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  1. Kid Icarus Uprising

    You, sir, are a man of good taste. Hi five, fellow Beam Claws user!
  2. 3DS eShop Thread

    All of the Art Style games are well worth getting! There's loads of other greats like Xcape/3D Space Tank, Link N' Launch, Spotto/Bird and Bombs, Aura Aura Climber, Mario VS DK 3, Dr Mario, Pinball Pulse, Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Milky Way, Brain Training Arts & Math, Face Pilot, Mr Driller, Trajectile/Reflect Missile, Starship Defence, etc. There's no need to hold out and there's only 2 major games left to come to the EU DsiWare shop (Cave Story and Ikachan. Given Nicalis' record though, lord knows if we'll ever see them!)
  3. Letterbox

    Ooh, just realised that I don't have you on my friends list. I want in! I'm thinking of doing another Catchphrase, been a while since I did one last!
  4. Mario Tennis Open

    Super Mario Tennis looks wicked! I lament the lack of an RPG mode, but I guess this is a new "console" Mario Tennis game, rather than a "handheld" one now. I wonder if they'll do swapsies and have a Wii U game with an RPG mode instead? (Oh and a Wii U Mario & Luigi game to go along with the 3DS Paper Mario!) This'll be a great "go-to" multiplayer game for 3DS! We do need more of them (MK7, SF643D and KIU are fun, but the 3DS' library is still pretty single player focused) and this'll be a killer online game!
  5. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure

    I'm up to the same bit and I'd probably agree with him. It's good fun, but the "puzzles" are so brain dead simple that it's almost insulting (I've seen more taxing puzzles in a Kirby game!) The music games don't feel quite as rewarding as the ones in Rhythm Heaven, but they're still good fun. The rank isn't really dependant on your score, so you have something to shoot for, even if you get an A rank (the scoring system is very similar to EBA/Ouendan, while the core gameplay mechanics are clearly cut from Rhythm Heaven) As I said before though, they could REALLY do with a practice mode before you start (chucking new rhythm mechanics at you on the fly is rather clunky and unintuative) I am enjoying it though, despite a few clunky moments. It is basically Rhythm Heaven's gameplay mechanics (though one game was closer to Guitar Hero/Rock Band) with Layton's town exploration/story and art style and EBA's scoring system. It is a bit of a Jack of all Trades in that its individual parts dont quite match up to it's sources of inspiration, but the sum is good and does feel unique. Heh, that reads a bit like a review doesn't it? (that wasn't intentional!)
  6. GAME Group what next?

    Wow! Surprised that they've been bought out, albeit in a somewhat shady way (Nice of RBS to reject everyone else's offer and then buy them it themselves without having to pay back any debts and with all of those stores closed that they couldn't close otherwise!) We do need a games specialist on the high street, even if they're as crap as GAME. Hopefully this incident will get them to change their ways (bah! Who am I kidding?!)
  7. 3DS Console Discussion

    Go ahead and get it now. It's pretty unlikely that they're gonna release a redesign anytime soon (their attention at E3 will no doubt be almost entirely on the Wii U's launch and I doubt they'd want to overshadow its release with a redesigned 3DS) and if it ever does happen, it's unlikely to include the 2nd circle pad since there's no way they'd be able to fit 4 shoulder buttons onto the console. Plus there's no immediate need for a 3DS redesign, since the console is selling like gangbusters now and unlike the GBA and DS, which were designed with lots of empty space inside the console that could be cut away to make for a smaller redesigned version, the 3DS was designed to be as small as possible from the outset - with no room to fit anything else in. It's already dirt cheap and there's loads of great games available already (not to mention the entire DS/DSi library!)
  8. Epic Mickey 3DS: Power of Illusion (Nov 23rd)

    That looks fantastic! (16 bit Pixel art FTW!) The type of game that is sorely lacking on the 3DS (Mighty Switch Force and Mutant Mudds aren't enough!) I just hope that the gameplay is as good as the visuals...
  9. 3DS eShop Thread

