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  1. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Except that the game isn't designed for the slower and less accurate controls of a dual analog setup. The whole point of the game is that it offers an experience that can't be done with a traditional controller. Enabling dual analog controls would require that the game be redesigned to accommodate said inaccurate controls, defeating its entire purpose. Try playing Sin & Punishment 2 with a Classic Controller and you'll see why Kid Icarus just wouldn't work with dual analog controls (and that game even had its difficulty slowed down to allow for those controls!)
  2. The Last Story (24th February)

    I hate those annoying "sampler" soundtrack CDs. So pointless. I would've gotten the Limited Edition if they offered the full OST, but as it is. No dice (it's not like they're ever going to sell the OST outside of Japan anyway, so why not just include it?)
  3. Pokémon Conquest 27th July

    Comes out March in Japan http://andriasang.com/comzmx/pokemon_nobunaga_date/
  4. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Bad move. While it's a thoughtful gesture for those that have trouble supporting the weight of the console with one hand, it's not doing the game's public perception any favours.
  5. Kid Icarus Uprising

    Good to see the CC Pro being used the right way, by offering lefty support. Having actually played the game, dual analog controls simply wouldn't work for this game. The sticks are too slow and inaccurate to match the stylus controls (much like Sin & Punishment 2). Sakurai is right to stick to his guns and not dumb down the game to those mouth breathers who refuse to accept anything other than their "safe" dual analog controls.
  6. 3DS eShop Thread

    Why is it that we're getting the Wii Netflix this week, but not the 3DS one?!
  7. Sherlock

    It's all really good stuff, the whole series so far (and this episode is no exception - even if it is a bit far fetched). Goes a long way towards washing out the bad taste of the crappy movies!
  8. 3DS eShop Thread

    Only certain stages are vertically orientated. Most of them are horizontally side scrolling (ALA Mario) and it also features Zelda style dungeons! (with other types of stages later on) Some of those "empty" rooms are filled when you reach certain conditions (the instruction manual is actually pretty thorough!) KI was one of the first real genre bending games (which is why Uprising is so different in flight and on ground in terms of gameplay) It's also really weird in that it features a reverse difficulty curve (the first stage is actually the hardest!)
  9. Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

    Oh fucking hell! Why these clowns!? Great, now I'm gonna have to buy them separately (not that I'm planning on using it with Revelations, I just want one for future's sake and just for the hell of it anyway) Bet the demo will come out on the week the game comes out.
  10. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    Anyone here have any impressions of Army Corps of Hell? That and Gravity Rush are the two Vita games I'm looking forward to the most! That, and being able to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with a 2nd analog stick
  11. 3DS eShop Thread

    I'm not going mad am I? I swear that 3DC: Kid Icarus is much easier than the original! Even on the "Original" control mode (the game includes an arranged mode with modified controls), Pit turns on a dime in mid air! Normally I'd struggle like crazy to get past the first level, here on the 3DS I did it first time! I need to go back and try the NES version again, but I swear that I don't remember Pit being so agile that he could turn on a dime in mid air.
  12. Letterbox

    I want the rainbow pen!
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles Official Thread

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The English dub is fantastic! You're crazy to miss out on it! Yeah, I can appreciate the battle dialogue being annoying (though it does help to telegraph what your partners are doing, which is kind of the point), but you must leave it on English for the rest of the dialogue! To do otherwise is sacrilege! The gem crafting is fairly simple really. You choose which gem you want to craft (leftovers get turned into cylinders which can be combined to make other gems) and you pick Rein & Dunban whatever two characters give the best result (dependant on how strong their bond is) Skill Trees allow your character to learn different skills (like healing after every critical hit for example!). The AP you earn goes towards learning these skills and you choose which skills you want by selecting the corresponding tree. There are additional trees that you can unlock for each character as well by completing certain quests... Skill Linking allows characters to mooch skills off of each other. The stronger the bond between each character, the higher the level of skills that they can borrow from each other! Also, what controller are you using? Wiimote + Chuck or Classic Controller Pro? If it's the latter, I highly recommend switching to the Wiimote + Chuck! (It lets you move while you're selecting your attack in the menu. Perfect for Back Slash ) You do know that you can get a recap of what's happened with the Story Memo right? (Open up the menu and press Z on the Nunchuck - or whatever button is used on the CC Pro)
  14. 3DS Console Discussion

