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  1. Mcoy likes icecream

    McCoy should have had a massive cook up of all the stuff that had defrosted...
  2. Wimbledon 2009

    Hes not confortable on grass it seems. Im not sure about his history on the surface, but he seems to be forgetting hes not on hardcourt at the moment. Like the commentators said, the back swings hes taking against Hewitts slice shots is wayyyyy too big. Add to that hes slipping and sliding all over the place, he doesnt look comfortable. Meanwhile, hewitt is looking great. Ive got high hopes ^_^
  3. EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis!

    At the time of writing that post I'd dumped about 10 hours gameplay into it. 10 hours of losing points because when i go to make a cross court short 4/5 times my player will hit the ball too wide. I wouldnt have a problem if it was something i was doing wrong, but there just seems to be no control over how wide the ball is going to go, its just totally random =| Forgive the frustration... I am standing up, and using the nunchuck to play. I am using real strokes, i play tennis for real every other weekend. Any ideas? Does anyone else experience the same trouble i do when they are going for a cross court shot? =| Edit: Oh, and the other thing that is really grinding my gears about this game... The opponent hits the ball back straight to me for once, so its my time to attack. I start an early backswing because i have oodles of time, only for the game to decide that my backswing is actually me going for a backhand, and my player falls forwards after swinging 2 seconds to early, and cant recover.... SIGH!!!
  4. Wimbledon 2009

    Lets go Hewitt
  5. EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis!

    Im wondering if my motion plus is working at all. I seem to have no control over where the shots end up, and when they do go in the direction i want them to, they go out. Very dissapointed with this, trading it in unless something drastic happens next time i play it.
  6. Mario Kart Double Dash Im not sure how u can fuck Mario Kart up, but Nintendo did it with this one. Glad they got back on track with the Wii game.
  7. Post your Cooking!

    Ahaha, taking photos of your food... Thats feels a little strange to me :P This thread got me laughing, especially j7s fried mess on page 1! Might take a photo next time i cook something out of the norm :P
  8. Flameboy is leaving the country!

    Have fun Its winter down our half of the world at the moment, so you shouldnt find the heat to overbearing. :P Also our winters in the southern hemisphere are usually pretty dry, so you should have plenty of sunshine to enjoy! Prolly too cold though to be swimming at those lovely beaches in the photo Mind you, a crazy brit like urself might find the water warm... haha. Im sure you'll have a great time
  9. EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis!

    *cry* Alrighty.. I have a question.. Can my gf and I play doubles from my house, against other people online? I'm not a big fan of playing against her in games, shes good at games but is no match for my 20 years of button mashing experience :P So we definately have alot more fun playing co-op games...
  10. Well well well... So there is indeed some potential here. I hope something comes of it, will be great to see certain people eating their words again! On a slightly more serious note, Its good to hear that developers are having some ideas for this. This never really grabbed my attention in the conference, I was way too excited about the other stuff Nintendo showed. But it was dissapointing to see people instantly rejecting this, without even giving it a second thought... I guess we'll wait and see now. If all that comes of it is a heart rate check game, then so be it. Not like we've lost anything...
  11. Marbles! Balance Challenge

    Going to have to get this from an online store or ebay it seems. No stores near my place got it in... Strangely enough, most of those stores had the original :S Totally bummed, was looking forward to playing this. I'll report back when i get a copy! But it could take some time
  12. Fantasy Football 2008/2009

    I don't believe there is a limit to the size of leagues. But obviously you need to be in the league before the season starts, else people might question whether or not you have duplicate teams, and are entering the one that has fared the best so far etc... I would also just like to take the time to remind you all that you got beaten by an aussie! :P Platty and baboo, you both would have fared much better if you made less substitutions! 74 and 97 changes respectively, compared to my 42 Thats a lot of points taken off your tally... Cyas next season for sure
  13. These are the kind of rubbish comments that ARE the sorry state of affairs... It was a 5 minute entry in a 75 minute presentation, showing a new and unique peripheral that has at worst got people talking about what it might be used for. It's not like it was the backbone of the conference...
  14. Because no good games have been released that don't use the nun-chuck right? For that matter, no first person shooters have been released that dont use the nun-chuck right? Wrong, and wrong. I have no problems admitting that I think this is a strange move from Nintendo. Chances are its just going to be some relaxation game, focusing on breathing patterns to help lower ur pulse. That seems to be the logical answer... All I'm saying is don't discard it, like you all did with the "STUPID SET OF WHITE F$#KING SCALES" If it doesn't interest you, then move on to something that does
  15. Such negativity... But I should expect that from a bunch of poms willowing in the rain all day No one is forcing you to buy this lazyboy... If you don't want it, you won't have to buy it. It's as simple as that. Im confused as to why people who aren't even the slightest bit interested in this are doing in this thread in the first place. =/
  16. Okay, let me try and spark some life into your brains that have gone to sleep from playing the same old games with different names on them. Lets think of something like Marbles! Balance Challenge, where tilting becomes less responsive the higher ur heart rate climbs. Lets think of some kind of first person shooter, where you have an energy bar. The higher ur heart rate, the more energy u consume. You need to replenish this energy in some way... Let me mention sport games, and see where ur imagination can take you... Clearly to me, very little has been mentioned about how this peripheral will be used because Iwata wants people to THINK! None of us can control what designers do with this peripheral, but at least Nintendo have given them yet another option to use.
  17. Wii Sports Resort

    The archery looks very fun. I play archery myself, and this looks about as realistic as one could expect But a big smile on my face when i saw the trailer Table tennis looks great too
  18. Again, I read this exact comment 2 years ago when they announced the balance board... Expand your mind...
  19. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Guys, so far we've seen one level... Which appears to be the very first in the game. Looks like great fun, you have the option of competing for points once you beat the game sure. That adds to the replayability of it. But the first time through, I'm sure me and my GF are going to be helping each other (well, im gonna be saving her a bunch anyways) I wouldnt be surprised to see that teamwork will be needed to access hidden areas etc. either. This was the best title of the show for me, I can't wait
  20. I love how everyone is putting this down before any software at all has been announced for it. None of you have any idea what is planned for this peripheral. So just relax a little, and try and be a little optimistic about it. There is some potential in games monitoring your heart rate, like i said in the other thread: think Eternal Darkness. I definately recall a bunch of you twats behaving the same way when the balance board was announced...
  21. Bye! / Zai Jian!!!

    Have fun jav Sifnt drop by aussieland on ur way! :P I'll be keeping an eye on the blog mate, stay safe!
  22. Shiren the Wanderer 3

    Ah, bravo Looks great, eagerly awaiting this
  23. Red Steel 2 (£4.95 @Zavvi)

    Very interesting... Wow the motion looks incredibly accurate, the aiming is incredibly stable, compared to the standard wii mote. Gotta love how his hat stayed on that whole time after being dragged around :P
  24. Marbles! Balance Challenge

    me either gotta see if i can get someone to order one for me, qq!
  25. Ashes - Cricket 2009

    Haha, now now.. There's some big cricket fans floating around the boards I'm assuming this game will make use of Motion Plus. If anyone knows for sure, or knows more details let us know ^_^