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  1. 3DS eShop Thread

    Until the game is available to buy and I can see it on my Home Screen, I'm not believing a single word of what these guys say. I've spent far too much of my time and effort waiting on their stuff. That being said, I hope it does happen. VVVVVV looks great and Nicalis have done (mostly) good work with their ports before (after it has been patched the first time!)
  2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    AC and Demon Training will likely be very small (AC GCN and Wild World were only 32MB! And the Wii one was something like 150MB) Actually, quite a lot of 3DS games are very small. Here's a list of currently known game sizes (taken from GoNintendo/Neogaf) Hell some of those games are smaller than eShop titles! (Mighty Switch Force is something like 300MB odd) And SD cards are dirt cheap. I don't envision it being a major problem. Wii U games on the other hand...
  3. Pokemon Wii U & Possibilities

    As long as they don't try to Skylanders the series with collectable figurines I'll be happy with whatever they do on Wii U. An AR Card enabled TCG game for 3DS or Wii U would be awesome though!
  4. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    I wonder if it was you I saw? Maybe we can play some MHFU some time! (haven't got MHP3 yet)
  5. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    You should go back and try again. It's out in English now and there's usually plenty of people on there (and almost all of them are playing MHFU - with a few Dissidia players on the side) Works perfectly on Vita too (though it doesn't work with native Vita games, only PSP ones) I've even seen some MHP3 rooms on the English one! The Japanese one is pretty much just MHFU, MHP3 (it even has it's own dedicated section!) and a few Peace Walker players.
  6. Rayman Legends

    This is the best part... Reminds me of the Rayman Rabbids Wii kids...
  7. Rayman Legends

    Yep, that was also leaked prior to the Wii's E3 2006 reveal (showcasing a prototype Wiimote as well that still lacked the speaker) BTW, just incase people here don't know, there are other additional features that were leaked via patent filings a whiles back. So we know it also features a magnetometer (like the PS Move) and some internal flash memory. I'm guessing that the "Infrared Communication Module" is the IR port on the back here...
  8. Rayman Legends

    Yeah, the final one will be wireless! :p Nah only joking, I know about him (I do follow that thread as well). I think it's clear from this trailer that the tablet's design won't change much at all in its final form though (any changes will be additional features, rather than aesthetic changes) Edit: Oh shit! I think I might've been right. Gamexplain seems to have caught a glimpse of an extra black strip (IR camera?!?!) on the back of the tablet! http://www.gamexplain.com/article-740-1335520164-wii-u-controller-mystery-feature.html How the hell did I miss that!? It looks like the Wiimote's IR camera!
  9. Rayman Legends

    Smash Bros is gonna be even worse than Pokemon for this...
  10. 3DS Console Discussion

    Either way, there's still Captain Rainbow (and Wiis are dirt cheap anyway)
  11. Rayman Legends

    Enjoy! Even if the console does now support multiple tablets, I doubt many games will support multiple tablets at launch. Remember the Wii and how most early Wii multiplayer games had you take turns with passing the remote around? It'll probably be the same here (plus with how this game is designed, having multiple tablets isn't needed because you only need one player to take care of touch screen stuff) I was just hoping that this vid might've confirmed this either way. Ahh well, gotta save some surprises for E3 I guess!
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    Great! So I know it's worth playing then Just a shame I cant Oh well, guess I'll just have to import a JPN Wii eventually.
  13. Rayman Legends

    Ahh good, someone snagged the trailer before Ubisoft took it down http://www.mediafire.com/?j5d8d8n4mmokhay Let the leak flow!
  14. Rayman Legends

    BTW, why is it always Ubisoft who end up leaking Nintendo info? They leaked the Circle Pad Pro, the Wii U dev kit stuff, various details about Wii hardware etc. They're hopeless at keeping secrets
  15. 3DS Console Discussion

    Oh BAH! Some of us do like the MD games you know
  16. Rayman Legends

    Oh man, it didn't take long for the Skylanders influence to invade other 3rd parties. This is going to be the next COD rush, with everyone and their grandma trying to make their games into collectable figurine games (ALA trading card games) Mark my words. The game does look good though.
  17. Rayman Legends

