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  1. So where's Layton then? It should be coming out by the end of this year (as per the usual schedule of releases)
  2. Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

    Well, based on the Software Showcase unveil, it seems that my fears may have been allayed There seems to be a good amount of exploration and platforming in place. Also, this vid confirms multiple difficulty levels and some sort of Spotpass online functionality Overall, I reckon it's looking good so far. Looking forward to it
  3. I was so fucking pissed when I saw the Sing logo. I was totally expecting Wii Music U (the first one is probably the most underrated game on Wii) Complete troll
  4. Fire Emblem Awakening

    Jesus fucking Christ WHY THE HELL WAS THIS NOT IN THE FUCKING CONFERENCE!? And for extra goodness, courtesy of GAF YYYYYEEESSSS!!!!! Nobody does localisations like Treehouse (sorry NOE, your English localisation work is getting better but you still don't hold a candle to Treehouse) I would've been ok if 8-4 was handling it (Like Shadow Dragon), but this is just the icing on the already delicious cake! Good God, this whole E3 event has been a complete mess
  5. New Super Mario Bros 2

    Maybe you all need to work together online to collect enough coins to save the Mushroom Kingdom from economic crisis! Having Peach getting kidnapped all the time is probably what caused the value of Mushroom Kingdom coins to plummet against the Beanbean coin!
  6. New Super Mario Bros 2

    Box art released (and something interesting in it too!) Nintendo Network eh? What's that all about then?
  7. Rayman Legends

    Much more interested now that this is an exclusive (why the hell was this exclusivity announced AFTER the damn conference!?) Now it can actually integrate the tablet gameplay into the core of the game and level design (which it seems to be doing!)
  8. You and me both buddy. I need something other than Monster Hunter Freedom Unite to play on the damn thing!
  9. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    The first time I've agreed with a Eurogamer article regarding anything Nintendo in a long time. It's spot on. They had stuff to show, but it was buried underneath clumsy delivery. The 3rd party showing was pathetic and utterly uninteresting (Except for Rayman Legends, which was only announced as a Wii U exclusive AFTER the conference!) and games/announcements that should've been there were entirely absent (Retro's game, VC/Wiiware transfer details, ANYTHING to do with the eShop and online play etc) The show was poorly planned, overly indulgent in terms of game design detail and lacked clarity. A complete missed opportunity.
  10. Nintendo Land

    Every game included in Nintendo Land is based off an EAD/R&D1 made franchise, so there's a reason why Pokemon would be absent and Balloon Fight gets 1st class treatment.
  11. The release of the remaining upcoming titles and one more price drop, followed by complete abandonment.
  12. I'm still waiting for FF8 PS2 and FF7 PS3...
  13. The Wonderful 101

    This looks fun as hell. There's some Four Swords Adventure elements too (with houses that you go into where the action shifts to the tablets and other players can't see ) Still, I do have to ask why the visuals are so poor. Coming from Platinum, I'd expect a much better looking game
  14. Pikmin 3

    Interesting. Seems that the Wii U Pad controls actually use the Wii U Pad's IR pointer! http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/impressions/30530 Good to see that they're not betraying the original design of the game by changing it to accommodate the Wii U Pad, but isn't it using the Wiimote motionplus for the cursor (ALA Skyward Sword) rather than the IR pointer?
  15. The leaked tech specs (which have been verified by those in the know and can be seen here: http://www.vgleaks.com/world-premiere-wii-u-specs/) show what amounts to a mid range PC that is a clear jump from the PS360. It is capable of the full shader model 5 featureset (despite technically being a shader model 4 GPU - sort of similar to how the 360 has Direct X 10 features, despite being a DX9 GPU), so it should be capable of running all of those games with relative ease (and very likely should be able to run UE4) The question is not whether or not the system is capable, but rather if 3rd parties can be cajoled into supporting a company that they clearly have some personal beef with...
  16. Reconfirmed at the Roundtable http://live.theverge.com/e3-2012-nintendo-wii-u-developer-discussion/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter They also confirm that you can transfer save files
  17. Pikmin 3

    The visuals are actually a lot more stylised than Pikmin 1 & 2, which was the complete opposite of what I was expecting! It makes me think of Skyward Sword, but it still rooted in realism. Sort of a plastic/rubbery look to everything and that can also be seen in the artwork too (look closely at the Pikmin themselves. They're not clay or CG, they're made of rubber!) I really like it myself. The art is what really carries the look of this game (because the environment models look like they were reused straight from the Wii - albeit using higher resolution versions of the source textures)
  18. Nintendo Conference (5.00pm - 5th June)

    Normally I'd call BS on this, but considering that everything shown and announced was launch window, it's not that outlandish. For an event where they were supposedly short on time, a lot of that was actually pretty well wasted on rambling and the pointless 3DS game name unveils!
  19. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I saw it and it did say that it was a partial list. We know of one game that is definitely due to come out this year that was absent from both that list and the E3 conference (Prof Layton & The Miracle Mask and I would think that one to be a dead cert to appear tomorrow). I think it likely that this list will get updated afterwards.
  20. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    They probably just picked the next set of 3 1st party titles that are due to be released. These 3 games are probably due to come out before AC3DS, so they chose to highlight them first. I'd be shocked if we saw nothing of it tomorrow!
  21. Pikmin 3

    I love the Rock Pikmin. So lovably derpish The visuals are beautiful, but very underwhelming from a technical perspective (its Wii roots are obvious) I'm so glad to see that they're sticking with the original Pikmin 3 control concept (motionplus) and that the Wii U tablet is used in an additive manner (and a very creative one at that! I never would've expected it to be used as a second TV with a stand, while the Wiimote/Nunchuck is the primary controller! ) The demo was far too brief though and gives little information on the wider game structure (wherein lied the biggest innovation with Pikmin 2) Looks great, but they didn't show enough. As it stands, I'd still say that NSMBU was the Wii U game of the show for that very reason.
  22. NEW! Super Mario Bros. U

    MASSIVELY improved over the NSMBMii demo. Lots of new gameplay ideas and the visuals have gotten a nice upgrade. This looks to be the shit Best game of the conference (Pikmin 3's demo was far too short and didn't show enough)
  23. New Super Mario Bros 2

    The total coin count probably appears on the bottom screen (top screen counter just counts until you get a life)
  24. Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    What if you get stickers who ARE your party members?
  25. Animal Crossing: New Leaf