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  1. Pokémon Black & White

    So you reckon it'll be something that is still within the confines of Gen 5, but not Pokemon Grey? That's a distinct possibility, especially considering that there's a certain new home console coming out this year that is in need of a Pokemon Stadium style game... Though of course I'm still hoping for TCG AR 3DS (or NFC Wii U) edition! (and we're also long overdue for a new Pokemon Pinball game!) Or, here's a bit of a crazy idea, a standalone RPG in Unova. Sort of like Pokemon XD (with completely different rules/mechanics than the main series!) I still think it'll be 2013 rather than 2014 for Gen 6 though. 5 years in the making is way too much (not even Zelda takes that long!) Super Late Edit: I may have to eat my words if this turns out to be true... http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=463827 Could be nothing, could be something completely different (hello Poke Park 2!), but either way I'm gonna look stupid! :p If it is true, it's possible that it could still be a DSi only game (that would open up the SD Card slot for use in the game, allowing for new possibilities with the Dream World & DLC and would still require DS only owners to buy a 3DS, ALA Pokemon Crystal with the GBA!) if it's releasing sometime near April/May, so I can still save some face
  2. Pokémon Black & White

    The problem is not compatibility but rather the fact that a 3DS port of Grey would significantly take away from the impact of a true 3DS sequel (since it would already pioneer the inevitable streetpass/spotpass/online feature set and a graphical upgrade - making Gen 6 much less special in that regard) Plus, historically speaking, each enhanced release has always gone one step up in terms of hardware spec (R/B = Original GB, Y = GBC enhanced - G/S = GBC enhanced, C = GBC only); so going by history it should be DSi only but that is becoming more unlikely by the day. If Grey was moved to the 3DS, people would expect a generational jump in accordance with a new Pokemon gen. Anything less would be disappointing (but would also take away from the impact of Gen 6). Skipping Grey altogether gives them more time to work on Gen 6, allows them to release it earlier (2013 isn't early. It's 2 years after the 3DS launch, placing it roughly in line with past Pokemon releases; and 4 years is plenty of dev time, even accounting for GF relearning how to make the wheel. 2014 would actually be very late by series standards) and allows for Gen 6 to have it's full impact. There's plenty of potential spinoffs that they could release this year (Pokemon TCG AR anyone?) that would help make up for the lack of Grey this year. Who's to say that they absolutely have to make a 3rd version this time around? The circumstances have changed significantly. Of course there's always the possibility that Game Freak might be co-developing Gen 6 or Grey with an outside developer (a practice that has now become Nintendo's standard MO and could change people's expectations significantly), in which case all bets are off!
  3. Pokémon Black & White

    At this point, Grey does seem a bit too late to be likely to happen. If it was released in April in Japan (best case scenario) we'd be looking at a September-November release in the west at best. That would mean that we probably wouldn't see a Gen 6 game (or R/S/E remake) until late 2013 at best (and that's not even taking into account the no doubt much longer dev cycle it'll now have thanks to the shift to 3DS development, which requires them to dump all of their DS/GBA dev knowhow and start from scratch; that alone could push it into mid/late 2014) That's a really long time to wait! I reckon that they might have just skipped Grey and moved onto Gen 6 (and I don't see them remaking R/S/E before making a new 3DS game first. Series history be damned) Unlike with the GBA to DS jump, they can't just reuse code and old ways of programming. It's a seismic shift for them. Even Nintendo's EAD studios have struggled with the jump (all of their 3DS games with the sole exception of Nintendogs + Cats have been co-developed with outside studios) and they have far more experience with 3D moddeling and modern ways of programming.
  4. They have done so before with the Trauma Center games (they were published by NOE), but that's a rarity. You'd think that they'd get the hint by now with how much they've had to struggle to get their games released in the EU.
  5. SHIT! Turns out that it was just a translation error on part of Gamasutra. SEGA will only be publishing in Japan. I don't know whether to be angry laugh or just cry What a kick to the nuts
  6. Ghostlight were probably too small to be considered. I would've thought that they'd pick Rising Star Games myself. Maybe there's a smidgen of a chance that they might release Trauma Team in Europe after all? NOE still has a decent lineup scheduled for the Wii and TT would slot in quite neatly at around August/September! (It would be a tragedy not to. It's one of the Wii's very best games!) It's probably too late for Radiant Historia or the Etrian Odyssee games though. Still, at least they're sure fire candidates for an eventual VC release now!
  7. MGS: Snake Eater 3D (£9.95 @Zavvi)

