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  1. PS3 Delayed Till 2007

    The truly ridiculous thing is that Sony already started their preorder campaign months ago and just launched the first PS3 launch promo site yesterday!(With the old date of course :awesome:) Today's Famitsu says Capcom have a surprising announcement regarding DMC4 at TGS, I'll leave the thinking up to you
  2. PS3 delayed in Europe till March 2007

    Nintendo can't put their prices up in Europe too high, they are competing with the £200 Xbox 360 after all!
  3. PS3 Delayed Till 2007

    Couldn't have put it better myself, GO NINTENDO GO!!!
  4. Wii demo pods?

    They better not be the final demo pods, the PS3 one is horrible (Extreme neck cramps ahoy!) and the Wii pod is not Widescreen (Ridiculous when most games are Widescreen and all the other consoles have widescreen demo pods!) Also I hope that the Wii's tether is nice and long, the one in that picture is way too short.
  5. Far Cry Vengence Wii

    It's fake. 2nd screen is identical to the xbox one.
  6. Wiimote production issues?

    Bull! Matt Cassamsmsmuhhh (Can't be bothered to spell his name) has already played with a final manufactured Wii and Wiimote and said it's flawless. That Wii and Wiimote would have to come off the production line and the consoles started manufacturing in late July so any problems would have been ironed out before mass production. Besides, Nintendo have their own factories set up in china, they don't share factories with Sony! (Nintendo actually have good quality assurance!)
  7. I need a new TV for Wii!

    Moria, I'm assuming that you're using it with a PAL game. You need to run the game in progressive scan in order to get a picture on your monitor since VGA monitors cannot display interlaced images. If you have an NTSC game and a Freeloader, try running a progressive scan game and turning on progressive scan (Hold B on start up, like enabling 60hz for PAL games) Oh, not to mention you need to be using the GCN component cable for it to work (I'm assuming thats what you are using or is this connector a, God forbid, composite to VGA convertor!)
  8. Miyamoto spills some more beans....

    These "wiimakes" will probably be done like the Player's Choice selection. A series of GCN games ported to the Wii for a budget price and with extra Wii controls. Think of these as like Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (Where the budget "Greatest Hits" release added many extras), except instead of extras in the game, you have additional Wiimote controls. This is a way for Ninty to keep the GCN games on the shelves for people (Who missed out on the GCN) to have another chance to play these games without resorting to second hand games. It's particularily good for non gamers who have just jumped into gaming as they are very unlikely to go hunting on ebay for all the GCN games they missed out on but may want to try out the GCN games they've never played if they see them on the shelves for a budget price (Probably the same price as the PLayer's Choice selection) Add in the Wiimote controls for non gamers who don't like traditional controllers and those who want a new way of playing all the GCN games they love and you're onto a winner. Graphics will probably not be touched but widescreen support is a possiblity I reckon. Personally I think it's a great idea! Market them as classic GCN games under Player's Choice and sell them for the same price as the Player's Choice games and it's a keeper. Metroid Prime 1 and 2 are pretty much confirmed already since the very first Wii game that was shown off to the press behind doors was actually a version of Metroid Prime 2 with Wiimote controls. If they put Luigi's Mansion and RE4 under this new brand I would splooge myself!
  9. The game boy player

    The GBPlayer is possibly the best accessory Nintendo has ever put out, the image quality is fantastic and most game actually look better on the GBPLayer than on any of the handhelds (DS Lite can compete with it though) There is no pixilation with most games and most actually look smother on the GBPlayer than on a handheld (3D games are the exception and Golden Sun suffers a bit on the TV as well) The only problem, and it's not actually a problem with the GBPlayer itself, is that it highlights the worst aspects of a game's visuals and blows them up (Like Golden Sun's world map) Highly reccomended, this is the best way to play GBA games bar none (Except for Wario Ware Twisted of course :awesome:)
  10. Wii to be under £100?

    £150 is just right. Very much in the mainstream but still safely above the DS Lite.
  11. I need a new TV for Wii!

