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  1. Mario Kart 7

    Mind you though, I suppose that local play doesn't really need a patch. You can just whack the cheater on the head if they take the glitchcut. In-built solution!
  2. Mario Kart 7

    Interesting. Seems the glitch still works in offline and local play. Only the online mode has been fixed (I have tested it to hilarious effect and yes it HAS been fixed! ) I guess they didn't want to mess up existing time-trial times...
  3. Mario Kart 7

    But you can delete the update data from the System Settings screen if you want to play the vanilla version! Ahh well, at least it stops you from going online without the update and tells you to go download it from the eShop (tried it before I updated) The game should really re-direct you to the eShop MK7 update page though, rather than just throwing you back onto the title screen...
  4. 3DS eShop Thread

    Looks like I spoke too soon! The Mario Kart 7 patch is out now on the eShop! Why it doesn't auto download, I have no idea!
  5. Mario Kart 7

    Looks like I spoke too soon! The Mario Kart 7 patch is out now on the eShop! Why it doesn't auto download, I have no idea!
  6. I wouldn't want to see Retro tainted with Bioware's shit anyway. They're too good for Mass Effect (or any of Bioware/EA's IP)
  7. Pandora's Tower

    I'd say about 13-15. It feels neither too long nor too short. There's quite a bit of post endgame content as well.
  8. Mario Tennis Open

    I hope that the chance shots aren't as frequent as they appear in that video. It does look a lot like a tennis version of simon says...
  9. 3DS Firmware Update - Includes Folders

    Well it's seemingly not coming this week, so they're already late. I suspect that it has been delayed till early June (hi November, December 3DS update!) Wouldn't be surprised if they just saved it for the E3 conference - "And now, this amazing free update for Mario Kart 7 is live right now" (Gee, how fucking kind of you)
  10. 3DS eShop Thread

    Good week all in all, but there's nothing for me really (I already have Kirby's Dreamland 2 on cartridge and it's not a game that really benefits from the VC's temporary save states so it would be mostly pointless for me to buy it again) Seeing Rayman Origins in S3D will be a cool curiosity for me (I've played every other version already and the game isn't that great anyway) but nothing more. Bird Mania looks like a generic piece of iOS slop. I'm not touching that shit with a 40 foot pole. Mind you though, I'm not complaining really. It's a good week all round and I'm still playing through all of last week's epic output!
  11. HOLY SHIT LOL! That's just terrifying. 1.Predicting the MEGATONS of NINTENDO's E3 2012 conference 1: Eternal Darkness 2 announced for Wii U - I wouldn't say it's outrageous... 2: A new F-Zero announced for Wii U.... AND 3DS! - Following in SSB4's footsteps... (maybe co-developed by another team. Either Q-Games, Platinum or a team from Tecmo Koei) 3: Gamecube, Sega Saturn and Dreamcast games added to Wii U VC and are all running in HD - Bit of an obvious one really. Nintendo always upres their emulated games whenever possible. 4: Zelda 3DS unveiled, a hybrid 3D-2D game - Top screen shows an OoT style 3D view, while the touch screen features 2D top down sprites. Some sections of the game take place from a sidescrolling perspective ALA Zelda 2. 5: NSMB Mii is shown off and it links to NSMB2 somehow - Be it data transfer or something crazy like having 2 players play each separate game simultaneously and stuff that happens in one game affects the other! 2.Outrageous claims 1: MACH RIDER UNCHAINED!!!! Announced for 3DS, made by NST 2: Virtual Console localisation programme - Nintendo goes back and gives all of those retro JPN only games the Monster World 4 VC treatment. Full localisations for the entire 1st half Fire Emblem series, Mother 3, Marvelous, Seiken Densetsu 3 etc 3.Predicting the aftermath 1: Fire Emblem Awakening announced for US release - It'll appear as an afternote on their website, quietly tucked away in a corner 2: SSB4 Teaser Trailer shown - Just a CG trailer that hints at a few of the connectivity stuff and a few new characters/game mechanics. No actual ingame gameplay shown.
  12. Pokemon Black & White 2

    To be honest, I think they just looked at Black/White Kyurem & the Trio and thought "Why the fuck not?"
  13. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/01/nintendo_download_19th_january_2012_europe HALLELULIA!!! There's hope for Yoshi's Island, Earthbound, Starfox, Pilotwings 64 and Castlevania Bloodlines yet
  14. Monster Hunter 3G

