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  1. Fantasy Football 2009 - 2010!

    good season dudes grats babooo, and damn you platty
  2. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    When you guys play multiplayer, are you tryna kill each other, or work through it together? So far I've played through to world 5 co-op with my GF, absolutely loving it like I new we would It's definately easier playing single player, tryna get two players through some of the levels is very challenging :P I want to rip through it all single player, but I promised not to play ahead lol
  3. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Having soooooo much fun playing through this with the girlfriend A little worried about how long its going to take to clear though, looks a little quick. Still, fantastic fun
  4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    This is obviously a party game guys, and not one directed at intense single-player gaming. I'm looking forward to giving this a bash with the mrs. If I can drag her off Kororinpa :S
  5. Football Season 2009/2010

    No.. from that clip we see that Rooney bungles the ball over the goal line, and go to ground once he realises hes cocked up. Should that not constitute as "showing intent to deceive the referee"? Dont get me wrong, I've seen a million given just like it, and there will probably be a million more because lets face it.. The EPL isn't reknown for harbouring too many great referees :P I'm just saying, that given what happened to Arshavin in the first half, it would appear that there was a great injustice. That is all, don't get ur knickers in a knot Onto current matters, pretty happy with spurs latest pick up. Though once modric comes back, im not sure who moves over :S We really have some amazing depth in the squad this year. Im surprised we've held on to so many of the people on the outer to be honest.. Surprised Bentley and Pav weren't desperate to move on :S
  6. Football Season 2009/2010

    check the replay mate, Fletcher dived in with two knees and got nothing but Arshavins shin... It's a disgrace that Fletcher wasn't booked.. I would go as far as to say it was the most blatent penalty i have ever seen not given in the EPL.. You can't call Eduardo's a dive, and not Rooney's. It's just hypocritical...
  7. What would you do?

    Bring the new girl along, but ignore the ex as much as possible. Does the new girl know she's ur ex? =/
  8. Football Season 2009/2010

    Was willing to let this go until i saw the last sentence. A supporter of the team who has haboured the player most booked for diving in recent years... Good call... About the arsenal manU game... Wow, how do these referees keep getting starts. Focusing on the penalty... Rooneys touch was typical of the down sydrome cunt, he bungles it over the dead ball line as per usual. Realising he has no chance in hell of getting to it, he drops to his knees. AFTER the ball goes out, Almunia maybe touches his boot, but only because Rooney fell on top of him. Sigh at decisions like that, especially after Fletcher took out Arshavin with two legs to the shin in the first half. Not to mention the shit thats happened with Eduardo this week. Its just disgusting...
  9. Rate The Last Book You Read

    A Prayer for Owen Meany Love the way this book is written, going between past and present tense. The story blew my mind a few times, the way it all falls together.. A few tear jerker moments too My favourite book by far. 9/10
  10. Football Season 2009/2010

    no one rates owen as a penalty taker?
  11. Football Season 2009/2010

    Pardon my ignorance, but who is "the beast" ? Few of my man u supporting friends were tearing up because Carrick wasn't playing last game, then he bombs a penalty and a sitter. Beautiful to watch! Up the spurs!
  12. Post Your Purchases

    Is this thread broken? It says there's a 548th page, but when i click it it takes me back here (p547) anyways, im bored so im gonna post some things i bought today... :P Got both for under $50 kangaroo koinz
  13. If You Were God...

    Pure and simple, i'd remove speakers from mobile phones. Wouldnt have to listen to anymore trash while im on public transport, and the world would be a place of blissful harmony...
  14. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    gawd dammit, i always miss this by a few days lol
  15. Xpert Eleven: Season 10

    argh, am i too late?
  16. Football Season 2009/2010

    Brisbane.. never noticed ur location lol (thread hi-jack)
  17. Football Season 2009/2010

    You guys are so lucky to have such a short off-season... Here in Aussie land our off-seasons for most of our big sports are like 4-5 months long... its torture! Glad the EPL season is back, and my Spurs made a great start (even though Keane bombed a sitter :P). Good to see Arsenal starting strongly too, this could be their season if they can stay fit, though i worry about their depth especially defensively... (yes my two favourite teams are Spurs and Arsenal, I bet that makes some of you sick.. :P)
  18. Fantasy Football 2009 - 2010!

    woops, missed the first week Joining now... Mates and I are doing a cash league again, $200 bucks up for grabs ^_^ So once again, i won't be forgetting about my team! Im 4th in our league after the first week.
  19. Yahoo is pretty popular here in Australia, but not really as a search engine =S They teamed up with a major free-to-air television broadcaster, yahoo7 its called. People use it for news/weather/email etc. Quite popular indeed. Google would be by far the most popular search engine. And since we got on the topic... I use firefox Cant be bothered setting anything else up again... lol.
  20. Jellyfish...

    Yay for the creature that makes me afraid of the ocean... -.-
  21. BABY IVY IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Soag She's adorable! Love the name too. Enjoy the lack of sleep
  22. Futurama Voices To Be Recast

    Yeah.... No. It wouldn't be the same, might as well not bring it back if they can't retain the voices. They are so unique...
  23. What Makes NE, NE?

    Much change I have seen... Not really sure what keeps me coming back here. Just keeping an eye on it I guess :p Generally, people here don't take themselves too seriously. This value has been lost a little bit over the years, but unfortuantely that's what happens when there's more than 10 frequent posters around I suppose :P I was never a big fan of the thread merges, it got to the stage where the only new threads you would see was someone having a sook about this, that, and everything. I guess I come here to have fun, not to read depressing stories lol. I remember back in the day someone would post something emo like that, and we'd lock the thread saying "thanks for the life story *locked*" hahaha. I come here to have fun, so I stay well away from those threads.. There's still plenty of fun threads that get made, and plenty of fun-poking. The recent Rez photo shop thread was classic Great example of someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, that's what makes this place fun for me
  24. ReZdiculous

    classic stuff guys
  25. Ashes - Cricket 2009

    *gasp* http://www.mcvuk.com/news/34229/Codemasters-Ashes-will-be-sporting-event-of-the-summer No mention of Motion Plus, I don't hold high hopes for the game without it though... From the same people that did Brian Lara Cricket, so with any luck this might be the one us Cricket lovers have been waiting for *waits with baited breath* (Did a quick search but couldn't find another thread on this.. shoot me if there is)