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  1. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    Normally I'd call BS on this, but considering that everything shown and announced was launch window, it's not that outlandish. For an event where they were supposedly short on time, a lot of that was actually pretty well wasted on rambling and the pointless 3DS game name unveils!
  2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I saw it and it did say that it was a partial list. We know of one game that is definitely due to come out this year that was absent from both that list and the E3 conference (Prof Layton & The Miracle Mask and I would think that one to be a dead cert to appear tomorrow). I think it likely that this list will get updated afterwards.
  3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    They probably just picked the next set of 3 1st party titles that are due to be released. These 3 games are probably due to come out before AC3DS, so they chose to highlight them first. I'd be shocked if we saw nothing of it tomorrow!
  4. Pikmin 3

    I love the Rock Pikmin. So lovably derpish The visuals are beautiful, but very underwhelming from a technical perspective (its Wii roots are obvious) I'm so glad to see that they're sticking with the original Pikmin 3 control concept (motionplus) and that the Wii U tablet is used in an additive manner (and a very creative one at that! I never would've expected it to be used as a second TV with a stand, while the Wiimote/Nunchuck is the primary controller! ) The demo was far too brief though and gives little information on the wider game structure (wherein lied the biggest innovation with Pikmin 2) Looks great, but they didn't show enough. As it stands, I'd still say that NSMBU was the Wii U game of the show for that very reason.
  5. NEW! Super Mario Bros. U

    MASSIVELY improved over the NSMBMii demo. Lots of new gameplay ideas and the visuals have gotten a nice upgrade. This looks to be the shit Best game of the conference (Pikmin 3's demo was far too short and didn't show enough)
  6. New Super Mario Bros 2

    The total coin count probably appears on the bottom screen (top screen counter just counts until you get a life)
  7. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    What if you get stickers who ARE your party members?
  8. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  9. New Super Mario Bros 2

    Ok so the game IS doing something new then! Now I'm much more interested. Sounds like it's taking a few pages from Wario Land & Yoshi's Story with the coin collecting stuff Need to see more though...
  10. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

    Graphically it looks stunning, but the gameplay looks more combat focused than I would like... I want to see some actual platforming and exploration still!
  11. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    Either way it doesn't matter. If the Wii U isn't getting Fifa 13 then it's gonna be very hard for Nintendo to encourage existing Fifa fans to move from 360 and PS3 to the Wii U instead of 720 & PS4 (which will feature better graphics) It's all about laying the foundations of future support. If they can't hit the ground running, then they're gonna be in trouble (and no, a late release of Fifa 13 is no good. If it isn't at launch, then there's no point in bothering) It's the same problem as what PES on Wii had. The games were fantastic, but the first game came way too late (about 6 months after the PS360 version) and the window of opportunity just passed over Playmaker (of course, the franchise fell apart after that, but that's a different matter - and one that could've been prevented if Playmaker was given 1st class treatment)
  12. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    Shit... Maybe EA got pissed off when Nintendo refused to make Origin the exclusive Wii U online store? Still that doesn't explain the complete absence of Activision! Especially when we already know pretty much for certain that BLOPS2 is coming to Wii U... (and no Skylanders is utterly ridiculous - especially considering that the damn tablet has NFC built in - Hell, Activision were one of the few 3rd parties that gave the Wii almost full support!!!) 3rd party support is not looking good. A bunch of late ports with tacked on Wii U stuff and once again Ubisoft are the only ones giving the Wii U (mostly) full support? Why even bother with the Wii U Controller Pro at this point!? This is all sounding very familiar...
  13. Nintendo Land

    Probably the cutest game ever made. But it's still just Wii Play U with a Nintendo Theme Park skin...
  14. Game & Wario (June 28th)

    Sounds like a Wario Ware style game, but with full games (ALA Pyoro) rather than Microgames. The name alone makes me happy So cute and so Warioish That's all I need to know. Jimmy T, sking in spandex. YES!
  15. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    Maybe Retro's new game is actually for 3DS? Ahh good point, I had forgotten about that! In all of Nintendo's past E3 console unveils, they've always shown off the full list of games in development (Paper Mario and Animal Crossing were shown for the 3DS way back in 2010 and they're STILL not out!), this time around they've only shown games that are coming out within the launch window. That could well explain the brevity of the 1st party Wii U lineup...
  16. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    Nintendo are not developing Sing, they're just publishing it.
  17. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    HOLY SHIT PROJECT P-100 IS FROM PLATINUM GAMES!!! Game & Wario is from the Wario Ware team (SPD1 & Intelligent Systems)
  18. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    That was... Exciting and disappointing at the same time. What they showed was good, but there wasn't much of it! Only 4 1st party titles?! That's it?! And all of them sequels?! (Nintendo Land, however innovative and unbelievably fricking cute, is effectively Wii Play U with a Nintendo theme park skin) And no details about the Wii U eShop? Or the online play? Or anything else regarding the OS?! It was very in depth regarding game details (and the games do look great), but they didn't show many games. No Retro?! No Monolith Soft?! No F-Zero?! WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE GAMES?!
  19. Bugger me, that Zombie game was real!? Fuck this shitty industry, I can't even give Ubisoft credit for being self aware! Good thing they have Rayman and Watchdogs, because those are the only interesting non-Nintendo things that have been shown thus far (unless you count that non-demo of South Park The Stick of Truth - which still managed to steal the MS show, without even being demoed! Actually, this pretty much sums up my feelings about E3 thus far as a whole...
  20. Microsoft Press Conference (4th June)

    The most boring, derivative and depressing conference I can ever remember watching. Every game looks exactly the same (brown, dudebro, QTE riddled "Press A To Win" quasi interactive movies) While Halo 4 looks a bit more interesting than the other ones (thanks to stealing from Metroid Prime), the only somewhat interesting game wasn't even shown (South Park The Stick of Truth) If this is to be the future of gaming, I want to see it crash and burn. Fuck this industry.
  21. I'd take Nikkei's story with a grain of salt. Their rumours are wrong just as often as they are right (they leaked the existence of the 3DS just before Nintendo announced it, but got most of the details wrong) It's not an outlandish rumour, so it could be true; the Wii U pricing rumour however is a big red flag for me. They're not announcing the price at E3 and probably haven't even decided on the final price yet, so how could they have accurate details?
  22. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    Nah, not really. They probably commissioned an animation studio to make a quickie 10 second clip that they just edited into this video.
  23. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    I'm certain that they'll package in a Wiimote plus & Nunchuck (Non motionplus Wiimote un-supported) inside the box. They're already showing games that require the Wiimote (Wii Sports U and Zelda Wii U is said to be using the Wiimote Plus too) and those things are dirt cheap. No reason to not do it (especially since it comes with the sensor bar) It also appears in this screen too (look next to the Wii U console under the TV) That's obviously not an accident... The real question now is whether or not the Wii U Pro Controller will also come packaged in as well? (The less excuses given to 3rd parties the better!) The whole thing is a pisstake on generic zombie shooting FPS games (and the audience that plays them...)
  24. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    Whoops I dun goofed. Mystery solved! The next one now is what that gold icon on NSMB Mii is all about... Straight up achievements (OH GOD PLEASE NO!) or something a bit smarter? Perhaps it's a live update on someone who just finished a level in under 100 seconds? Or maybe some sort of automatic time trial ghost sharing? (they did mention game content sharing as part of Miiverse...)
  25. PRE-E3 NINTENDO DIRECT Conference

    The one on the left is number of replies, the right one is number of likes?