    Looks like it's not coming over here at all now... http://www.capcom-unity.com/monster_hunter/go/thread/view/7451/29105307/Anything_on_the_news_front_for_a_new_MH_game_in_N.A.&post_num=32?pageSystem=full If it's not being announced at E3, then I think it's safe to say that it's not coming over period. Fuck you Capcpom! A fucking easy and low budget localisation, where half the work is already done, on a console that's alive & kicking arse and you can't even manage that?! Go fuck yourselves!
  15. It's a really great action/RPG platformer. While it ditches the metroidvania structure of past MW titles, it retains that blend of platforming and combat and gives it more depth. Think of it as a bit like Shantae, Zelda 2 or Faxanadu but with linear stages. Great level design, tight controls, really nice music, colourful characters (both in the literal and metaphorical sense!) and a lot of heart.
  16. Mario Tennis Open

    I agree. Big missed opportunity here. Hopefully they're working on making communities work at an OS level (at least on Wii U), like it was originally intended to do. With patching now in place, retrofitting that kind of support down the line should be possible.
  17. Mario Tennis Open

    Yeah, seems so. The Nintendo World Report review seems to corroborate this as well http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/review/30105 They also complain that the online feature set is fairly bare bones. No communities, just your basic DS style hop online and face friends/randoms with a standard ranking system. Well, I'm not really deterred; I know what I'm getting into here. The core gameplay is no doubt solid and that's all I really need.
  18. Yeah, I got it. There's actually quite a few VCA games that have extra control options like that. Space Harrier VCA lets you use the Nunchuck's motion controls to simulate an arcade joystick for instance, while Starglider (JPN only) lets you use the Wiimote's pointer to shoot! Overall, the rules on VCA games are much more lax (probably since each game runs on custom hardware, they let publishers handle their own emulation) The feel of adrenaline is something that SEGA's arcade titles really got down pat. The arcade is really where SEGA were at their very best, and Super Hang On is no exception. A shame that the original Hang On isn't available, but I suppose my copy of Shenmue will suffice for now. Speaking of which, even if you've never played any of the other Monster World games before, you MUST pick up MW4. Seeing a classic like this finally get the localisation it deserved, in its original form that it would've been released in, is a momentous occasion and a huge step forward for video game archival in general (Plus the game is fantastic too! ) I can only pray that its success will encourage the localisation of other preciously JPN only retro games like the first 6 Fire Emblems, Marvelous, Mother 3 and Seiken Densetsu 3.
  19. 3DS eShop Thread

    Nice, but the one I'm really waiting for is the 3DS version of The Pinball Arcade. Shame its been put on hold for now though That's the version of the game I want the most (Zen Pinball 3D's S3D effect is amazing! It really completes the pinball experience!) Those real life tables, with actual realistic physics (instead of the dodgy Zen physics) and those graphics/S3D effect from Zen =
  20. Bit.Trip Saga

    So I got the 3DS collection the other day (tried a mate's copy, saw the framerate issues weren't nearly as bad as the reviews/impressions made it out to be - it's only Runner that really suffers in 3D, and the effect is rubbish in that game anyway) AT LAST! After all these years, I FINALLY beat Bit.Trip Beat! (Take THAT you bastard! ) Feels good, real good. Now I can finally play through the rest of them (and finish Runner properly this time!)
  21. Pandora's Tower

    Oh dear, no wonder you've been struggling lol! On the Wiimote/Nunchuck it's the Z button. You just press it while you're moving (you can roll twice in a row) and it does what you'd expect. Not sure what it is on the CC/CCPro, but you really shouldn't be using that control scheme anyway.
  22. Pandora's Tower

    You're doing it wrong. With every boss you can power up your chain to its max before you pull (dealing massive damage). With that one in particular, the trick is to pull by moving to the right or left (whichever direction the core is travelling in) at all times, while using your dodge roll just before the water stream hits you; just after which you'll get an opportunity to power it up fully. Also, later on in the battle, he'll start to shoot streams through your chain itself - that's where you have to pull it out before it reaches max and before they hit you.
  23. Mario Tennis Open

    To be fair, I bet this game didn't get nearly the same level of budget as Power Tennis, but not even to have an N64 style intro is really disappointing
  24. 3DS Console Discussion

    EU update this week: 3DS VC: Sonic Labyrinth (Game Gear) eShop: VVVVVV DSiWare: Curling Super Championship Wii VC: Wonder Boy in Monster Land (VCA), Monster World IV (MD) That's a fucking awesome update. 3 VC games in one week AND VVVVVV!?! Granted, Sonic Labyrinth is a pile of turd, but that's still one bloody amazing update (I'm getting both Monster World games and VVVVVV ) Bloody Nicalis actually came through. I never thought I'd see the day...
  25. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    It's really hard to pull off well though. It's hard enough to get into a good enough position to use your mega strike and if you get anything worse than at least a green on the speed meter, you're not scoring anything (in which case you'll still be lucky to score more than one goal) The stars have to really align to get 6x goals at the fastest possible speed, but the payoff that usually nets you at least 5 goals is so good!