    Actually, I only just found this today and was thinking of picking this up for myself lol! (If I can get the money that is) I haven't got the money for a decent HDTV and most of them make SD content look shite, which... is bad since I'd be primerally using it for the Wii! I think projector bulbs for this one retail for about £200 and at playing for 8 hours a day/7 days a week it would last for about 2/3 - 1 whole year. It's a fair bit to pay but you get a way bigger screen than any Lcd or Plasma at the perfect picture resolution, for the Wii, for a fraction of the cost for a decent one (even taking into account the cost of the bracket and the screen) But the bulb changing may get annoying and you've gotta make sure it doesn't get too dusty, it's a killer if you don't clean it often (Usually recommended every 2 weeks or a month depending on how dusty the room is) Check out this site and see how big you could make the screen in your room http://www.projectorcentral.com/Toshiba_TACP-TDP-MT200-projection-calculator-pro.htm It's a bit complicated to use though but hopefully you'll get something out of it. That's the best choice I can think of if you want to play your Wii games with the best possible quality. No one is interested in bringing out HD CRT TVs in Europe and the Samsung Slimfit is a pile of shit, don't go anywhere near it. LCDs are shit for SD and Plasmas are too expensive, sorry if I make it sound a bit bleak If anything else I hope I've helped someone out there!
  12. I need a new TV for Wii!

    Yeah the Wii will run at the proper PAL resolution, what I'm saying is that the TV is designed for PAL 50, not PAL 60. PAL 60 runs at 640-480 whereas PAL 50 runs at 720-576. What I'm not sure about is that these TVs were designed for PAL, I don't remember Sharp releasing an LCD designed for NTSC so it wouldn't make sense for Ninty to use this TV for Wii demonstration. This can't be the TV they used. It'll look better than a HDTV for the Wii, but it still won't be quite perfect. BTW I just emailed NOA asking them what TV they used at E3 and they don't know (Or at least they don't remember ) Oh well, my quest continues! Update Hey, Red Shell I'm not sure if this is ideal for you but I've found a native 480p projector for less than £400 here http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?quicklinx=3ZB3 It can't do HD but it wont matter if you're primerally using it for the Wii. Seems to have gotten some farily decent reviews as well http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=378445 and 5 out of 5 in What Video Widescreen TV (Nov 2004) give it a look!
  13. I need a new TV for Wii!

    Ahhh I know these TVs! these are the ones Sharp released recently that were optimised for a PAL resolution. They would be better for the Wii than a HDTV but obviously they wont be HDTV ready. Also they still wouldn't match the Wii's resolution perfectly as they are designed for a PAL 50 image. If you decide to play in 60hz it drops the resolution from 720-576 (PAL 50 in 4-3) to 640-480 (NTSC and Pal 60) This means that the only type of LCD or Plasma screen that will display the Wii in it's native resolution is one optimised for 480p (640-480 progressive, all LCDs and Plasmas run in progressive scan natively) and you'll only get those in NTSC regions. The only way you can play the Wii in it's proper 480p PAL image is if you get a Progressive scan enabled CRT TV and those aren't common in Europe unfortuantly (Though I haven't checked up on this for a while, they might be more common now :p) If you really want to go the HDTV flat screen route (Which you will have to do eventually) I would recommend going for a Plasma screen. They scale a lot better than LCDs and I hear that SD content looks almost as good as it does on a normal TV with some models. That being said, Plasmas do tend to be a lot more expensive than LCDs but they give a better picture with SD. I feel all of your pain, I want a new TV too (I'm currently using my GCN on a 32" CRT TV with RGB scart and on a small 14" CRT with RGB when I change rooms) I'm tired of looking at interlaced images and I want to play my Wii in 480p and it's not a flat tube so straight lines can bend a little at the edges of the screen. This really pisses me off! (The 14" TV kicks arse though, wouldn't change it for the world )
  14. Wii WindowBlinds Skins

    Looks fabulous, can't wait to use it! I just can't decide whether I prefer black or white
  15. It's not been confirmed that Rare's games wont appear on VC yet, their latest scribes (I think it's this one, could be the previous one) actually says that nothing has been confirmed yet and it's still a posibility. That being said, I still reckon it's not gonna happen. Also didn't Nintendo confirm that all VC games will cost in between $4 and $9? that sounds fairly reasonable to me (£2-£6) Nintendo's marketing has been pretty good lately (aside from the horribly dubbed NSMB ad!) I think these ads have just about the right level of "fun" that Ninty want to convey with the Wii. All they need to do is show someone playing the game as they normally would and maybe throw a few smiles in for good measure.
  16. Split Opinion - Wave Race: Blue Storm