    Probably because most soldiers aim with one eye closed in real life. Whenever I aim in real life (no, not for shooting! For throwing stuff ) I always close one eye because it's easier to aim that way. In OoT 3D and Revelations (1st person mode) I often find myself closing one eye when aiming, purely by instinct. They probably wanted to replicate that ingame (it can't be for technical reasons because the 2D mode just blends the two S3D images to do super sampling anti aliasing. Framerate is exactly the same in either mode) IMO that's a bad idea because most people won't understand why this is being done. They would make a much stronger point if they left it until Snake gets his eyepatch (hell, why not make the eyepatch an unlockable item once you finish the game? That would be cool!)
  8. MGS: Snake Eater 3D (£9.95 @Zavvi)

    Tried the demo, not impressed. For those wondering, yes the CPPro does improve the experience immensely (without hesitation, I'd say that it's the intended way to play), but the technical issues really drag the game down immensely. The frame rate is piss poor (20FPS average, single digits in cutscenes) and the draw distance for the grass is pathetic (it's more like a poorly trimmed garden than a jungle ). After playing the Naked Sample and Resident Evil Revelations, it's just pathetic. As for the 3D, outside of the intro cutscene (that gun turning shot!), it isn't really very impressive. There's some clever usage in certain places (turning off 3D when aiming in 1st person, since Snake aims with one eye and turning it off at the bridge when the gyro is used), but it feels jarring to have it suddenly disappear. Would've been better if it just kept 3D on until you. know. what. happens to Snake and he gets his eye patch. Also, while the CPPro does massively improve the controls, for some bizzare reason, the FPS aiming is very slippery and I find myself overshooting the target frequently. It's not the CPP's fault (camera controls are perfectly responsive and are just as good as the PS2 Subsistence original), it's just the way the game has been programmed. Crouch walking is much appreciated though (as are the CQC d-pad options with CPPro); the touch screen menu is a bit of a mess though, why the hell does everything require 2 clicks?! and why is the survival viewer still on a separate screen (complete with the same annoying loading pause as the PS2 version). Complete missed opportunity. Even if these issues weren't present, this would be a tough sell. No online play and no extra features, outside of (fairly mediocre) 3D, in the face of the HD collection (or my already owned PS2 copy) makes for poor value. The technical and control issues make it a definate no buy though.
  9. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition

    Nah, not a Tekken fan. I much prefer Soul Calibur!
  10. Mario Kart 7

    Agreed. This guy gets it. That was the reason why rubber banding and the items were invented with the original Mario Kart in the first place (even Miyamoto himself admitted as much in an old interview). They're equalisers that are designed to keep races interesting. For those that don't want that in place, that's what time trials are for.
  11. 3DS eShop Thread