    Eh, as soon as I saw it say "thinner but with longer battery life" I knew it had to be bunk. There's no room inside the chassis to make it smaller (unlike the DS, which had loads of empty space to cut down on for the DS Lite) And a year isn't a long enough time to make those kind of space savings necessary to fit a bigger capacity battery inside (or to cut down on power consumption enough for a substantial battery life increase)
  15. It's funny because Okami's ingame graphics are actually closer to Wind Waker's artwork than Wind Waker itself!
  16. Famitsu Readers Top 50 Nintendo Titles

    I was actually referring to Xenogears. It had roughly half of the game's intended content cut out (the 2nd disc) and the game suffers heavily for it.
  17. Wii General Discussion

    For me, my top 5 is as follows: Bit Trip Flux: The perfect way to finish an awesome series. Looping all the way back to square one, with a new take on the original Bit Trip game was a great way to wrap up a great series that really defined the best of Wii Ware. Wii Play Motion: Like Bit Trip Flux, it personifies the very best and the very worst of the Wii. It's great fun, with some enormously innovative mini games - only matched by the equally innovative Jam Session style development that the game underwent (with 8 different developers all pitching in with different games) and the music/presentation is just as charming as ever (the Mii voices are hilarious in this game!) While it's a fantastic game in of itself that really goes a ways towards redefining how you can interact with a game, there's also something bitter sweet about it arriving so late into the Wii's life cycle. It feels like this game should've been released back in 2008, when the Wii really needed support and for me it stands as a great "what could've been" if 3rd parties gave a damn about the console. It's a shame that it's gone forgotten, but it was sadly just released too late. Kirby's Return To Dreamland: 11 Years in the making, 6 years in the waiting and a decade since the last traditional console Kirby game. It's fabulous! While perhaps not as innovative as Kirby's Epic Yarn, it doesn't mean that it's just a rehash of the pink puff's former glory. From the secret sub stages, to the new powers and innovative level design, it's bursting with new ideas - married with familiar gameplay (even if the art style isn't as original). It deserves more love and more respect than it gets. Xenoblade: It's the best traditional JRPG since Chrono Trigger. While it is totally different from its contemporaries, it's probably best described as Final Fantasy 12 done right. More or less everything about the game is perfect, the pacing, the innovative battle system that's flawlessly integrated into the story, the characters, the music (OH GOD THE MUSIC ), but most of all; the environments. If you can see it, you can go to it. It's scale, but with the level of craftsmanship that you wouldn't find outside of the likes of Zelda. It's the gold standard of RPGs and the best traditional JRPG released in the last 16 years... So it takes one hell of a game to topple a giant like Xenoblade and there is one that does so (barely) Skyward Sword: It's the game that we waited for since the Wii was first announced. What a tragedy that we had to wait so long for it. But what more is there to say? Chances are that you've already played it and it's Zelda. It's the perfect 25th anniversary game and the best game of this generation. Overall I'd say that 2011 was a year of quality over quantity. Not the Wii's strongest year, but it features some of the Wii's (and this generation's) very best.
  18. Famitsu Readers Top 50 Nintendo Titles

    Banjo Tooie is so awesome that it makes the list, despite it not even being a Nintendo game! BTW: Even if for some reason you don't count Xenoblade as being a Nintendo game because it was made by Monolith, do note that it was actually co-developed by Nintendo SPD as well (who acted as "editors" according to Xenoblade's Iwata Asks) Either way, Nintendo's influence on this game is clear to see. It's so far beyond Takahashi's previous efforts (and without masses of content cut this time!) that it's comical to say that Nintendo had no influence on the game's development.
  19. 3DS eShop Thread