    The original is a masterpiece and the sequel's gameplay is just as good, if not better but it is the atmosphere and the music that kills Blue Storm. Gone is the feel good atmosphere, gone is the wonderfull Hajimi Wakai music and the iconic flamboyant announcer and instead is a crappy "edgey" style, with crappy music and purely american announcers. The game tries far too hard to be cool and feels too americanised (You can attribute that to the fact that NST made Blue Storm) and as a result, despite the brilliant gameplay, BS has lost the magic that was overflowing in the original game. Hopefully with Katsuya Eguchi making Wii Motor Sports, he'll be back in the saddle for a new Wave Race game.
  17. Virtual Console

    The games will run in full screen and in 60hz, don't worry. Plus we're gonna be able to download US only games (and possibly JPN only games) so they'll run in fulll screen 60hz too.
  18. No More Camelot Games

    First E3 and now Camelot, what will happen tommorow!!!
  19. No More E3?

    HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! (Though it's not officially announced it's as good as fact) If they don't have one next year, they wont have one ever again. Shows never skip a year (Looks back at Spaceworld, which simply has to come back now, Ninty have no choice) and some are specualting that EA's departure from the show is the main cause of this... I can't even remember a time when we didn't have E3! This is possibly the worst thing that could happen to the Gaming Industry, MANY developers rely on E3 for publicity. Without it, a great deal of AAA games today would have gone completely unnoticed and people are saying it's good for small developers!!! They can't afford to set up their own exhibition! This is a very sad day for the entire industry, and to us all. RIP E3, 1995-2006 Never forget the good times, may the memories never die!
  20. Actualy I think it was first announced to be April 2005, then it was delayed to November 2005 and then delayed to "2006" and finally "Q4 2006" which is where we're at now. BTW Phantom Hourglass is pretty much confirmed to be delayed to 2007 incase you don't know http://www.thehylia.com/zelda_ph_pushed_back.shtml This is good IMO as I simply couldn't stand playing 2 Zeldas at once! and besides, it's already gonna be hard enough to play GCN TP before Wii TP and MPrime3 and that's just the start of the Wii's line up! Wallet am cry
  21. Heroes first footage!

    Didn't the JPN version of Killer 7 have English voices anyway? I'd imagine that it'd be the same for Heroes. Wii love Grasshopper
  22. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Considering all the tech inside the Wiimote, 30-60 hours is very good. We all knew that there was no way it would come close to the Wavebird's 100 hour battery life and I was expecting a lot less than that (about 15-20 hours) Even at 30 hours (Which will probably average out at about 40-45 playing different games) that's a lot longer than you think (Roughly 1 third that of the Wave Bird and think how often you have to change batteries with that, not very often at all) Let's say you play for 2 hours a day, the batteries will last for about 20 days; that's pretty good!
  23. Wii Hardware Discussion

    It'll probably store personal info. I reckon that the character you create for Wii Sports will be used for other games as well (This would be a character that would represent you and would use your picture as a face like at E3) As for this "camera" I'm almost certain that this will be used to give the Wiimote direct pointing (Light Gun style) capabilities since it currently can't be used like a light gun as it can't be used to directly point at, and interact with, objects on screen. It'll probably also be used as a camera since it's already been confirmed that you can put your face on you character in Wii Sports. Great news on the battery life, I'm not too bothered about the AA batteries myself but it would be nice if Ninty brought out a battery pack. Still, AA batteries are better than internal rechargable ones since non gamers will feel much more comfortable putting in new AA batteries into the Wiimote (Just like they do with a normal TV remote) than they would be plugging it into a wall socket or a charging pod.
  24. I guess it depends on how popular the game is in the US. If it sells well, then we might see it come out here! (Come on NOE, surely you've learnt from the whole Animal Crossing fiasco!) The GCN seems to be going out with a bang, perhaps an even bigger one than the PS2! Twilight Princess (Yes I know there's a Wii version as well) Super Paper Mario, Baten Kaitos Origins, DK Bongo Blast and (If it hasn't been moved to the Wii) Kirby GCN It's not looking too bad for the GCN after all!
  25. I reckon this is BS, why would Nintendo choose to reveal a price via the Daily Mail?. The Wii is coming out before the PS3, that is a fact. Therefore it cant come out in late November (Which would be way too close to Christmas to sell the console properly). Also 24 games is a bit much (Not even the 360 with it's rush job launch had that many games) and the price could only be real if it came with Wii Sports, Music and Motor Sports (This would actually be a very good price and very much mass market if it came with these games) Though I would love to see Ninty sell the console for £169.99 with Wii Sports, Music and Motor Sports packed in, I don't think Ninty is smart enough to do that