regular posters something to aim for, and it worked really well. But the forum out grew that kind of thing i guess, it got a bit 'full' and regular posters were missing out hence the bitching etc. oh wells, it was good fun when it lasted. I remember the forum comps we ran and stuff, very good fun!
  19. Rate the last film you saw

    The Bucket List I really, really liked this movie. Not sure if it was the great plot, or just the awesome acting. They really are 2 of the best actors ever in my opinion. My gf cried =/ Good twist at the end too. 8.5/10
  20. Sure was I liked the broad range of discussion there, the Anime and Music forums were good fun for me. The GameCube forum was so full of fanboys, had some great arguements there and i was the mod of the gameboy forum so i was always trying to keep it semi-active there :P The best forum in the hay-day was the general chat though. Don't know what it was but I've never found another forum quite like it, their general chat forum was very unique. Maybe it was the members, I'm not sure, but I wasted alot of time there This place was always my favourite though, mainly cos it really felt like something I'd built together with Tim, Sven, and to a lesser extent Gerben! I can't believe what it's grown into nowadays. I remember back in the day there was about 5 regular posters - Me, Tim, Gerben, Pesten, and Rob. We had some crazy discussions back then! I wonder how many people here remember the old old old days... Lets see... If you remember the C-E Elite, your not a noob! If you remember Laikmosh, you are old-school. If you remember when it was all about the post count, you are very old-school! ps. +1 If you remember the forum wars with the guys from Nbrid (or something like that, fuck i cant remember now ) you are very very old-school! (edit: http://www.nbrid.net/forums/) If you remember the forums BEFORE the Xzorbit ones you are hardcore! Geez there were some good times. I wonder if a thing like C-E Elite would work anymore. Back in the day I made it to give regular posters something to strive for. Since moderator spots were fairly scarce, I wanted something else that people could aim for by making good posts and quality discussions. I think it worked pretty well back then. It caused a little drama here and there though as some people just didn't know what its intentions were. But nothing goes by without trouble, overall i think it was very successful. Alot of the C-E Elite guys are still around today
  21. I was a moderator and long time member of gamecubexl.com at the same time that I was the chief admin here. That place died because the members who had been there since the early times started thinking they were above all the noobs, and just generally didn't seem to want new members hanging around. In the end, the people who made the place what it was found better things to do i guess, old moderators and admins left and either weren't replaced or were replaced with irresponsible dickheads In its last few months the place was more or less an unmoderated shit heap, and the owner eventually decided to pull the plug. I think if more suitable people were given moderator powers, the place might still be going. *-europe has always had pretty logical people in control, hence why this place is still going strong Well done to all the admins who took over after me, especially Sven and Svt4Him. They put some good harsh rules in place that really set the standard for this place today. The more recent admins have certainly done a great job in maintaining and also evolving those standards in a forum that is incredibly busy compared to what it was in my day!
  22. Wii MotionPlus- 1:1 add on

    Well, for me this has been the best thing shown at e3 so far. What's strange though is why they didn't keep it a secret until the conference, and why they didn't have a couple more games shown that used it =/
  23. Call of Duty: World At War

    online co-op?