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  1. Brilliant, thanks. I purchased one! ________ Gamo rocket pellet caliber pellets
  2. Does anyone know any online stores which have Wii ethernet cables in stock? I can't seem to find any...I want to go online with my Wii but I live in university halls of residence and we're not allowed Wi-Fi. Thanks. ________ Herbal vaporizer prices
  3. Nothing much comes to mind, apart from not putting a DVD player into the Gamecube and the general lack of innovation with that whole era. ________ Indica strains
  4. Anyone who buys another Wii just because it's a different colour either has more money than sense or is a complete and utter retard. ________ Chevrolet Vega
  5. If anyone cares the goody bag contains a black Super Mario Galaxy beanie (wow!), a keyring that projects the SMG logo, a weird giant rain mac kind of thing which looks like you'd wear it on wet rides at Alton Towers or somewhere, and the bag itself which has the Super Mario Galaxy logo on it. Not bad for free ________ Mexicocity Hotel
  6. OMG it's soooooooo good!!!! Just got my 2nd star but thought I'd stop to have a break lol. I can't express exactly HOW MUCH FUN this game is, but it's totally amazing!!!! You have to play it yourself. Videos etc. don't show how good it is. Walking upside down is very VERY weird at first but you get used to it. Gonna go play some more.... ________ MERCEDES-BENZ 450SEL 6.9 HISTORY
  7. The new one is better. Cute, and his headscarf is gay-friendly ________ Hare Krishna - Iskcon Forums
  8. Wii be the number 1 console simply because of Mario Galaxy. I don't think there will be shortages though. People who couldn't get one last year have steadily been buying one across the course of this year. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Metroid games are never commercially successful. It will be popular amongst the hardcore but unless it's advertised effectively I can't see it doing that well. ________ New mexico marijuana dispensary
  9. Hi, I recently got myself some extra Wii-motes, so I have 4 in total now. Can someone recommend me some good multiplayer games other than Wii sports? Is Mario Party 8 really that bad? Btw I only have 1 nunchuck ________ Interracial Gangbang
  10. I'm just going into my 2nd year at The University of Manchester and I'm doing BA (Econ) Business Studies and Sociology. ________ UGGS
  11. Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson ________ JAILBROKEN
  12. I just got a Wii, and I've plugged everything in etc. and I can hear the fan noise, but when I turn the channel to AV all I have is a blue screen and no picture or sound. What should I do? ________ FREE XXX VIDEO
  13. Never, you're right. But it IS a time when everyone is off school/college/university and so a lot of people get free time. ________ Coach Handbags
  14. I think you're exactly right. The rest of the line up is hard to predict but I think Trivium will be below Nine Inch Nails. The Radio 1 headliners will probably be Klaxons, The View and The Gossip. ________ ASS MOVIE
  15. Does anyone have an address for Nintendo UK??? I looked online but can't seem to find anything... ________ BLOWJOB DEEPTHROAT
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