    So much for VVVVV coming out this month. Nicalis fails with an EU release once again? Shocker
  10. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Holy shit! Weapons are bloody expensive! I've only managed to accrue 15,000 hearts so far, and my average intensity is about 5.0 (though I do find myself whacking it up to 6 and finishing myself a lot!) It's not just me who finds weapons ludicrously expensive is it?
  11. 3DS Console Discussion

    It's fake. Comes from someone gleaming through Wikipedia (an old outdated Wiki page at that!) http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=467619
  12. Epic Mickey 3DS: Power of Illusion (Nov 23rd)

    It's also confirmed to be developed by DreamRift (Developers of Monster Tale and Henry Hatsworth) Not sure if want. Their games have had creative concepts, but mediocre execution (particularly, platformer level design is not their forte)
  13. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

    Not exactly a surprise but still good to finally have an official confirmation of its western release! Been looking forward to this for a good while. Looks like this should fill the Ouendan/EBA gap in the 3DS' library nicely This is a great year for Rhythm games! (Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Thief and Theatrhythm!)
  14. Epic Mickey 3DS: Power of Illusion (Nov 23rd)

    If anyone other than Capcom (or former COI/WOI Capcom staff) is making this game, I'm not interested. Don't. It's garbage.
  15. Pandora's Tower

    First English trailer: TBH it's not really well put together. Shows almost no gameplay at all (not even a mention of the motion controls!) I'm actually really looking forward to this one. Not so much for the story/characters (though it does look interesting and grotesque, if nothing else. Seriously, how the fuck did this pass with a 12 rating!?) but the motion/pointer controlled combat and adventure gameplay! Here's a good vid to breath some life into this thread -
  16. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Nov 23rd)

    The first game featured a great concept that was executed really badly. That kills any enthusiasm I could possibly have for this game. The idea of it having 700 people doesn't fill me with confidence either (It's a matter of there being too many cooks in the kitchen. Cheap Chinese labourers, making generic and boring level designs, just like the first game only worse) Junction Point are gonna have a hell of a time trying to redeem their name. Also, it the Wii is the lead platform (as the screenshots suggest), then I expect it to control like shit on the PS3 and 360 (strike 1 already!) I'm looking forward to the 3DS spinoff far more than the console game!
  17. GAME Group what next?

    Wow! Even quicker than I expected! Very sad. I wonder if they're gonna do a final clearance sale?
  18. Super Mario 64(all versions)

    Amazing game. Always has been, always will be. While it arguably isn't as pure a platformer as the 2D titles (with its focus on exploration and light puzzle solving), the freedom of movement on offer and the platforming challenges that it does throw at you more than make up for it! I'd love to see another free roaming 3D Mario title! No jump assists, just pure run and jump free roaming action!

    I didn't win anything ... But my sister won a Toad! Some people have all the luck!
  20. The Last Story Official Topic

    Yes it did. Right at the end of the game (and also at the end of the first half of the game on Sylvarant. So it signified the end of that part too!)
  21. The Last Story Official Topic

    OK I'm done! (23 odd hours and it's a good length. Not too long, not too short, just about right) That final boss battle was absolutely Kirby levels of bullshit difficulty spike (dead easy game, fuck off hard boss!), took me forever to beat it! That was awesome! It's a game that really is better in its 2nd half than it's first, but never truly gets over its two fundamental problems - it's dull characters/story (with the sole exceptions of Syrenne and Jirall) and it's far too easy difficulty. A shame, considering how good the battle system is. It wont go down as a classic, but it's easily one of the best "traditional" JRPGs this generation (barring the one elephant in the room that we all know of by now...) Right! Time to hop online!
  22. Just in case this wasn't an obvious enough fake, I'm just gonna point out that Rodea the Sky Soldier is not a SEGA game...
  23. Kid Icarus Uprising

    When you play it, you'll understand why they didn't include a dual analog control option. The face button controls are a joke option, like the D-pad controls in Meteos.
  24. Kid Icarus Uprising

    So it's just like SSBB then? No options unless you're playing with friends? Ugh! How is it connection wise? Lag free or a lag fest like Brawl? (Or indeed somewhere in between perhaps? )
  25. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Good. Good. Here's hoping there are plenty of foes for me to fight! BTW, what kind of online options are there? Does it have the Communities feature from Mario Kart 7?