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  1. Goldeneye is a game that really needs to be played with a real, original/NSO N64 controller.  Nothing else feels remotely natural.

    And really, it needs to be on the 1.2 Solitaire setting (AKA "Turok Controls"), with c-buttons to move and analog stick to aim.  Even to this day, hand me an N64 controller with this game and I would happily be able to play with zero issues.  Feels totally natural.

    The only real sin with the controls as far as I'm concerned is that 1.2 Solitaire should've been the default... shockingly, this is something they didn't fix with Perfect Dark; as its 1.1 default controls are the same as Goldeneye's, and once again, you have to change it to 1.2 to get the correct "Turok Controls" setup.  Worse still, Banjo Tooie's FPS sections only offer 1.1, with no option to change them to 1.2! Which is a tremendous shame, because BT's FPS levels and multiplayer mode are actually a ton of fun otherwise (It's basically more Goldeneye with new weapons & stages!).

    Also... inverted y-axis is correct and always was correct!

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  2. I really, really doubt that this is going to be anything remotely approaching decent on Switch.

    Even Steam Deck struggles to maintain playable framerates on the lowest settings possible (and with FSR2 enabled in Ultra Perfomance Mode)...

    It's gonna run like an absolute dog.  There is a good reason why they've delayed it this long and refuse to show it running on Switch.  Take the hint and stay away.

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  3. On 21/04/2022 at 4:24 PM, Dcubed said:

    Those are some genuinely nice visuals.  Looks like a solid effort that should please Digimon fans :)

    I... err... may have been wrong about this...

    Having watched Glen-i play for a bit? This is about as far removed from Digimon as you could imagine.  It's actually a legit cool take on the concept that appeals to a completely different audience though.

    Honestly? If you're after something akin to Triangle Strategy, with a bleak tone that's akin to Shin Megami Tensei? This should be well up your alley!

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  4. 5 hours ago, Ashley said:

    What's the game like in multiplayer?

    I'm not picking it up as I very rarely have time to play games now, but feels like if I still had a housemate would have picked it up.

    Have just played the first two worlds with Glen-i.  It's not as manic as the NSMB games, but it's still fun.  You can't interact with each other like in those games (for the most part...), but there's still plenty of ways to screw each other over.  You also share lives, unlike in the NSMB games; so there's more incentive to work together and less on competition.

    That being said...

    4 hours ago, MindFreak said:

    I've played it with my son for an hour. Characters don't interact this time around, so no boost jumps or teasing the others. However, if one player dies, it turns into a ghost and the other players can revive it. That helps a bit. Other than that, no real multilayer. 

    ... this isn't strictly true... If one player plays as Yoshi, the other player CAN jump on their back and then execute double jumps... This can be very abusable, especially when using the Single Wall Jump badge, which is already stupid broken by itself, because the Yoshi player can single wall jump, then the other player can jump off You Traitorous Swine style and then single wall jump again, and then normal wall jump for a total of 4 jumps! Oh, and this isn't even counting the flutter jump that Yoshi can do too on top of that!

    BTW, just an aside... DKCTF called... it wants its swimming mechanics back ;)

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  5. 4 hours ago, Cube said:


    • Original Release: Cancelled in 1996
    • Developer: Nintendo
    • Publisher: Nintendo
    • Platform: Virtual Boy
    • Not Played: No leaked prototypes


    The Virtual Boy is a strange system released by Nintendo – it was a portable system with goggles that you have to look into (awkwardly using a table or lying on the floor, there’s no strap), allowing for spectroscopic 3D effects. However, the system could only display red and black graphics.

    The Virtual Boy GoldenEye game was going to be a vehicle game, a brochure (which is the source of the only screenshot) describes it as “If you thought rush-hour traffic was a nightmare, wait ’til you get behind the wheel of 007’s car. Avoid obstacles and blow the other cars away. Buckle up for safety because, in this game, you never know what’s gonna happen.”

    When the Virtual Boy was a complete failure, Nintendo cancelled all games in development for the console, and focused on Rare for making GoldenEye.


    That’s putting it very mildly! That thing is a neck fracture waiting to happen! Undoubtedly the most uncomfortable gaming thing I’ve ever used (and yes, I’m including the Tony Hawk Ride board there!).

    Surprisingly accurate

    Bond got off lightly.

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  6. 13 hours ago, darksnowman said:


    Between the Ellie-fication of Mario and saying they wanted to have something in every level to surprise and delight is setting some lofty DKC 3 expectations here.