    Was just about to post this lol! So much for those stupid rumours that the name was getting changed for E3 Looks like the controller hasn't changed much (if at all) either... It's a bit worrying that they're not showing multiple tablets in use though...
  18. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Yeah, I think this is one I'd definitely prefer as a download. I'll probably get NSMB2 at retail, but I'll get Demon Training and Animal Crossing on the eShop. With them being games that you play a little of every day, they're perfectly suited to DD! I reckon Nintendo's making the right approach here regarding DD. It's all about offering the consumer as much choice as possible and with them leaving the price of DD games in stores completely up to retailers, everybody wins (especially us, when retailers drop the price of DD games along with retail ones! )
  19. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Because it was the newest PSN PS1 game released and someone made a cockup. The game doesn't actually run yet (it just throws up a "File is Corrupt" error message) BTW, I just tried out Adhoc Party for the first time properly yesterday (I had given it a quick go back when I had a PSP a few years back, but only dicked around and couldn't really figure out how it worked), wow! I'm amazed at how well it works! It's a bit laggy, as you'd expect from tunnelling software, but both MHFU and Dissidia 012 are perfectly playable! Makes me mad that Nintendo haven't made an equivalent for local multi only DS games
  20. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

    Why do all the stages look basically the same? (either completely flat, or battlefield ripoffs with it being flat with a couple of platforms) This is more of a ripoff than I was expecting (and that's saying a lot!). It really is a direct and unashamed clone of Smash Bros (Stamina mode), it's actually quite funny in how shameless it is FIGHT WITH TIMELESS SONY CHARACTERS!!! on such varied stages as "Battlefield ripoff 1", "Final Destination ripoff 1" and "Battlefield ripoff 2"! It even has final smashes, with the Killzone guy's Final Smash being AN EXACT COPY of Snake's Final Smash from Brawl!
  21. 3DS Console Discussion

    What was wrong with it? Obviously I wouldn't expect it to be as story heavy as the DS titles, but the core gameplay seemed to be there (and the tower mechanic looked like lots of fun)
  22. Red Dwarf

    My condolences. You poor thing Agreed. I think the static settings really did a lot to flesh out the characters for the first few series; but really, the two complement each other very well. Both types of setting brought a lot of variety in the types of laughs that the series gave us and I think that the series as a whole ended up better as a result of the shift in styles across the series. That's also much of the reason why I like series 8, with how it cycled back to the beginning of series 1 and shifted power relations around again (though of course it did mix in a bit of the series 5-6 style as well with the likes of Birdman), it was just the shakeup that the series needed (which with series 7 was getting seriously stale)
  23. 3DS Console Discussion

    I'm still bitter over Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wiiware... It's lack of a western release is just baffling!
  24. 3DS Console Discussion

    Nah I doubt they'd do that. They'll probably just have a hardware region lock like before and you can only create an account in your specific region. They've been good in regards to not using IP blocking and they know that lots of people like to import (where they actually make quite a bit of money, especially given the high Yen price for JPN imports!) and secretly they actually sort of encourage it anyway (Nintendo World in New York is full of import stuffs, they sell "import" titles on the VC, NOE love to highlight regional exclusive stuff and their repair centres actually accept foreign consoles - they even offered to import a US Wii for me when I sent my one in for repair!)
  25. If Not Nintendo, Then Who?

    The sad thing is that they do still have good development staff (yes, even after losing most of Production Studio 4 and Clover), but they're constantly getting blocked by the BOD and their executive producers. It's sad, but they have to fight tooth and nail to get anything they want made (see SF3rd Strike Online, Lost Planet, Dead Rising and the sadly failed MML3) and there's no light at the end of this tunnel. They could quit and join Platinum, but their legacy would still get left behind. Ideally, we'd see their BOD get the boot but that's not going to happen It's pretty much the perfect example of how this industry has shifted over the last generation. To go from having such creative freedom and success last generation (and prior), to being ruled by metrics/game design science & focus testing where you're being dictated to by people "who don't understand games". So very sad.