    Hey I didn't say that it was a good solution
  20. 3DS eShop Thread

    Probably done to stop people from just clicking through the same boxes again and again in a rush to get it over and done with. Forces you to actually read the questions.
  21. I know I'm a bit late in posting my impressions (I actually finished it a while ago) but here they are anyway! It's simply stunning. The game is so densely packed it is just astounding, the motion controls work perfectly and add so much more depth to the combat/traversal that it's really just incredible. There are so many ways to tackle various situations (every boss has multiple ways to kill them!) that it simply astounds me how they managed to come up with them. The way that each enemy encounter was unique, even if you've already fought them before was simply a design masterpiece. And the blending of dungeon and overworld really works spectacularly well, turning every little part of the game into a puzzle of its own is just wonderful! (with environments and game mechanics constantly re purposed to be used in completely different ways. There's no time where you're simply asked to repeat an action or traverse an environment in the same way twice) Reading through the responses on other sites is really funny. The reactions are so predictable that it just makes me laugh. As I played through the game, I noticed countless sections where I thought to myself "yep, internet folk are going to hate this part". The Silent Realm is really the ultimate culmination of this. A great big fat middle finger to everyone who hated Forsaken Fortress from Wind Waker, the Tears of Light from Twilight Princess and the Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass; and I loved every minute of it! That's not to say that it's flawless. The pacing does slow down towards the end, the slow text speed and collectable reminders are annoying (but not that big of a deal really), the dungeons are a bit simple in comparison to the best of the series (suffering from 1 key syndrome again) and the final boss/last hour or so is really anti climactic (though mind you, it was really incredible to see how much better I had gotten at the game in the last Ghirahim battle. I used to die from a single Bokoblin at the start and by the end I found myself destroying hundreds of them with ease! Also, the bird flying feels like a missed opportunity, they could've done much more with that aspect of the game (relegating it mostly to simply being a fun means of transportation.) As for the story, there are some real revelations made here that I would've never expected them to ever do! WOW! @ Hylia! Never thought they'd ever go back to ALTTP again! It explains so much! Tatl mentioning the Goddess of Time, the difference between the Hylia and the Hyrulians etc. The main villain I'm kinda conflicted about though. While Demise being a setup for every villain in the series does go a long way towards explaining their appearance, it does kinda take a little bit away from Ganondorf's character. If it weren't for Wind Waker, his character would've been ruined forever! But really, it lives up to the hype. Well worth the 5 year wait, even if it's not my favourite in the series (that title still belongs to Majora's Mask). It's well up there though! And while it is most similar to Minish Cap in terms of game structure, it really does feel like a 25th anniversary game. It takes on something from every game in the series, despite feeling so different from past games. This is one of those games where you'll still be discovering new things about it even years from now! Just for the record Ancient Cistern is the best dungeon and also features the best boss! BTW: Did anyone else figure out that you can cheese the final boss? By putting your sword away (the one sword motion that he can't copy), he leaves himself wide open when he attacks!
  22. Zelda Hyrule Historia Artbook

    I always thought that the Hero's Shade in TP was Link from OoT. Glad to know I was right This feels right to me. I always thought that if any of the two games should come first, it should be OoS. So he's not the same Ganondorf being revived (like in Zelda 2 and the Oracles games), but just a reincarnation of Ganon? Thank god! That never made any sense whatsoever before!
  23. Pullblox

    Wow! There are some awesome levels in here (Love the RT one RedShell!) This is amazing! Really well made!
  24. 3DS Console Discussion

    Oh, BTW. One other little thing. It's possible to copy certain AVI format videos to play on the 3DS! Someone converted a Xenoblade trailer to play on the 3DS http://www.mediafire.com/?upckmo8rum3iqk7 Details on the video format used can be seen here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=33245080&postcount=547 There seems to be some sort of length/size restriction in place though (probably a 10 minute limit, just like your own recorded videos), so you probably won't be able to watch whole movies on there, but it's a start at least! (until Youtube 3D comes around )
  25. 3DS Console Discussion

    It works when you are playing a game and have the 3DS in sleep mode (so it doesn't have to be while on the 3DS main menu)