    In the article, it says they hope you resonate with what the flowers say and the option to turn off the chatter is in there but they still hope you'll give it a listen. So you know what to do.


    There’s a reason why Yoshi’s Island became its own series… its bosses were too good ;)


    Oh, so there is an online with friends option! That's cool!

    Welp, anyone want me to tag along, give me a shout if you see me online

    Talk about burying the led here! Why keep this a pre-release secret?

  7. 1 hour ago, drahkon said:

    People seem to love 'em. I hate 'em.
    You can turn off their annoying ways, though, so that's good.

    Completed world 3. Nintendo and uninspired + repeating bosses, name a more iconic duo (or rather trio).

    It’s a 2D Mario game, you aren’t playing it for the bosses.

    Always felt a bit weird to me that Mario games never really prioritise their boss encounters like most other Nintendo action games do, but there ya go.

  8. 6 hours ago, Jonnas said:

    At the risk of spoiling a 10+ year old game... there's Spirit Tracks

      What I mean (Hide contents)

    There's a Boss Rush mini-game at the main castle town. It's made up of boss fights from the main game, but if you beat it on the hardest difficulty, you suddenly enter a new, unfamiliar room where the reward is supposed to be... and surprise motherfucka, Dark Link shows up out of nowhere to fight you.

    What's especially notable of this iteration of Dark Link, is that he's very heavily implied to be Phantom Hourglass's (and by extension, Wind Waker's) Link. He has that hurricane slash that existed in his games, the boss music is this very distorted, dark remix of the Great Sea... the fight is a surreal experience, and not even the hostess knows what's up with this.

    The devs never addressed what that Dark Link truly was (a clone? A ghost? The true canonical grim fate of WW!Link?), and I respect that.


    On that matter… you do also get to beat up on The Hero’s Shade when he trains you in Twilight Princess as well ;)

    There’s also Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn where you can optionally fight the Greil Mercenaries from Path of Radiance as well (as suicidal as it is to do so, it’s not impossible to beat them!).  Oh and Devil May Cry 4 also opens up with a brief fight against Dante as Nero, so I guess that counts too.

    But yeah, @Glen-i’s general sentiment is right.  It’s a trope that surprisingly doesn’t crop up very often in video games… considering how hype inducing it can be? You’d think it’d happen more often!

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  9. BTW, I’m just throwing this out there… But my gut is telling me that Greezo is the developer.

    Not based on anything in particular, have just been thinking about it for a while; and the timeline would match up, given that they’ve been largely MIA since Miitopia Switch in 2021…

    Also, calling it now, LM2 Switch is from Tantalus.

  10. 2 hours ago, darksnowman said:

    Those'd be nice. It'd be cool to have the option for the Super Gameboy borders.

    I'm looking forward to Conker's Pocket Tales so @WackerJr can support us through it. I couldn't get into it on GBC.

    That’s gonna be interesting with how that handle that one, since CPT is actually two entirely different games in one cart; depending on whether you play it on the original DMG/GBPocket model or the GBC (they don’t even share save files, they’re literally entirely different games, with different level design).

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  11. Some deets about the upcoming Analogue 3D from the horse's mouth...




    ● Anything that connects to the N64 via its cartridge expansion slot (cartridge pak, rumble pak, transfer pak, or even the very rare Bio-Sensor that came with Tetris 64 in Japan) will work with Analogue 3D, so long as players connect an original N64 gamepad to the system. Modern gamepad manufacturer 8BitDo is creating a wireless N64-styled controller in honor of the Analogue 3D, but it does not appear to include its own cartridge expansion slot.

    ● In the event that you need to save with a cartridge pak but don’t have one, Taber says that Analogue 3D will have your back in the form of “save states.” This computationally expensive feature isn’t always a given on FPGA systems, so it will be interesting to see how it works here.

    ● The relatively rare 64DD add-on, exclusive to Japan, will not natively connect to Analogue 3D. Taber suggests that “community developed” connection options will work instead.

    ● Analogue 3D will include a ton of gamepad options. Four original N64 controllers can connect via the system’s four built-in ports. On top of that, the system will include two USB Type-A ports and will support four additional wireless controllers via either Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless. “Wireless controller support will be everything Analogue Dock supports and more,” Taber says.

    ● Select system-level visual effects can be disabled on a menu level if users would like, particularly the N64’s infamous anti-aliasing glaze.

