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  1. 1 hour ago, BowserBasher said:

    Right, not a fan of RPG games but loved all the Paper Mario games, is this worth getting for me? 
    Im going to assume by watching that trailer it is more in line with Paper Mario games (being they were more based on this) than more traditional RPG games that have loads of different characters for your team and a million and 1 power ups and abilities. 

    If you’ve ever played any of the Mario & Luigi games, they’re more similar to SMRPG than the Paper Marios are (which makes sense, they were made by the same group of people after all).

  2. 18 minutes ago, MindFreak said:

    It'll probably be inspired by the LotR-movies, setting-wise.

    It’s probably going to literally be a knockoff of Return of The King, just with the 3 Goddesses OoT origin story and the Scouring Of The Shire Hyrule Castle/Kokiri Forest tacked onto the start.

    The Frodo/Sam portion of the movie will be Link & Navi spelunking through dungeons to find a thing that can kill Ganon.  The Aragorn section will be Zelda gathering up her army of Gorons/Zoras/Dekus etc and the Gandalf section will be whatever side characters they decide to pull from the mainline Zelda series to help out the main heroes on the side.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    The eye watering sales of their software never fails to impress me. I still think their hardware sales will finally topple the PS2 record.

    I imagine their next console will be out this time next year. I'm very curious to see when it will revealed. A lot of people are pegging it for a March reveal and September release.

    My money's on an April announcement (to kick off the new FY) and a November 2024 release.

    Switch 1 should just about pass the PS2's total hardware sales by the time November 2024 rolls around, so Nintendo's ego will finally be properly stroked and they will be able to take their Pimp Crown back just in time for their next hardware to roll on in.

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  4. Sony making a Zelda… what a world we live in!

    Shame it’s live action, but it was always going to be… They want that GoT/HoTD money, and live action would always have orders of magnitude more box office potential than animation.  Cant say I blame ‘em really.

    Still, with the Hollywood SAGAFTRA strikes still ongoing? This movie isn’t getting released for at least another 5 years.

  5. 42 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    I mean, yeah. I've always said that any Skyward Sword dungeon utterly clowns upon the equivalent in BotW.

    Ironically, I couldn't get into the HD version. Not because I think it's worse, but because Joy-cons suck. Nowhere near as precise or as reliable as the Wii motion plus.

    Game's still great though.

    The motion detection itself isn’t the problem… it’s the wireless interference.  If you can play with the Joycons in a place that isn’t smothered in Bluetooth/WiFi signals everywhere? The controls actually work just fine…

    … unfortunately I’m not so lucky :(

    Hopefully Switch 2 finally gives as a robust wireless solution for this game.

  6. To be fair… 3D platformers are a rare breed in general, and 3D platformers of the calibre that Nintendo & Rare put out are Ultimate: Play The Game rarer still.  They’re amongst the hardest types of games to make, period.

    It’s a bit unfair to judge the Crash & Spyro games against some of the literal best games ever made.

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  7. Ahh, how it warms my heart to see @Hero-of-Time finally see the light about Skyward Sword! You do have some good taste in games after all :D

    SS’ level design really is second to none, glad to see you recognise its brilliance.  I really love how they manage to recontextualise the areas you go back to, and take advantage of/play off of the knowledge you’ve built up about each area over the course of the game.  And yeah, SS is probably the most Metroid-esc of all the Zeldas… something that only works to its benefit.

    The little changes they made to the HD version do really help to improve the pacing as well, Tantalus really did a great job with it overall.

    Now we just need to get you to come to your senses about Star Fox Zero ;)

  8. 2 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    I've been enjoying what little PS1/PSP scraps Sony have thrown our way on PS+. I was excited when the service as first announced but, like all of these online services, the offerings have been few and far between. There are loads of games I would like to play but with publishers wanting to release their own collections or just not wanting to play ball at all, it's pretty clear that I'm never going to get the games I want on these types of services. That being the case...


    I picked up some JRPGs that I never played back in the day. I dabbled with Grandia on the Vita but that's about it. 



    Very happy with the condition they are in, especially Alundra. That came with the hints and tips book and the map.

    Also picked up Spider-Man 2. It wasn't high on my list but there were no bids on it and it was pretty cheap for the condition it was in.


    The PS1 cases are a bit of a nightmare to find in decent condition. I have found some brand new replacements on ebay that I may purchase and give a try. It's been a while since I've been down the Retro rabbit hole but I figure I best pick up some of these games that I want now before they get even further out of reach. Thankfully, a lot of games on my list aren't that expensive. 


    What a shame they’re all crappy PAL copies… :p

    Seriously though, nice haul.  Alundra is a good time :D

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  9. So with this final wave, the following courses remain unported from Mario Kart Tour...



    Mario Circuit 1, Donut Plains 1, Ghost Valley 1, Mario Circuit 2, Choco Island 1, Ghost Valley 2, Donut Plains 2, Choco Island 2, Vanilla Lake 1, Koopa Troopa Beach 2, Vanilla Lake 2


    Frappe Snowland, Mario Raceway


    Peach Circuit, Bowser's Castle 1, Bowser's Castle 2, Bowser's Castle 3, Bowser's Castle 4, Luigi Circuit, Cheep-Cheep Island


    Mushroom Bridge, Dino Dino Jungle


    Luigi's Mansion, DK Pass, Airship Fortress


    Dry Dry Ruins


    Daisy Hills, Cheep Cheep Lagoon, Shy Guy Bazaar, Mario Circuit, Wario Galleon, Bowser's Castle


    Piranha Plant Pipeline

    ... wow... SMK got done dirty! Only got two tracks throughout the entire BCP!

    That's an depressingly large list of missing tracks... 33 in total! That's enough for another 4 waves with some change!

    While there are some really upsetting missing courses (Airship Fortress... :(), PPP's omission the most utterly baffling though.  Why even bother making it at all if you're just going to consign it to the digital dustbin, forever locked in mobile prison!?

  10. 14 hours ago, bob said:

    Seems crazy that they made two completely different games based on the same film in the same year.

    Ahh, the days before multiplatform development and common hardware standards.  Where each console would often get entirely unique games from different developers.  Tell the truth? I miss it.

    Even in this era (3DO/Jaguar/Saturn/PS1/N64), multiplatform releases were pretty rare (and almost exclusively western-developed).  It wouldn’t be until the following generation (DC/PS2/GCN/Xbox) where multiplatform development really started to become the norm; and a big reason for that was the popularity of newly developed middleware engines (especially Renderware), and the introduction of formerly Windows PC-focused developers being brought onto consoles.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, BowserBasher said:

    Proceeds to get a Bater Box in the first few rounds

    Ok. That was a great first board (and not just because I finally won a game). I can see why this is better than the first two. That final round was insane though. A Bowser reverse curse while me and @Dcubed had just passed a Boo, right by a skeleton key door, with a star just in reach too. 

    Don’t worry… I got a clip of that moment…

    I love this game! :D

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  12. Looks artless.  Like one of those Mario In Unreal Engine videos, but with a budget.

    Might as well be AI generated.

    Honestly, even that bloody awful MGS3 Pachislot machine respects the original game's art direction far more than this generic looking slop...