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  1. Pokémon Dream Radar

    Pokemon Face Raiders? Wait, can you capture Pokemon to transfer into B&W2? If so, that makes it a bit more interesting!
  2. Nintendo Direct: 20th April ( Sat Morning )

    Well I guess we can knock off one of those possible Wii trailers, now that it has already been released on the official site (Project Zero 2) That means that either this EU Nintendo Direct video will be featuring only one Wii trailer (Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise), or there are some Wii surprises coming our way!
  3. I feel a strange urge to play Banjo Kazooie now...
  4. Nintendo Direct: 20th April ( Sat Morning )

    Oh really? Well I'm glad to be wrong in this case! I wonder if we'll get any details on B&W2's US/EU release date? (considering that they don't usually make any Pokemon related announcements at E3) If they're keeping the DS alive for a little longer, please let Fire Emblem New Mystery of the Emblem come along with Pokemon!
  5. That looks amazing Calv! I love the look on his face Right! Just got this app. I'm not much of an artist, but lets see what I can come up with...
  6. Nintendo Direct: 20th April ( Sat Morning )

    Nicked this from GAF Japanese event is at 4 AM for me, Nice. I can wake up to the JPN event video and then watch the EU one right afterwards I would've thought that likely too, but they did specifically mention that this event is about "new info, trailers and other news about the latest games - as well as titles coming up on the horizon - for Nintendo 3DS and Wii" (no mention of DS), so I'm not expecting any DS/DSi announcements here myself.
  7. Nintendo Direct: 20th April ( Sat Morning )

    Ahh, good point! I forgot about that. Unless they're saving it for E3 (like they did with Last Specter) now would be a good time to announce its release date.
  8. Nintendo Direct: 20th April ( Sat Morning )

    They did that last time too (that's actually where we heard about Project Zero 2 and Spirit Camera coming to EU - for some bizzare reason, it wasn't mentioned in the video)
  9. Nintendo Direct: 20th April ( Sat Morning )

    Interesting to see that NOE is getting their own separate version this time. EU specific announcements? Localisation details? (MONSTER HUNTER 3G!?) ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!11! Well, each Nintendo Direct has always had some new announcements, be it new games or release dates, so I'd expect something new here. A Fire Emblem EU release date (and possibly release dates for Luigi's Mansion 2, Animal Crossing 3DS and Paper Mario) isn't too unlikely. Edit: It seems that the new trailers are going to be uploaded to the eShop (presumably with the 3DS ones in 3D) http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/news/2011/tune_in_saturday_at_1pm_cet_for_the_next_nintendo_direct_49478.html Also, according to the UK site blurb, this video is focused on 3DS and Wii only, so don't expect anything about Wii U here. Though, this part did catch my eye... So they've got some Wii games to show for EU? Could we possibly be getting trailers other than Project Zero 2 and BTBRhythm Paradise? (Possible surprise localisations? - Kiki Trick!?)
  10. Excellent news! Ghostlight are the best thing that has happened to the UK publishing industry for years! Will buy both!
  11. Monster Hunter Tri

    Lol! I do likes me some jazz (especially Big Band jazz), it's just that those first two tracks start off good and sort of devolve into a bit of a mess. The other ones sound REALLY good though Speaking of which, have you ever heard the Mario & Zelda Big Band Jazz album? It's amazing!
  12. Monster Hunter Tri

    This album seems a bit hit and miss. I wasn't keen on the first 2 tracks, but once they got to the MHFU Pokke Village track (No 4), AWWWWWWW YYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHH Scat Cat is a good rendition too. Might get...
  13. Pikmin Wii U At E3

    I'm not surprised, but it's still good to finally get confirmation. Whatever Pikmin 3 turns out to be, I suspect that it wont be specifically designed around the Wii U's unique hardware. Miyamoto said (back in 2003) that he had the basic idea for Pikmin 3, before Pikmin 2 was released, so I suspect that (like Pikmin 2 and how it shifted from the 1st game), the big innovation will be about the game's structure and mechanics rather than a control innovation. Plus with it having shifted platforms from Wii to Wii U, any early prototypes will have been designed around the Wii Remote (probably using some combination of pointer controls and motions for throwing, assuming that even this hasn't been ditched!). Given that the Wii U dev kits haven't been around for long, I wouldn't imagine that the game would've been so heavily redesigned as to be built around the tablet. The best bit about this is that I have no idea what to expect from the game. It's all pretty exciting really!
  14. Pokemon Black & White 2

