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  1. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    2 rather grand vehicles, i just a get a feeling of a GTA style game in the Banjo universe. The use of the plane infront of the Mumbo area pushes towards them not being used in specific tracks. I think its gonna be quite open world.
  2. Cheap Eee PC?

    I have also been looking at these myself. The new screen on the 900 looks really tempting, but i hear that DELL are preparing a competitor as is HP Link
  3. Blue Dragon or Eternal Sonata?

    You can get Blue Dragon from COMET for £4.99, if you can find a copy. I got one before xmas for £9.99, went in today to see that was now £4.99 on there system.
  4. Wii Points Card Shop

    i'll take it if its free, gave one away today myself for resi 4 in the trade thread.
  5. Wii Points Card Shop

    cards are back up inc 1000 500 300. Peeved i settled for 100 this morning
  6. Wii Points Card Shop

    My Wii also registered twice. Strange! Still sucks how they can run out of a virtual product. 100 point cards currently up
  7. Two bad lends, one to my cousin. I got Mortal Kombat 3 for the mega drive back in the days of old and let it him borrow it after taking it round one evening. That was apparantly stolen so in return i was given a copy of MK1. Darn parents not knowing that 3 is better than 1 were pleased i got a game back!! second makes me even more angry. My missus friend was doing a child development course and asked to borrow a baby scan photo...several months later we ask for it back and the excuse of "i gave it you back" was used. Really is something money cant replace. Another friend doing child dev' actually wanted to borrow our daughter for an afternoon.....we declined, lesson learned. Overall i dont lend anyone anything.
  8. Mario Kart Arcade

    I'll second that, it was pretty boring anyway. But to top it off you have to pay for each race!! What i chuffing rip off. I thought i would get to grips on an easy track, came first then wanted me to pay more to do another race. The cheek.
  9. Knock ginger: Up or down?

    Hehe, 4 pages and i find what im looking for! Ive always called it cherry knocking, i have also heard knock a door run , but never this ginger stuff! Also used to play another game called lurky, kinda like hide and seek with a base. And some crazy ass'd rule where people could "save the bunch", therefore leaving you as "it" game after game.
  10. 3D Modelling Thread

    Cheers. I felt the shield loked better with the features raised a little as it added to the shadow but they do need altering a little. I just used the Hair modifier for the grass, changed the colour to green!
  11. 3D Modelling Thread

    Been using max for a few months, only done a few bits and bobs. Here are my first completed scenes. the water on the wired looking thing was done using a program called bryce, i just imported the mesh. hope you like!!
  12. Game Testing

    Im currently games testing for a well known company in the midlands, been doing it since last year. The pay is poor but it soon builds up in the overtime. It also adds to the experience that many companies desire for other positions. I really enjoy the job, gets boring especially to the end of a project but then theres the joys of being on something completely new that nobody else knows about. You also have a great deal of influence in the games with your feedback and suggestions. The link you provided aint to great asking for payments,try gamesindustry.biz gamesrecruit.co.uk also a search on google can find some jobs. Many places do not offer permanant positions due to the fact they dont have something always in test, therefore there is a lack of job security. London seems to have many game testing jobs but these are mainly with big publishers such as EA and 2K, this will greatly reduce your chances of progression. The games industry is becoming tougher to get into but that said not even qualifications will beat raw tallent. UziT, i know there is a games place in wolverhapton that does touch screen game and pub machines. I know it may not be what your after but the pay is better! Also Birmingham aint too far from where im at, if your not too far from the Atherstone area and have transport maybe able to help you out
  13. Game & Watch

    Vermin is one of the rarest G&W, from a flea market i assume you paid very little, you've prob made a big profit.
  14. Anyone see Pimp my Ride UK last night..?

    need the vid of him getting egged, hes such a prick. Seriously i cant take him seriously, its like someones dad taking the piss!
  15. ENglish power adaptor on US Cube

    It will work fine, i use my PAL PSU on my NTSC system all the time, beats the hassle of all those plugs and stuff.