    Europe's release list is up. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/02/nintendo_download_9th_february_2012_europe Wii Virtual Console (Hooray!) The King of Fighters '97 (Neo Geo, D4 Enterprise, 900pts) 3DS Virtual Console Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy, Nintendo, £2.70/€3) - Always wanted to play this, will buy WiiWare BurgerTime World Tour (Monkeypaw Games, 1000pts) 3DS Demo CRUSH3D (SEGA, free) DSiWare Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party Gaia's Moon (EnjoyUp Games, 200pts) Still no Mutant Mudds, Sakura Samurai or VVVVVVV
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    Really? Maybe they only showed the good looking bits in that trailer then But either way, 2D to 3D conversion of film is typically crap though.
  13. Just got RE Revelations along with the Circle Pad Pro. Figured that some would like to hear impressions on how the Frankenstick Circle Pad Pro feels. Overall, I actually quite like it! It has a nice amount of heft to it and makes the 3DS feel like a console controller. It has about the same weight as a GCN controller and I have no trouble reaching the middle of the touch screen with my fingers (unlike on say the Vita or the iPad) The extra buttons feel really good, very solid. They're more like the shoulder buttons on the Wii's CC Pro (less clicky than the ones on the console itself) and the same goes for the Zl/Zr buttons (though these have a bit more of a trigger like feel than the ones on the CCPro) It does feel a bit weird when trying to use your index fingers on both shoulder buttons though; I find that I need to reposition my hands slightly (moving them up a bit) and that I have to rely on my middle fingers to prop up the console. Not the most comfortable of setups, but it's not terrible. Using just the two shoulder buttons at a time feels great though! The 3DS just slots in and can be taken out without a struggle and the console can be held upside down and shook around, with no issue of it falling or any kind of movement at all (so there's no issues with playing it in bed ) The 2nd Circle Pad feels exactly the same as the 1st one on the console itself. There's plenty of space to keep your hands held apart so there's no issues of it feeling cramped at all; I also find that it makes the D-pad a bit easier to get to too! No problems with reaching the face buttons or switching between the face buttons and 2nd circle pad either! My most major complaint though is that the R button on the CPP itself does not work when playing a non Circle Pad Pro game. This means that you have to reach far over to hit the 3DS' own R button when playing a game that does not use the CPP. Not very comfy (Oh and the 3DS menu doesn't recognise it either) I really hope that Nintendo finds a way of patching this basic support in, just to allow the CPP's R button to replace the 3DS' one in non CPP games because it does take away a lot from the added comfort that it provides as a grip! (May as well map L/Zl to the 3DS' L button and R/Zr to the 3DS' R button too. Could come in handy if someone's shoulder buttons break!) Other complaints (that to be fair are unavoidable really) is that it blocks the Stylus holder and the 3DS game card slot. Meaning that the CPP needs to be removed when changing a game or taking the Stylus out (so make sure that you remove it from the 3DS holder before you play a game that uses it!) While it's not really needed for Revelations (it controls just fine without it) it's a solidly built piece of kit and is very comfy (when used properly!). Edit: Bonus Impressions! I just tried out Metroid Prime Hunters using the Circle Pad Pro (For fans of DS FPS games and those looking forward to Kid Icarus Uprising - obviously, the extra buttons aren't recognised by DS games ). The extra weight makes it more difficult to hold the console in one hand, but I found a nice surprise! If you place the console on your lap, the extra empty space allows you to rest your right hand (sorry lefties!) on the CPP when using the stylus. This makes playing the game extremely comfortable and makes the system fully stable while playing! That's my two cents, how about yours?
  14. Mario Party 9

    Woah! Holy shit, no coins?! That's madness! I like the sound of those extra Bowser spaces at the end of the game Nothing beats winning by complete bullshit deus ex machina! All in all, it sounds good. I've had a good vibe about this one ever since it was announced. Seems like it could be the best Mario Party since the N64 ones!
  15. 3DS eShop Thread

    In many ways, Uprising is actually a logical sequel to the NES Kid Icarus. The original game was the first real genre bender, combining elements of just about every major Nintendo series (Vertical stages = Ice Climbers & Metroid, Side Scrolling platforming stages = Mario, Dungeons = Zelda & Metroid etc) into one big great melting pot. So naturally, a sequel (I'm ignoring Of Myths and Monsters in this circumstance, which was basically a "more of the same" deal) would also blend wildly varying types of genres together - which is where we get Sin & Punishment meets Metroid Prime Hunters meets Super Smash Bros! It also continues the trend of having a unique difficulty curve, since it is completely user adjustable!
  16. 3DS Console Discussion

    Agreed. I could barely even tell that it was 3D at all. Complete waste of time. That's not strictly true. The Lion King 3D looked really good from the trailer I saw on one of those 3DTVs! (Granted, they probably still have a lot of the original assets and they can get away with certain tricks since it's animated, but it can still be done much better than what Lucasfilm are shitting out!) Speaking of which, what the hell is happening with Netflix 3DS? It's available on every single platform that it has been released on in the US, with the sole exception of the 3DS! Are they waiting to start some sort of 3D film streaming before releasing it or something?
  17. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

