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  1. I'm looking to replace part of my GCN PAL collection with NTSC versions, I'm looking for the following games...


    Luigi's Mansion*

    Wave Race Blue Storm*

    Super Monkey Ball*

    Super Monkey Ball 2*

    Super Smash Bros Melee*


    Pikmin 2*

    Tales of Symphonia*

    Baten Kaitos*

    Baten Kaitos Origins

    Chibi Robo

    The Wind Waker*

    Twilight Princess


    Resident Evil 4*

    Eternal Darkness*

    Mario Party 4*, 5*, 6 and 7

    Mario Golf Toadstool Tour*

    Mario Power Tennis*

    Mario Kart Double Dash*

    Viewtuful Joe*

    Viewtiful Joe 2*

    F-zero GX*

    Prince of Persia (all 3 of them)

    Beyond Good and Evil

    Timesplitters 2

    Soul Calibur 2*

    Metroid Prime 1* and 2*

    Donkey Kong Jungle Beat*

    Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door*

    Super Mario Sunshine*

    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance*

    Battalion Wars


    Also if anyone has a Memory card 1024 or an Action Replay I may be interested in those as well. The ones marked with an asterix are games whereby I already own the PAL version of the game (I'm also willing to do a PAL/NTSC swap with someone if they wanted to for some reason or another)


    I'd rather do a trade here than on the US ebay since shipping such a large amount of games would cost me an arm and a leg!

  2. The reason why Wii's standby mode takes up so much power is because it's WiFi is still active and is constantly running on Wiiconnect 24. Other devices take up enought juice to keep it "on" while the Wii has to power it's WiFi as well as the 1 watt it takes for itself.


    BTW wasn't it found out that the PS3 uses up over 340w at it's peak?

  3. YES! This is fantastic news, Tim and Chris are very talented designers and come up with some very unique ideas but they've never been able to admit that practically everyone who made Rareware what it was had left to form Free Radical and Zoonami (aside from the grunt programmers and the music composers of course)


    Hopefully, Chris and Tim will head off to Free Radical to join their old buddies and some how get back together with Zoonami (They haven't made a single game thus far so maybe they'd be willing to team up again) If somehow that were to happen, then it's possible that the Rareware of old may live once again!

  4. That's odd, well REmake doesn't support 480p so that may be a contributor to the jagginess.


    I assume that you've already turned the sharpness down on your HDTV (since your other Wii games look fine), I know I did!


    But then again, REmake never had any Anti Aliasing and always suffered from horrible pixilation anyway. It's just that playing it on a HDTV amplifies the issue even more.

  5. I finally got some Vc points and I thought I'd try out some games that I'd never played before so I chose ecco the dolphin since it seemed so different to everything else and IGN gave it a fairly decent review...




    The game has a distinct homebrew feeling as soon as you start it up, listening to that generic noise Sega call music, and then it hits you. The collision detection is completly broken, although you wouldn`t want to play it even if the collision detection was good thanks to crap gameplay and level design.


    One of the worst games I`ve ever played, I feel completly gypped.


    Oh well, SM64, SMB, GH, SCV4 and Wario`s Woods washed out that bad VC taste in my mouth!

  6. Name: I loved it from the start (Was probably the only person to do so as well :grin:) and I love it just as much now.


    Controller: I thought the controller would be completely awesome and it turned out to be even better than I thought it would be! Mind you though, it guzzles batteries like a hot knife through butter (Got me some 2500 MAH batteries so that little problem is now sorted!)

  7. WTF, NOE doing something good for once. IMPOSSIBLE!!!


    Ugh, still can't do anything with my stars though since my Wii is a US version, oh well, I'm not interested in crappy PAL releases anyway.


    Hurry up and put Yoshi's Island DS on the Stars Catalogue Ninty!!!

  8. Hi, my new HDTV and my Wii component cables arrived yesterday and it looks like sex! (My TV is the Samsung LE32R74BDX)


    I may post some pics later on if I can be bothered but it works great, no scaling lag (even with Game mode turned off!) and PQ even better than RGB Scart on an SDTV! (Everything looks so full and all the colours are nice and inky :grin:)


    A word to those looking at the Wii on a HDTV, please for the love of everything that is holy and sacred, PLEASE TURN THE SHARPNESS DOWN! or else the game will look like that pixelated mess you see above. Turning the sharpness down makes it look much better as it smooths out most of the jaggies (I've turned down my sharpness to 30/100 and it still looks sharp, without most of the jaggies)

  9. Import Madness are terrible, I order Animal Crossing from them and they didn't even ship the game! (After about a month of waiting and the game was apparantly in stock)


    I got my money back though, so they're not scammers at least... They're just incompitent!

  10. PAL 60 is 60hz. PAL 60 = 640 x 480 (or 852 x 480 for widescreen) at 60hz. This is the same as NTSC, PAL 50 is higher resolution but only runs at 50hz. Since 50hz is crap with games, there's no point even thinking about it since you'll want to run it in PAL 60 anyway.


    So that's why we all say it just runs in 480p.

  11. The Wii does 480i/p in 60hz and 576i/p in 50hz. So you get the normal PAL resolution but the game runs slower (So it's no good)


    BTW, I've got my eyes set on one of those 32" R7 series Sammy LCDs (Game mode and price appeal to me. I've given up looking for a viable 480p solution so I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation) How are they with upscaling?


    BTW if anyone is wondering what this "Game mode" is, it's a mode that turns off most of the processing to cut down on scaling lag.