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  1. Advice on buying a new pc

    Mesh have become teh sucky recently apparently, the quality has gone downhill and they almost never deliver when they say they will. Or so I've been told. Self-building for the win. ;-)
  2. Integrated graphics

    Not that hard to find... http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/index.html?rb=17886939900&action=UFNQcm9kdWN0U2VhcmNoUmVzdWx0cw==&subcat_uid=265&order=ASC&order_col=sell_price&show=stock
  3. Integrated graphics

    Wow a motherboard with no graphics slot.. and it's definitely not worth buying a PCI graphics card. If it were my PC, I would buy a decent Skt A motherboard and an AGP card for it, or just use it as an excuse to totally upgrade my system. I see you're getting a laptop, hope that's got a good gfx chip in it!
  4. Whats the best Antivirus program

    http://www.virus.gr/english/fullxml/default.asp?id=72&mnu=72 Look and weep.
  5. Integrated graphics

    Yes. All motherboards made within the last few years will definitely have either an AGP slot or a PCI-E slot. Find out which one yours has.
  6. emulate windows xp 32 bit in x64 version

    This is why it ain't worth buying XP 64.... many device drivers aren't available. Emulating Windows within Windows? Doubt thats possible tbh... if you're desperate either go back to 32 bit XP or try a dual-boot job (not sure how well that'd work though). The other option is Linux, there's well supported 64 bit distros such as Mandrake and you could use Wine for Windows stuff.
  7. Broadband solution, help!

    Get a router like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000E0YHF/qid=1143912924/sr=8-4/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i4_xgl/203-1067459-2113527, Most routers have enough ports for 4 PC's. Run a 'huge ass' network cable (cat5 patch cable) from it to your PC. Don't forget to fit a microfilter into the phone socket so that you don't get cut off every time the phone rings.
  8. I was speaking in general terms. My ISP is Pipex and they have introduced capping recently, which means I will not be upgrading my service with them.
  9. convert files to divx

    VirtualDub Mod is great for saving videos as different file types such as XviD or DivX. You'll need the encoders though, I ususally get them from the Klite Codec Pak. Google is your friend.
  10. Malware, malware, and more malware. Pfft. What I really want to see are upload speed upgrades and removal of download limits, which will benefit P2P users.
  11. 3D Mark scores

    That's a pretty insane score. I haven't tried 06 yet but here's my 05 score: 3690 marks with Opteron 146 OC'd (from 2ghz up to 2.7ghz), and Radeon x700 Pro OC'd (GPU: from 425mhz to 459mhz, and VRAM: from 864mhz to 958mhz). That's using the latest ATI cats, and my PC has been OC'd carefully to be fully stable in Prime95.
  12. Mobile Phone Help Needed

    Stay away from motorolas, their software is slow the buttons are crap too. I've been told that Sony Ericssons are the best performance wise.
  13. Computer Is Seriously Messed Up!

    When PC is off but PSU on, try touching the two power button pins with a screwdriver or some other metal object, which acts the same was as an on button. Or when the PC is on try doing the same with the reset button's pins. The LED lights don't actually matter, they don't need to be connected for the PC to work.
  14. Computer Is Seriously Messed Up!

    Hmm, a stab in the dark but... try disconnecting the hard disk.
  15. Computer Is Seriously Messed Up!

    Is the CPU seated correctly? Heatsink attached properly? Fan spinning up? All power cables pushed in? If those are all okay, it may be a motherboard problem or something. I'm really running out of ideas..