    I'm defying Masuda and getting Black 2. Black Kyurem >>>>>> White Kyurem
  15. Mario Wii U Appearing At E3 This Year

    I have no doubt that last year's demo will not be representative of the final game. How do I know this? Simple! 1: The E3 2011 was a quickie port of NSMB Wii with identical gameplay/art assets (yes the Wii game does use HD resolution 2D assets). It was obviously done as a quick proof of concept demo and this type of thing has happened before, where the resulting product was totally different (A quickie port of Metroid Prime 2 was done for Wii at its first media hands on event - although ironically it did end up getting a retail version 4 years later as part of Metroid Prime Trilogy, but I digress!) 2: When it comes to tech demos involving their established franchises, those early tech demos never really look and play anything like the final game (see NSMB DS, 100 Marios/SMS, Zelda 64, Zelda GCN etc) 3: Nintendo do not release "more of the same" sequels. Their sequels always add something substantially new to the series (the sole exception of this being SMB The Lost Levels - which is part of the reason it was originally replaced by Doki Doki Panic in the west anyway) I see no reason to believe that Nintendo are going to release a map pack style sequel to NSMB Wii. How would that sell the concept of the tablet controller? Why would the Wii audience upgrade to Wii U in order to play a near identical sequel which does nothing new? It doesn't make sense. If they're releasing a sequel to NSMB Wii, you can bet your arse that it'll have plenty of new tricks up its sleeve.
  16. Mario Wii U Appearing At E3 This Year

    Told you guys it would be NSMB Mii http://kotaku.com/5902458/nintendos-bringing-new-wii-u-pikmin-and-mario-to-e3 I wonder if the 3DS game will tie into this one? Or if indeed the final game ends up being completely different from the demo? (In terms of gameplay, now designed to meaningfully utilise the tablet, and in terms of visual style)
  17. Mario Wii U Appearing At E3 This Year

    Very true. Over the last year alone, they have published 9 new IPs in Europe.
  18. Mario Wii U Appearing At E3 This Year

    Well considering that we saw the game at last year's E3, that's not really a surprise. Though I suspect that the final game will be nothing like the demo. I would imagine that it would make the tablet much more integral to the gameplay experience...
  19. Pokemon Black & White 2

    I've only played the first game, but it's decent fun. It's a fairly simple game really where you run around wide environments and fight other Pokemon in real time (ALA Zelda) to befriend them. Once you've befriended them, you can take part in a series of minigame events, using whatever pokemon you've befriended (each with differing stats, a bit like the Pokeathlon in HG/SS) There's not much depth to the fighting mechanics and the world isn't really detailed, but it's fun to just run around and see Pokemon do stupid stuff. I don't know how much the 2nd game differs, but the 1st one was decent fun. Nothing earth shattering, but it made me smile at least (especially when you speak to Rayquaza and out of nowhere he shouts out with a "WOOF!" sound. That just cracked me up )
  20. Pokemon Black & White 2

    Can't have it being EXACTLY the same as in B&W
  21. Pokemon Black & White 2

    YES PLEASE! That would be amazing!
  22. Pokemon Black & White 2

    Lol! Maybe he's wearing trainers that just happen to be in the design of a white foot?
  23. Pokemon Black & White 2

    That's a lot more of the region being frozen over than I thought it would be! What was that Pokemon movie thing about? Is that the replacement for the musicals?
  24. Pandora's Tower

    Heads up for anyone heading out to pick this one up, HMV are giving away a free art book and case for all 3 Op Rainfall games (Xenoblade, TLS and Pandora's Tower), when you buy Pandora's Tower Nice little extra (Also, the Limited Edition is the same price as the normal one instore)
  25. Quicker than I expected! I'm not much of an artist, but I do like Art Academy and Flipnote... Not sure if want... Kinda... Maybe...