    So I just finished it! (Normal mode) and I'd say it's one of the better games in the series, even if it doesn't succeed in all respects. The start of the game really nails that classic RE atmosphere. While it lacks the psychological scares that personify the series best (like Lisa Treavor, or the Ashfords), it nails that creepy atmosphere really well. What is somewhat disappointing is that they give up on that too early (around chapter 4-5) and move back towards action RE. While we do see a return to that creepy classic RE atmos later on, there's not enough of it IMO. A shame, because there's a lot of potential that went underutilised. To match this sentiment is the structure of the boat itself, which promises a non linear metroidvania style experience (like classic RE), but instead ends up being surprisingly linear. It's more open than RE4 and (especially) RE5, but not as much as I had hoped for. The game also doesn't fearure many puzzles, a real shame - especially when you have that bottom touch screen setup! What is back in full force though is the concept of ammo conservation. You WILL find yourself running out of ammo and the game rewards flight over fight The TV style episodic structure works really well too! (and not at all cheap, go fuck yourselves reviewers! ) A great way to juxtapose the two different play styles and add variety to the gameplay, while keeping the storytelling interesting. The story itself is nice and contrived in that most ridiculous of manners that the series is known for Fun stuff! The enemies are well designed, creative and creepy. The boss battles don't come close to RE4, but they're a million miles ahead of RE5! As for production values, it's easily the best looking 3DS game and looks better than RE4 GCN in many respects, while impressively featuring (mostly) seamless environments that require no loading screens (a first for the series), but there are a few oddities that I'm suprised to see them skimp on fixing! The framerate isn't really stable (though not terrible) and does frequently stutter. There are also some really bad and very obvious loading stutters too! (that sometimes get so bad that the game freezes for a few seconds!); granted, it's streaming all of these large environments without loading screens but it needed more spit and polish in this respect. Also, there's no lip movement in game at all (only in the FMV cutscenes); it does feel a bit odd to not even have basic lip movement in game, especially when the game looks as good as it does otherwise! The music is easily some of the best in the series! Beautiful tunes that are a bit more melodic than in past entries and VERY atmospheric All of the new stuff like swimming, dodging, the real time touch screen inventory (soooo much better than RE5's mess!), the item upgrading, gyro controls and the genesis scanner are all done well and all add something of value to the game. I do feel that the scanner could've played a bigger role though (why not have it do other things like activating switches or sound detection or recording?) I haven't gotten that far in Raid Mode yet, but it's good fun. While it lacks the frantic action of Mercenaries, it is more deliberate and strategic in its pacing and shooting. I'm not sure if I prefer it to Mercenaries, but it's good fun and a welcome change of pace after having 3 Mercenaries games on the trot (and there's a metric ton of content too. More than the full price Mercenaries 3D release!) Overall, it disappoints in that it's not quite as close to classic RE as I had hoped for, but it's great fun and shows that RE can still deliver true fear enduced scares when the staff want to. It doesn't match REmake's scares/non linearity, nor RE4's action and amazing set pieces, but it succeeds in making its own unique mark on the series by blending the best of both to make a unique experience that takes full advantage of the handheld format and feature set. Now to tackle Raid and Hell Mode! (BTW, Hell Mode doesn't just increase the difficulty, it's actually like a second quest in that it arranges the game differently, with item and enemy placements switched around!)
  18. Letterbox

    Yes it's true... (If you saw my letter, you'd know what I'm talking about) And the Andrew (Star Fox Assault) example for further proof... It's pretty obvious in the SF64 ending too (look at their legs!) I feel like such a moron for not noticing it before!
  19. Circle Pad Pro Impressions Thread

    I have no problems with the 3DS on its own either. But I do know a few people who get hand cramps using the 3DS, so it would be nice if the CPP could be used properly with non CPP games too (just by mapping the L & R buttons to the CPP's equivalents) Should be trivial to do really.
  20. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

    Holy crap! Did anybody proof read the English text in this game!? I've played for about 5 minutes and I've already noticed 3 gramatical errors in the text! "Jill, give me hand here!" - LOL! Now I can see how Reveliations slipped through the net Other than that, it's all good so far
  21. Zen Pinball

    Not yet, but I'm getting there! (I only really play Excalibur. Don't really like the other tables)
  22. Super Mario 2D (3DS)

    The fact that they've not referred to it as a new "New Super Mario Bros" game tells me that it's gonna be something different. I hope it's hand drawn 2D or 2D sprites presented in S3D ALA Mighty Switch Force! (The handdrawn cutaways in SM3DL are such a cock tease! )
  23. Nintendo's Investor Meeting News

  24. Nintendo Network

    Communities for every game!
  25. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

    It shows absolutely nothing of the story. Even less than RE4's demo. It's the same demo as what they showed at E3 2011, only greatly polished up (I assume it's near the start of the game)