    ● By default, Analogue 3D will run N64 games at their native speeds, complete with frame rate slowdowns (we’re looking at you, Goldeneye 007 four-player split-screen). Taber suggests that optional toggles will enable “overclocking, running smoother, eliminating native frame dips,” and other performance-specific tweaks.

    ● The N64’s optional 4MB RAM “expansion pak” will be built into Analogue 3D and enabled by default. Users can go into a menu to disable the expansion pak if they want to disable its features in select games.

    ● Analogue 3D will support the same firmware-update process as prior Analogue systems, via a microSD port. Taber suggests that “some new methods of updating” will be announced at a later date. (Analogue has never formally announced “jailbreak” support for its older systems, which have allowed system owners to load ROM files via microSD cards instead of physical cartridges to play games, but each has eventually received a jailbreak of some kind.)

    ● Taber says the Analogue 3D will only support “pure N64 and the original legacy ecosystem surrounding it, nothing else.” It will not include any fork of the “openFPGA” system found on Analogue Pocket.

    Taber also confirms that they're using all new and much higher specced FPGA hardware, as expected (I bet they're using the Efinix Ti180; the same FPGA chip as what the upcoming MARS FPGA system is supposed to be using).

    Transfer Pak support, Overclocking and Save States are some pretty dang lofty promises for an N64 FPGA solution... But Analogue do tend to deliver on their promises (even if after lengthy delays), so I do believe him.  This hardware gonna be expensive!

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  12. 8 minutes ago, killthenet said:

    Christ, the only thing that would make me buy an Analogue console and they actually go ahead and make it. Not looking forward to the pricing, will surely be their most expensive system yet, but I'm going to have to order one, aren't I?

    Did they go out of their way to stress 'physical only' when they announced their other systems? Just wondering if the rule on being able to run backup ROMs is something that they'll change their minds on eventually.

    They always do.  Officially, the systems only run original carts and not ROMs, but every single Analogue system has eventually gotten some sort of "unofficial" jailbreak from an un-named source (who totally isn't Kevtris; Analogue's main engineer ;)). 

    Basically they don't want to get themselves into trouble with the likes of Nintendo, but they always end up releasing some sort of backdoor method on the sly.

    Speaking of which...

    Analogue Pocket's Open FPGA will get the display modes at the end of the year :D

    I'd be very interested to see what FPGA hardware they're using for the Analogue 3D here, considering that the MiSTer's DE10 nano (which has more than twice the FPGA logic capacity of Analogue's past products, and where complete systems retail for a much higher price) is only just barely able to handle Robert's currently in-development N64 core...

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  13. On 15/08/2023 at 11:13 PM, Dcubed said:

    If you know anything about me, you know that I fucking love stereoscopic 3D! Right now it costs a bomb, but I really hope it does well and we start seeing larger versions of the display, prices come down and more games get the S3D treatment.  I'm really happy to see someone push autostereoscopic 3D tech once again, I've missed it so much with the Switch.

    Acer does what Nintendon't! :D

    Well it seems that we're getting this part at least, because Acer just announced a 27' version of the Pro model to come out early next year!


    The Pro series is the one designed for professional/industry users, so this definitely isn't going to be coming out at consumer grade pricing, but hopefully the inevitable non-Pro version ends up being at least somewhat reasonably priced (it won't).

    Still happy to see more strides being made.  I love my current Spatiallabs View! :D

  14. ABK has been so poorly run that this is nothing but a good thing for everyone involved.

    When your employee union is celebrating that you're being acquired? You know that the company was in seriously dire straits.

    This acquisition actually gives hope that we might see ABK's studios finally be released from the COD dungeon, and gives hope that the likes of THPS and Crash Bandicoot might yet live again.  It also means that Nintendo platforms will finally stop being left out of major ABK releases like COD.  This is a good thing... and the fact that it's taken a $70 billion acquisition for Kotick's head to get out of his company's arse is the real travesty here.

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  15. 38 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    This guy's relatively new to voice acting.

    Probably done through an audition process, congrats on landing such a humongous role to him.

    That's really cool.  Crazy that it's only his 7th ever role!

    Nintendo seem to have a bit of a knack for finding up & coming talent... he joins the likes of Xander Mobus and Adam Howden in that regard; and if their post-Nintendo discovery careers are anything to go by? Afghani has a hell of a future lined up for him :D